Ratchet has himself a back scratch!

Steven Bomb 4 explodes this week!

Reminder that this is Steven’s Birthday Week! There will be a new Steven Universe episode every day this week starting from Monday all the way to Friday at 5:30pm (Eastern Time)! Here’s how it’s gonna play out:

Monday, January 4 - The Answer - Garnet finally tells Steven the story of how she came to be a Crystal Gem.

Tuesday, January 5 - Steven’s Birthday - Steven has a birthday party out at the barn, and decides he has some growing up to do.

Wednesday, January 6 - It Could Have Been Great - The Gems take a trip to the moon.

Thursday, January 7 - Message Received - Steven has doubts about believing in everyone.

Friday, January 8 - Log Date 7 15 2 - Steven sneaks a listen to a friend’s audio diary.

Get ready for another week of adventure!


“I’m afraid the world has to wait. This week the Inquisitor is completely at Lord Pavus’ service.”

Dorian wasn’t very happy with how little attention he got during oc kiss week from his amatus. And now Vax needs to pay. Not that he minds. Feeding Dorian with grapes comes next. Inspired by this photo (x)

Kuroko was the only one to notice Kiyoshi as he felt something was off about him. He let out a whisper, “Sorry, Kuroko. Don’t worry about me.” An apology that meant so much to Kiyoshi.

Kuroko and Kiyoshi shares the same opponent in this arc, Murasakibara. Murasakibara expressed his annoyance towards Kuroko and Kiyoshi, while the two has shown their likeliness. Kuroko and Kiyoshi succeeded on leading Seirin and continuing to do whatever they can for the team. 

The balance and similarity of Kuroko Tetsuya and Kiyoshi Teppei.
This is the relationship of Kuroko No Basket’s Onii-san and Otouto.

Kuroko no Feels 3