(the team has formed voltron to fight a huge alien monster)

lance: yo someone pass me the lion aux cord

pidge: please for the love of something play good music, i’m still recovering from when keith had the aux cord

keith: wingnut dishwashers union is a great band, shut up pidge

lance: don’t worry pidge-podge, you know the álvarez household is a bangers-only zone. ok hang on lemme get my playlist set up- awwwwwwwwwwww yeah.


Grow - Conan Gray (Official Video)

anonymous asked:

When I was trying to force myself to be straight I was like "wow my heart is so resilient, it takes me forever to fall in love" but actually I'm just gay and was never gonna fall in love with those boys? And now I have a girlfriend and I feel like I'm pretty much already falling in love with her and it's such a wonderful feeling. I never thought I could feel this and I'm so happy.

I’m very happy with being a dad. It’s nice. Obviously it is a different feeling, something new for me, especially to hold in my arms this adorable little baby. Unfortunately I’m often out and not at home, but that’s life. When he will grow up I’ll bring him with me. I am very happy right now. I have a beautiful family, who supports me, even when I return home after a bad race.
—  Kimi Raikkonen on being a dad