Day 10 - Favorite OTP

STILL not exactly sure what OTP is, but if it’s a coupling…then FARAWYN. That is so cute, OMGAH. 
I didn’t even catch it when I first saw the movie. I actually thought it might be cute if they did get together…but apparently I’m blind and deaf so I didn’t see it. It was later that a friend was like, “Aw, they’re so cute together.” That I was like, “MY SHIP IS CANON?” and they were like, “You didn’t notice them cuddling and chatting and STANDING ALL CLOSE AT THE END?” and I was like “WHOAHAHAHAH YAYYYY!”

Gosh, they’re so cute together. This totally makes up for Aragorn being taken, and she deserves a good, romantic, handsome man for being the bada** lady she is!