Last episode of Generations. I’ll miss this miniseries:

Opening up with them celebrating the new Champion, and AZ’s arrival on-screen, passing by a little girl and her mother who are watching the parade:

The girl recognizes the towering figure as the king from 3000 years ago, and AZ heads up to the stage, requesting a battle from Calem:

It’s then we get an animated version of the tale from 3000 years ago::

“Once a man had a Pokemon he loved very much.”

“An age of war had begun.”

“During the fierce fighting, his dear Pokemon was sent to the battlefield…”

“Several years later…”

“He was given a tiny box.”

“No matter what it took, he wanted to bring his Pokemon back.So he built a machine to give it life.”

“And brought back his beloved Pokemon.”

“The Pokemon lived again, through the power of eternal life.”

“However, the man had suffered too much, and his rage had not subsided…”

“He could not forgive the world that had hurt the Pokemon he loved.”

“And so he took the machine and turned it into the Ultimate Weapon.”

(Ok, I’m trying to not really do much of my own commentary, but that shot of the Ultimate Weapon is beautiful.)

“The man became a bringer of destruction…”

“And he ended the war.”

“But the Pokemon that was given life must have known…that the lives of many Pokemon were taken to restore its life.”

“The Pokemon that had returned to life left the man.”

“Now, he continues to wander eternally, still searching for his Pokemon.”

Meanwhile, as the mother finishes recounting the tale, we see that the battle between Calem and AZ has wrapped up:

AZ reuniting with Floette is beautiful:

A beautiful finale to a beautiful miniseries. I hope we see more like this in the future :”)

Regional cryptids
  • Kanto: mewtwo. People were going after this thing getting lost in caves with their cameras for months. Rescue squads were not amused. The white hand is a big one, too.
  • Johto: holy ho-oh is that a pikablu?! It's mostly a meme but some people take pikablu way too seriously. And bigstep. It's probably just an ursaring.
  • Hoenn: a full length sharpedo. Like a full fish. Locals try scaring foreigners off beaches with this. Also Jirachi granted my wish behind a closed Sawsbucks.
  • Sinnoh: the lake trio. Mostly involves people throwing various food items into the lakes for goofy internet videos. Also rotom of course. Did that lamp post just move? It's rotom.
  • Unova: they love their cryptids. Someone catching a marshmallow on fire before a big test, "for victini". Current popular cryptid is the green haired guy that told me my pokemon wants to be a (insert occupation).
  • Kalos: Az. Hey I just saw this really really tall guy, this isn't normal right? Floating ghost girls are also a big one. As well as Az's floette. It's totally a zombie you guys, look at its colors.
  • Alola: UBs and aliens in general. People blame the most minor inconveniences on aliens. The printer isn't working. Darn it's those aliens again. Also werewolves. Those too.

Some Pokémon related doodles I posted on twitter. I’ve been… such in a big ol Pokémon mood lately. Which is bad considering I have animations to do and other college stuff I need to handle haha.

I might do more later on when I get free time again.

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Floette finals! Maybe? I used my phone for these because it’s usually better at picking up details but sometimes it does weird artifacts, but also I’m extremely nearsighted and need new glasses so I’m not really sure if I should redo these or not???

Only four because I couldn’t think of more things to do with her. :P She’s life-size and posable, with magnets to help her hold the flower. It’s a little too heavy for the magnets to hold it, but combined with keeping her arms close to her body it stays put pretty well. If you’re thinking she looks too big in my hand, compared to what she looks like in AZ’s hand, bear in mind that I’m a woman so even though my hands are rather gorilla-like for a woman, they’re still smaller than a man’s. ;P