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The Vox and the Founder... (Closed Rp with Bettermens-autobodies)

Chester had barely made his way past the Founders after his scuffle with the head honcho of Finkton himself the day before, staying at Delphine’s house until he was fully repaired before seeking to find Rishy around town. It was normal for the man to be near the docks, lifting crates and placing them on skylines with the other handymen, something he refused to do now as he didn’t need the money. he couldn’t eat or sleep which took away his need of money to buy food or water, and getting clothes was another thing he couldn’t do. Heck he could barely walk the streets of Columbia. Only a few places like the small food stands and a laundry mat held no handyman Ban sign where he could move freely across the boundary line.

But today was no fun and games. he needed to have a serious talk with Rishy about his job with Fink. He needed to know what that man was up to, and why he chose Rishy for the job. Had he known that the two were romantically involved? The thought made the handyman bare his teeth and let out a soft growl as he passed the back of the Deli. If Fink thought he would tear their family apart, he was wrong. He’d kissed the pups goodbye and told them he’d be back before nightfall before roaming out into the hot afternoon sun to track his husband down. 

Once at the docks, he walked among the giant crates, looking this way and that, calling Rishy’s name. 

“Rishy! You here! Hey Rishy!”


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An homage to the tragic 'Handymen’ of Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia. This shirt is the chest plate of the 'Bettermen’s Auto-Body’.


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An homage to the tragic ‘Handymen’ of Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia. This shirt is the chest plate of the ‘Bettermen’s Auto-Body’.