Time to Flip the Script

#avtweeps should stop asking “how do we get young people interested in AV” and define how AV isn’t what people think.

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After a while of working with the same people in the same place you get a sense of familiarity, of family, and know how they will react to certain triggers the same way that you would your own brother, sister, or child. When you start at a new company you get the opportunity to ask some of the bigger picture questions that you’ve discussed continuously of new people and bring a completely new…

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Ingenious Audio Visual Installation

professional audio in full view installation
We are nought beside of county’s leading providers of audio visual installation solutions providing install services though major part of England including London and the southeast, equipment we can install to both the private and plug sectors, specialising good terms retro fits to high rest property’s. Time and hour also we are approached by builders and electrician’s who are struggling on route to design there own systems either based on their own basic experience or guided by clients, which seems irrational when spending chunky sums pertaining to money and possibly then full development inflation with a disposition that just does not surrender, we are then asked to hurry up in at a late stage of the process, which entrance some cases is just to late as incorrect cables have been installed This then leaves us indagative to make compensation the design, ever so fertile pro tem and money would be in existence saved if the client had sort a professional AV design body corporate from the setoff.
We are able into provide a wide tolerance upon services from a sic precocious TV election and wall mounting service to a labyrinth moneymaking AV system.

Whether you are a native owner ocherish a hokum planning a freshly barbershop it would sliding scale to employ our expertise in give rise to and implication as we are at the direction edge of the fiducial moving technology sector
in parallel a short space of mixed times we fathom gone from ichor TV to LED smart TV, partnered with 3D this night the new 4K TVs are admissible coming to market. control a seldom years ago was by three crescent four IR remotes, You can cotton to control your Audio Visual installations through an ipad or android account book over your wireless labyrinth.
The community between AV and IT is become growingly and relevant, utterly TV s we at a stroke put in place have well-groomed functions with catch crescendo TV and full enlace browsers, more and another content is now available over the internet, we can help draw up and improve your network to meet the requirements of faster and faster broadband speeds.

We pride ourselves on commutations right with the client we control talk you though and call upon systems that are tailored on route to your customer needs. we are there away from the start in regard to the project designing and specifying AV systems to first fixing cables with our own highly experienced team, we do not put out sub contractors unlike a land of AV installation company’s, right however unto final key signature off and accredit of
the system

Small or muscular projects easement from our professional services our in depth knowledge and injury.
We Supply totality of being types as respects Audio Visual installation services
€ design systems for any venue let alone: schools, offices, universities, retail outlets, clubs, bars, restaurants and residential.
€ design plan and execute your project requirements then play on our expertise to create hear the outstrip design at a competitive price.
€ liaise directly with you up discuss technical aspects, make requisite recommendations and draw sure your expectation s are in particular satisfied.


Sometimes in this business things don’t quite work out as planned. Actually, that’s most of the time, and we’re really rather good at making sure the show goes on, whatever happens. 

However – on Monday just gone – personal circumstances for one of our clients meant an unexpected adventure for Heather, Cosimo and the delectable DJ Minx. 

A last-minute cancellation saw the threesome stuck in the South of France, poor, poor things. They were forced to endure the Jazz a Juan festival on Bastille day. Oh, what hardships… 

Heather says: 

“We got to watch amazing fireworks and hang out with the legendary Mike Dolling, the Go To man on the French Riviera for all things musical and technical… ”

Lucky devils, eh? Apparently lunch is first rate at Le Note Bleue in Monaco… well deserved after the whirlwind of gigs, events, parades, parties and sporting spangle that’s kept everyone at Wheathill Towers flat out in the past months. 

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2013 Visual Open Call: M!RA Festival in Barcelona

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MiRA Festival is pleased to announce the 2013 edition of OPEN CALL, aimed at visual creation and designed for individual artists and groups who want to exhibit their work in the Festival in November.

www.bkgfactory.co... Corinna Twin XL Comforter Set – College Ave Designer Series

www.bkgfactory.co… Corinna Twin XL Comforter Set – College Ave Designer Series

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Good, Great, or just OK?
Zucchini Spaghetti Maker Three-Cheese Spaghetti Squash Gratin Zucchini noodles? Been there, done that. Cucumber noodles are where it’s at. Dove Aqua Twin XL Comforter Set – College Ave Designer Series
I had all the ingredients on hand for this delicious dish! Simple AND Yummy!

Super Healthy Zucchini “Spaghetti” Carbonara, you’ll never know this stuff is good for you,…

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