Aaron Becker


This is the Harold and the Purple Crayon for the new generation and I love it.

and here we have a wild aaron carpenter looking fucking adorable, excuse me while I get my inhaler.

The other night, Terrence gifted me a copy of Journey by Aaron Becker

He said that he saw it in Barnes & Noble and immediately thought of me; “that little girl is you” he told me as he watched me flip through it for the first time. 

It’s a picture book about a lonely girl who picks up a magic red crayon one day and draws herself a door to a world where she goes on adventures and eventually finds a boy with a magic purple crayon to go on adventures with. I am by no means doing it justice by trying to explain it.

It is ridiculous how gorgeous this book is. I cried – partly from the sentiment behind the gift, partly from the fact that this book is just perfect and touched my heart in a special way.

Seriously. Find this book. It is perfect and beautiful and touched my heart and thank you so much for the present, Terrence. 


We bought this flying dragon boat for our daughter’s room before she was even born. As excited parents-to-be it was a bit of a splurge, found in a Brooklyn boutiquey children’s shop.  Recently, she didn’t want it hanging up anymore, so we got to take it into our own bedroom.   One of the best things about having a kid is you get to buy stuff that you really want but would otherwise not!