Aardman Animations


The 2015 Sundance Film Festival premiere of Richard Starzak and Mark Burton’s Shaun the Sheep shines a light on the delightful art of stop-motion animation.  Some of the recent stop-motion films from the Festival include Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate’s 2011 short Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, and PES’ Western Spaghetti and Adam Elliot’s Mary and Max, both from the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Fun fact: Toni Collette voiced Mary from Mary and Max and returned to the 2015 Festival with Gerard Barrett’s Glassland.

Film stills by Aardman Studios, Dean Fleischer-Camp, PES, and Melodrama Pictures


DTsLE on a Grand Night In  



Mr. Tweedy: What is it?

Mrs. Tweedy: It’s a pie machine, you idiot. Chickens go in, pies come out.

Mr. Tweedy: Ooh. What kind of pies?

Mrs. Tweedy: Apple.

Mr. Tweedy: My favourite!

Mrs. Tweedy: Chicken pies, you great lummox! Imagine. In less than a fortnight, every grocers’ in the county will be stocked with box upon box of Mrs. Tweedy’s Homemade Chicken Pies.

Mr. Tweedy: Just “Mrs.”?

Mrs. Tweedy: Woman’s touch. Makes the public feel more comfortable.

-“Chicken Run”


Pythagasaurus (2011)

Directed by Peter Peake

Two cavemen seek the Pythagasaurus, a math-loving dinosaur who can solve their problems.  This was described to me as Ice Age directed by Seth MacFarlane.  And that’s accurate.  It seems like Aardman is doing more and more great stuff and really branching out to explore new genres within animation and I am so consistently impressed with their work.  This short has such quirky British humor and is quite enjoyable.


Creature Comforts - Curta completo (Aardman-Nick Park, 1989)

This is a very funny short actually. I’m in love with the concept, a fake documentary about animals not liking living in a horrible zoo. What I Like the most is actually the audio, it isn’t perfect, which works with the ambience of what is going for. It keeps that idea as if this was a real recording of an interview. It is fantastic, as well as the visual jokes you can see.

If you want to see more, you can just go and search for “Creature Comforts” on Youtube.

I got this book about Animation Studios So… I’m going to Post here shorts I see and Like!


Aardman’s adeptness of engaging audiences with compelling stories told through animation, has earned the company a deserved worldwide reputation.

 Their award-winning work produces a unique brand of independent film alongside work for broadcast and advertising spots. The studio has had ten Oscar® nominations, and has won four.

Peter Lord and David Sproxton began their animating partnership at school. In 1972 they registered the name Aardman Animations. After graduating, they moved to Bristol in 1976 where they produced their first professional production, creating Morph for the children’s programme ‘Take Hart’.

From Peter and David’s tabletop beginnings, Aardman has grown into a major, world class studio.

Their work continues to be both innovative, entertaining, brilliantly characterised and full of charm, reflecting the talent, energy and personal commitment of all the people who comprise the Aardman team.