AVPM Voldemort

I’m really shipping Quirrel and Voldemort because of AVPM…. Help.

I mean loook at them….

Comeon…. How can’t you…..

(I couldn’t find a gif or image, but Quirrells asks if okay is good)

come on guys…. seriously

Look at these adorable losers…..

Then can we just talk about this….

It gets better….

They adopted a child…. they are daddies together….

I’m in too deep…. send help

The origine of “Snickers” in AVPM

So Joe Walker, who plays Tom Riddle/Voldemort in AVPM, had been rehearsing for 8h and was in costume for Voldemort but really wanted a power bar so he asks Jim Povolo, who plays Goyle in AVPM, to go get him one. Now he’d had a really long day and just needed that power bar. Then, Jim comes back with a Snickers marathon bar and Joe didn’t want a Snickers he wanted a power bar. So in full character, including the voice Joe said “Snickers?!” And that quote has lasted ever since.