I think this turned out really, really well. I was inspired by this one drag and drop game i found while browsing the aveyond tags. it didnt actually include all of the characers(mine doesn’t either, only av1 and orbs of magic, but i might add av2 after the update around the end of the month) I also added any species that stuck out in my mind during the games, like pixies, faeries, mermaids, and such. Oh and I mixed up the frames on purpose so you’re unlikely to get the same character twice. Did you know? The Rhen’s Quest facesets are slightly bigger than the Orbs of Magic facesets.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: why the fuck does Dameon ask Rhen "Are you ready?" before facing Ahriman when he wasn't even there with her from the very start? BUT guess who was already with her at the beginning? Damn right, it's fucking LARS. Shouldn't Lars be asking her this? After everything they've gone through together? We can actually avoid having Dameon in our party until right before facing Ahriman and have nothing changed at all but as for Lars the Empress wouldn't even let you LEAVE Veldarah without having him in your party!! God i'm done. You know what, i'm not done, 9 years later and i'm not done and i'll never be done

This is my guitar! :D
Its a Samick AV1, Greg Bennet design. Looks like a Les Paul. Named it 23 for the date I bought it: 23rd July (2011)
That was a pretty big day for me because:
23 is my fave number (dont know why but it was meant to be, you’ll see the trend)
23rd July is Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday (huge fan of his!!!!! <3 )
23rd July is International MCR day (you know i’m a killjoy)
[see the trend now? :P]
And that a VOX 15r Pathfinder amp! :)
My dad chose it for me, though I’d seen a roland cube earlier…dont regret his choice at all though!!

ravenfoot-teomes  asked:

okay, so, aveyond question! in the lost orb, the characters go to a costume party. since i am still in the halloween spirit, i want you to tell me what characters from the other games would go to one as! does ean take advantage of his shapeshifting powers to create the greatest werewolf costume of the year? who refuses to go or dress up at all? etc, etc.


1)  Well, at first Rhen will be like “I’M GONNA BE A COOL WARRIOR PRINCESS” before someone (Dameon) reminds her that she already is one.  Then she’ll spend all the weeks leading up to the costume party trying to figure out what she’ll go as, and then an hour before the party she still doesn’t know, so her personal fashion consultants (Lars “I know exactly what will fit you!” Tenobor and Elini “This costume will fetch you many husbands” de Aramati) team up to find her a last-minute costume.  They end up bringing her a Bunny Girl costume– yes, the playboy kind, it totally existed back then, yep.  Rhen( “are you fucking kidding me” ) wears it, but doesn’t forgive Lars for several weeks (even though Elini was the one who picked out the costume, Lars was just there to get the right size).

2) Lars wears Rhen’s swordsinger outfit.  His hair’s gotten a little long lately (he’s due for a trim), so he braids it.  He puts on lipstick. This costume is non-negotiable.  "I can see your junk,“ Dameon says.  "Well Dameon, I didn’t know you were looking.” Lars says.

3) Elini is a succubus.  "I don’t see a difference.“ Pirate John says.

4) Dameon thinks dressing up is stupid, but Rhen convinces him to do so (despite not [yet] having a costume herself, she tells him that he has to, or he’s ruiNING IT).  So he goes all out.  He gets black leather clothing, temporarily dyes his hair black, puts on white make up and tons of eye liner and eyeshadow.  Nowadays, we would call this a Marilyn Manson costume.  In the Aveyond world, he’s just a vampire.  A melodramatic vampire. (Te'ijal helps him a lot with this costume and both she and Dameon are aware of how inaccurate it is to actual vampire culture.  That’s kind of their joke).

5) Te'ijal dresses up as a human.  Of course, like Dameon’s costume, it’s not very accurate.  She wears bright, clashing colors, wears make up to make herself look more "alive”, and talks in a really obnoxiously excited sounding voice for the entire night, talking about how great it is to be “alive”.

6) Galahad doesn’t dress up.  He would never dare participate in such debauchery.  Also, halloween is the night of thE DEVIL!!!111!!  He basically stands around at the party and tells everyone that they’re “only encouraging impropriety blah blah blah blah blah.”  He also tells them to be wary, since he hasn’t seen the devil spawn all night. He’s the only person to be fooled by Te'ijal’s costume (remarkably, she manages to leave him alone for most of the party, because the thought of him freaking out not knowing where she was is just so hilarious to her).  Galahad is initially worried about the new male vampire wondering around, until Dameon revealed it to be himself.  Galahad shakes his head disapprovingly at Lars’ costume whenever Lars walks by.  Let’s face it av1 Galahad is dumber than a pile of bricks and suuuuper uptight.  

7)  Pirate John is drunk.  Ok, well, he isn’t drunk at the beginning of the party, so there’s that.  He claims he’s wearing a costume, but nobody can really tell the difference between what he’s wearing and what he usually wears.  Elini claims that he’s dressed up as her “future husband.”

8) Mad Marge comes to the party with a (very real and very huge) battle axe. “What are you supposed to be?” Lars asks.  "I’m gonna kick yer ass, rich boy.“ she says.  
For the rest of the night, Lars makes sure that Dameon is always somewhere between himself and Mad Marge.  That way, if she goes through with her promise, Dameon will most certainly die first.