D Harlan Wilson Gets Mystical at AWP with Leza

On the last day of the AWP writer’s convention in Washington DC 2017, I sat down with strange and experimental fiction writer D Harlan Wilson. The conversation was booze (him) and caffeine (me) -fueled. We talked a mile a minute about cons, books, writer gossip, hotels, his daughter who just wrote her first book, why everyone should try to levitate something at least once, and much more. Enjoy! I guarantee you there is not a boring second.

“I hate going to cons. The boredom that I experience is unparalleled to even everyday reality, however AWP 2017 in DC has been my favorite con that I have been to maybe even ever.”

 “My shits come out like bars of gold.”

D Harlan Wilson


Quick check-in after day one of AWP: impostor syndrome is still strong, but I’ve attended some excellent panels and seen all two people I know here. I’ve already missed a bunch of things I wish I could have gone to, so next time I come they better have a cloning option for registration.
Major takeaway from basically every panel: I NEED TO WRITE MORE.

so I could cry

I was just given 2 sets of great news:

1. A professor wants to take me to AWP & it is going to see if I can get funded via the university. I’m an undergrad. I’ve dreamed of AWP for years. I didn’t even realize at first that it was AWP because I was just so amped to go to any conference. AWP is pretty much “the” U.S. conference for writers/journals/etc. 

Previously, I couldn’t even imagine a world previously where AWP could be a possibility for me any time soon. & to get any conference funding as an undergrad? I am just extremely flattered to even be thought of.

2. A well-accomplished poet has agreed to teach the poetry theory course for the small set of students we have in that particular program on campus. Like, to learn from them. I can’t. I just. I could weep.

This was a really good way for my week to end. 

In other news, I am getting my hair done tomorrow. Very exciting, I know.

Tonight I will have sushi & dumplings & ramen & white wine. Tonight I will enjoy life fervently & feel strong for all I have survived. A good way to celebrate the Autumn Equinox, I think. 

I just got the housing scholarship for the AWP conference!

YAY! Okay. That means I only have to pay $25 per night for the hotel room that I’ll share with two other volunteers. So it will only cost a total of $75 to stay, and hopefully Tech will fund that and my flight since I got the scholarship! That means I’ll only have to pay for food during the trip, gas to get to/from Little Rock, and my $50 application fee. THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK!

Let’s hope they do fund it because if they don’t, I’ll go from having to pay about $150 to having to pay about $750. And well, I just wouldn’t be able to do that.
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