Aaliyah tribute


Received the Wax Poetics magazine yesterday! I don’t want to post the whole article because I know some of y'all are waiting for theirs! And I want you to have the surprise to discover it! But I had to post the end of it, I don’t know why but I cried when I read it, I had a strange feeling…
By the way, the rare picture they shared with us and the others in HQ are… well I have no words!!! This is amazing!!!!

Aaliyah will cover Wax Poetics magazine in a few days!!! And they promised more pics from the Jonathan Mannion photoshoot inside and some interviews, read more here:
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LaShonte Anderson | Dope | Aaliyah Tribute….

This video is a few years older but it’s absolutely clean! She was trying to pay tribute to Aaliyah’s smooth choreographed moves, but with her own twist. This is absolutely Awesome and is a must to check out!


Guys, the book is there! See pic number 4! There was some beautiful flowers! I bought her favorite flowers and left a cheque for the Aaliyah Memorial Fund. I also took a picture with a shirt of aaliyahalways design, it looks amazing! And with my new Jacket!
I just broke down in tears because I couldn’t leave her, I don’t know why but I’m like: “I want to stay close to her” I really can feel her presence with me when I’m there! So I stayed there untill almost 4PM, untill Ferncliff close its doors. The taxi man said to me when he saw my shirt: “Aww you’re gonna see Aaliyah. It’s crazy, a lot of people go to visit her, I’ve never seen that!”
To know that she receives all this love warmed my heart at a point you can’t imagine!!!!! Untill next time Lili and Michael.

Aaliyah fans I’m so sorry, I would have loved to be able to film what happened on October 17th at this concert but I was holding my jacket and I was all alone so I couldn’t film or take pictures, in facts I didn’t realized what happened yet lol! I really hope to find someone’s pics or videos to share with y'all but what I can do right now is wright about it and tell you what Jay Z did!

Ok so my parents took me the early entry package for my 27th birthday, so I was just behind the safety barriers, Jay Z was just in front of me. I was holding my jacket in front of the barriers so that he could see it. I was just hoping for a simple shoot out maybe just a world but nothing more….

and suddenly, he was giving shoot outs to the public, he stopped in front of me and I said to myself: “ damn is he looking at me??” lol
And he asked me “ is it Aaliyah on your jacket and shirt?” I screamed: “Yes!”, He answered “that’s so sweet!” (I saw in his eyes at this moment that he was really happy to see someone reppin’ Liyah) right after that, he asked the cameraman to film it so that it would be on the big screens (you can see one of them behind Timbo on the pic)! OMG!!!! The cameraman just zoomed on my jacket and Aaliyah appeared on the screens first!!!! The whole crowd screamed and Jay Z said: “Make some noise for Aaliyah everybody!!”!!!!!!After that we could see me and my shirt (ok no comment on this one I hated seeing my face on the screens lol). Awwww I was just speechless and smiled, I couldn’t dream it better than this way! I didn’t even realized that I should have asked someone next to me to film it with my camera but damn at this moment I was like: Aaliyah is having the tribute I wanted her to have tonight, not only a simple sample by Timbo but her in the screens in front of the crowd! OMG it was amazing! I try now to find someone who took at least a little picture of it, I’m sorry I would have loved y'all to see a video to relieve it with me but you know, I was just so surprised and emotional!

Jay Z really seems to be a down to hearth person, I just love him! I mean, he even sang Happy Birthday to a girl in the crowd: can you believe it???!!!! And he got all my respect and love for what he has done! Thanx to him BabyGirl had her tribute this evening!


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