AVPM Voldemort

A thought which makes me very happy:

Darren Criss and Andy Mientus became friends in college as they were in the same drama class. Andy was away on the Spring Awakening tour when A Very Potter Musical happened so he missed out on it, BUT there is almost definitely an alternate universe where Andy Mientus was in AVPM.

The Sight of Stars - StarshipDancer
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A Quirrellmort Muggle High School AU because why not! Based on the characters from Starkid’s A Very Potter Musical. Voldemort quit dreaming and believing in wishes when he was a boy, but an nighttime encounter in the park and the chance to stargaze may just change his mind. 

I’ve been tagged by @rumpleteazergrace to name ten characters I would kiss then tag ten people. I don’t know how I’m expected to only tag ten characters (this is a serious injustice. I just wanna kiss everyone), but I’ll do my best!

  1. Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho (my husband)
  2. Voldemort from AVPM 
  3. Sirius Black from Harry Potter
  4. Jillian Holtzmann from Ghostbusters
  5. Crowley from Supernatural
  6. Chloe from Pitch Perfect (You can’t expect me to resist Brittany Snow as a redhead. Not gonna happen)
  7. George Weasley also from Harry Potter (yes, I know I said HP already, but redheads are my weakness, okay?)
  8. Auron from Final Fantasy X
  9. Padme Amidala from Star Wars (she’s gorgeous, and I’M WEAK)
  10. And last but not least, Whisper Kievra-Rogue from Telezine Crown (Hopefully her wife won’t mind too much… Also, go read it! TC is an amazing series, and you can read all about the lovely lady I want to snog!)

I’m a lazy brat, so don’t mind my tagging: @sparehufflepuff @pokemon-james-bond @kostjalewin @imcaryinginhere @zazzalilthefirebringer @weasleylover007 @defying-all-stereotypes and, you know, anyone else who wants to do it.