aye lmao so i’ve been mia for a litle bit but i’m (infinite voice) back. honestly i tried messaging all the newbies but i know i didn’t and i apologize for that! so here’s a mini plot call + tl;dr of yeoreum, if any of you are interested just hmu or like this post and i’ll slide into your ims. i’ll be responding to messages soon so everyone waiting for me.. thank you… true mvps.

so yeah here we go.

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120411 Jonghun STARCALL

me: i lost my muse for tracer

plays one game of overwatch

me: forged in the pits of hell, one to the eternal flame; she has risen. the phoenix can no longer be restrained by the chains of forgotten, misfit youth. reborn from the ashes the beast awakes, shaking away dead feathers. the fire inside has ignited, swollen embers crackling to life once more. the once dull light has become a signal of hope among the people; it is i, the pumpkin king. digging out from under the earth, the grown trembles beneath my feet, fear is present. death has come yet again and her name is jdog, the only hound left to guard the rusting gates. but she is here, and the gatekeeper awakens from a long slumber that was once undisturbed by the outside world. it is time.

@green-osbornstarter call

    I do hope Oscorp would continue its support of our
      companies’ mutual agreement on our joint genetic
      research even after Mr. Osborn’s passing. 

Business first, introductions later - a mindset he never really considered til this moment. He wasn’t expecting his old colleague to simply pass down the company to someone so young, but who was he to talk? Appearing as youthful as he could, at least for the relativity of this specific reality. He had approached the young man in the middle of a formal gala for some beneficiary he could not care less about remembering the name of, with a glass of scotch in hand and a distasteful - disapproving eye.

listen. im totally a disney slut. id be all for a frozen au, okay, bc fuck the frozen haters, wanda would make a great elsa. and pietro would make a great anna. and you can all fight me