Full resolution here -> Pokemon - Reunion of Lost Souls  by ~neshirys

Okay.. Finally finished! This is the ending scene of Pokemon XY and I wanted to pass good vibes of this reunion ;_;  Everybody is so glad because after all it’s a happy ending (sorry.. it’s a SPOILER!:< ).

You can see AZ & Floette and the rest of the gang; Trevor, Shauna, Tierno, Calem, my trainer OC named Neshi (somehow I managed to pick some clothes of lame Kalos fashion) and professor Sycamore. Btw, yuup, Lysandre shouldn’t be here but c'mon (in my version he survived and Sycamore showed him how he was pissed off [bandages and stuff]. Then he ultimately couldn’t leave his old ass friend so Lysandre is doomed to work for public welfare at professor’s lab for life >3). And yees, in the crowd u can find trainers from all generations :>

How to get Hoopa, AZ Floette, Volcanion & More!

These are all hacked pokémons. They will not go through wonder trade or anything like that unless you are using local-wifi play. Do not use this method if you don’t like that.

Doesn’t work on New 3DS, and it works for ORAS

  1. Clean your 3ds browser history and cookies.
  2. Inside your game go to your PC Box and leave Box 1 Slot 1 empty.
  3. Leave the PC Box and leave your character in front of it.
  4. Press 3DS home button and hold L+ R to open the camera.
  5. Scan and read the QR code from the pokémon you want.
  6. Wait for the link to open and wait, when the browser crashes, go back to the game.
  7. Open your PC Box, your pokémon will be there.

Source and more QR codes here: (x)

OK, so I guess I’m officially putting all of the plushies I mentioned last time up for sale, since enough people expressed interest! Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • 8 Plushies are up for sale: AZ’s Floette, Aromatisse, Goomy, Carbink, Lanturn, Furret, Helioptile, and Space Dog.
  • All plushies are up for auction. However, I am not doing these through eBay, but rather, I wrote up my own little script which will allows people from both Tumblr and deviantART to place an offer.
  • Read the general comments and plushie descriptions in my deviantART journal, which you may access by clicking on the picture. I am by no means a perfect plushie maker and I do not want anyone to be dissatisfied with their plush when they receive it.
  • To view the current offers, go to THIS LINK.
  • To place an offerYOU MUST CONTACT ME DIRECTLYso I can provide you the link. Reason is explained in the journal.
  • Auctions end Monday December 15 after bidding activity has ceased on a plush (i.e. no new bids within 24 hours).

I think that’s all for now. Signal boosts are appreciated, not so that I can make more money, but so that all of my plushies can find good homes. Thanks a bunch!

Shiny Eternal Flower Floette – Belonging to and Generated via ActionReplay by Ryanfarrr on twitter

You can see Eternal Flower/AZ’s Floette in action in this video, along with other hacked legendaries on Mulvone19’s youtube.

THESE ARE SPOILERS! There is no official release date for these pokemon as of yet, but the appearance of Diancie in an upcoming Pokemon Movie has been announced officially through CoroCoro magazine.

A heads up that hacked legendaries and items cannot be traded between games. This is a flaw in the save codes, and may be edited in the future.

You can get the cheat device from this page on amazon, they are no longer available on the datel/codejunkies website.

This pink floette is so cute, I need it so badly, you have no idea! I hope the events are announced soon!