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Could you do the rfa+minor trio with an MAC who really likes cars??

A/N: Sometimes i wish i would have taken another year of auto body in high school but i didnt *sigh* also i have a huge lady boner for classic cars so idk if i’ll play on that sorry not sorry ~Admin 404


           -Knows nothing about cars, new or old

           -But he’s seen you and Saeyoung talk about some of his cars and you seemed so passionate about it!

           -He really just wanted to impress you, and like the same things as you!

           -So he literally pulls out a random car manual when you come around the next time

           -“Ah, I see! That’s a really nice looking…. trans…mission. And wow would you look at those… uh… *Brings book closer to face* …windshield wipers.”

           - yoosung what even

           -“I’m sorry!! You just look really happy when you talk about cars with Saeyoung and I just thought maybe you’d like me more if I knew cars but I really have no interest in them at all! Look at how complicated they are!! WHAT DOES A TRANSMISSION EVEN DO???”

           -He throws the book down onto the table, his face following close behind it

           -You run your hand through his hair and when you laugh he shoots his head back up to look at you

           -“Yoosung, you don’t have to be into cars like I am for me to like you?? Just be yourself, ya big dork! I like you for your animal-loving, LOLOL-playing self<3” and i swear to god he turned to putty in your hands. Completely attached himself to you for the rest of the day but it was honestly kinda cute???


           -You’re into cars??? He’s into bikes!!!

           -While he thought that would be amazing, he was wrong

           -The two of you have very strong feelings on which is better

           -“Just try driving my car once! ONCE! It’ll be fine!”


           -So he tried driving your car in an empty parking lot. He killed it. Multiple times


           -He doesn’t like it

           -Prefers the two of you take his bike instead unless you’re driving the car

           -“But MC! You look really hot on my bike! Are you sure you want to take the car? What do you mean you love the car? But not as much as me though, right? Right?? MC!”


           -Here’s the extent of Jaehee’s car knowledge: Something feels wrong with car –> Take car to auto shop

           -Okay I’m not giving her enough credit, I’m sure she knows how to change her oil and at least how to change a tire

           -When the two of you are talking about interests and you mentioned cars, she’s internally cheering


           -She really likes learning though, so she asks you to help her learn different aspects of the engine, and how to do a few quick fixes

           -Watched you change one of her headlights once and spent hours trying to change the other one on her own

           -Denied all offers for help, she wanted to LEARN on her OWN, GET AWAY FROM ME MC

           -Once she got it, you praised her like crazy and she felt great?? Like she learned how to fix something and you’re giving her all this recognition and just, it’s an amazing feeling

           -Always out there to help you fix something, one time she brought a notepad and some pens and took notes

           - shes so cute omg


           -“MC, get in your car. I have a date planned for us- I’ll drive”

           -“Stay the fuck away from of my car”

           -He’ll try to buy you literally ANY car you want

           -Old, new, restored, a fixer-upper, whatever you want

           -Pouts every time you won’t let him drive them though


           -So he tries to spoil you with the newest and coolest car parts

           -That new engine you’ve been eyeing? He’ll get it for you. Fuck, he’ll get you SEVEN of them

           -He actually really admires your love for cars though?? Like he lowkey wishes he knew how to do something so hands-on and mechanical

           -When you’re under one of your cars on a dolly (and he’s sure that you won’t get hurt), he’ll push the dolly out from under the other side of the car and pretend he didn’t see you there and practically bug you for attention because you’ve been under there all day



           -The first time he sent a photo of his babies to you, you freaked out

           -You started naming them, spitting out their stats left and right, ranking which one you thought was the best and which one wasn’t as good as the rest


           -The two of you go for rides at least once a day

           -The two of you are always spoiling them. Always buying a ton of accessories, washing them- he’s caught you hugging some of them lovingly once totally did not join you

           -Saeran has found the two of you sleeping in a few of them sometimes

           -Y'all communicate by honking sometimes. Completely pisses Saeran off. Then the two of you just honk every time he tries to tell you off. Saeyoung thinks it’s the funniest thing but his brother vows to get back at the two of you

           -“Let’s take this one today!” “Are you kidding???? No!! This one needs more love!” “SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT”

           -He seriously has to get you your own garage down the road though because your love for cars rivals his


           -Your passion is what really gets him in all honesty

           -The way your face lights up, the sparkle in your eyes, he just loves it all so much, MC


           -“Pose on top of that car”

           -“You want me to what?”

           -He takes amazing photos of your babies so you can frame them and show them off (when you aren’t driving them)

           -But he also takes those sexy car model-type photos of you and the cars so he can keep them for himself

           -What did you expect MC? You’re amazing, and so are your cars, he wants the two to intermingle

           -Also has tons of photos of you with a dirty face after working on your babies because you’re just! So! Cute!

           -He’ll put the camera down to help you every now and then though! You want a wrench! He’ll hand it to you! v sweetheart that’s the wrong tool, i need that one. no not that one. yes that one. no not that size


           -Oh no

           -You’ve got a car obsession like his brother? Shit.

           -He’s been sucked into races between you and his brother and he hATES THE BOTH OF YOU


           - says he hates the both of you for racing but the adrenaline rush actually hits him pretty hard, he likes it

           -There have been times that he has to physically pry you off of your car because you’ve been clinging to it

           -If you’re working on something under the hood, he’ll mess with you by honking the horn

           -“IT WASN’T ME. Maybe you touched something!! Don’t fuck up the car!” you lil bitch i know i didn’t touch anything

           -He does admit that some of the classic cars are his favourite to look at. Like a 1967 Chevy Impala? BEAUTIFUL. 1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Y E S

           - mc lets fuck in every single one of your backseats

The dangers of Insurance Co. steering repairs

When an insurance company pushes you to have your vehicle repaired at a bodyshop other than the one you have chosen, that’s steering.

You have the legal right to have your vehicle repaired at any shop you choose and the insurance company is required by law to pay the reasonable cost to repair the damage according to the limits set forth in your policy.

Even if the shop you have chosen is not on the insurance company’s program, you still have the right to have your vehicle repaired wherever you choose and the insurance company is legally obligated to pay the reasonable costs to repair it.

Insurance adjusters are very aware of the steering laws and some have become very adept at using the right wording to stay just clear of the line. For instance…

The adjuster may tell you that you can use your bodyshop but that your shop has been known to overcharge and you may have to pay out of pocket for repairs done there.
If a reputable autobody shop presents you with a bill for a portion of the repairs that should have been covered by the insurance company you should know that it was not done without first fighting hard on your behalf with the insurer. Some insurers try to intimidate shops to cut corners on repairs – something no reputable shop would do. If this happens to you, you should know that often the insurer will reimburse you for any amount you pay out of pocket if you simply request it. They know they are legally responsible, they simply don’t want to go on record as giving in to the shop so they can continue to try to intimidate others.

The adjuster may tell you that repairs will be delayed unless you use the shop they want you to.
Most repair delays happen because the bodyshop is waiting for your insurance adjuster to come to the shop to approve the repairs.

The adjuster may tell you that they won’t guarantee the repairs unless you use the shop they want you to.
A good shop will provide its own guarantee. A great shop will provide you a lifetime guarantee on all the work they perform for as long as you own the vehicle.

If you have chosen a reputable autobody shop and the insurance company is balking at your decision, it is very likely that your biggest worry should be the insurance company you chose not the shop.

good cars for transporting dogs?

Alright alright dog people … tell me about your cars?

I am hoping to get a new used car before the winter to replace my tiny Toyota Echo that is falling apart. I want an SUV. 

Good SUVs for dogs? I want to be able to fit an Intermediate Ruff Tough kennel in the back without folding the seats down. Know any I could do that in? If you have an SUV, do you know the dimensions of your trunk space? Or how many crates of whatever size/model you can fit? 

My dad is an autobody repairman and works at a shop that has its own used dealership. He can help me get a good deal on a car for that dealership. My options from there are:

  • 2010 Dodge Journey
  • 2012 Mazda Tribute
  •  2011, 2012, 2013, or 2014 Ford Escape. 

Any of these decent options? Or should I be looking somewhere else? 

My ideal was a Honda Element, but they aren’t in my price range it seems. 

Bonus Info for my Fic

Just little tidbits about my precious boys. Some are mentioned offhandedly in the story but I wanted to restate for the record and other’s are brand new facts.


  • Is actually a good boy.
  • Has a wonderful home life. He’s the only child of two loving parents who care about his health, well being, and over all happiness.
  • His parents wanted to have more children, but they had a lot of difficulty conceiving Reg. His mom made a big deal about having a “guest room” but really it’s because she was always holding onto hope that they could have a second child. It never happened, and yeah they’re kind of sad, but they have Reg, and they more or less adopt all of Reg’s friends
  • His dad is a tiny science man and his mom is a 6 foot strong af beauty who owns an autobody shop and bakes the best chocolate chip cookies. 
  • Belch is Bisexual. He kind of knows it at this point in the story, but he doesn’t have a word for it. Not really important to the story, but just so everyone knows
  • I actually have several things I’d like to share about him and his future wife that’ll all go up after the story is finished
  • He helps fix up his beautiful car(with help from his mom). 
  • He genuinely likes metal music. He doesn’t just listen to it to be cool or anything. His parents know he likes it and they buy him a bunch of band shirts.
  • Has a cat named Plumpy. Named after my own cat(who I’m currently at this moment mad at cause she’s a butt)
  • Everyone thinks Belch is stupid because of how he looks, but he’s not. He makes pretty average grades. 
  • People also think he’s oblivious and innocent. He’s not. There are just things that he chooses not to get involved in. Patrick thinks he’s some innocent little child for not laughing at his dirty jokes, but Belch just doesn’t find them funny. Why would he laugh if they’re not funny? 


  • His parents are almost never home. His dad is gone for business a lot and he usually doesn’t know what his mom is doing. It used to upset him, but now it’s just too much effort to care.
  • He’s gay. He knows he’s gay. He’s known for a while. When he first figured it out he made the mistake of asking Patrick how he knew he liked dudes(Cause Patrick is the only person he knew who likes men). Patrick just shrugs because he was pretty sure everyone liked everyone, and why does gender even matter.
  • His mom works for Avon, as a result he knows a lot about hair and makeup and has some awesome smelling lotions and stuff
  • He’s an observer. People tend to think he’s quiet, but he just likes to listen and take in the facts. He made his move on Henry because he noticed Henry checking him out and he knew the right way to do it because he knows Henry. 
  • Honestly if he was a bad person he’d have a lot of information to use against people, but he’s not bad. He just honestly gives zero fucks about most things.
  • He hates things/people that are fake. They irritate him.
  • His coffee is half a cup of cream, a few table spoons of sugar and then a little splash of coffee.
  • He will drink half and half straight. He prefers it over milk. 


  • In this story, Patrick is more of an annoying asshole instead of actually evil
  • He does and says a lot of stupid stuff because he thinks it’s funny. He likes to annoy Henry the most because it’s just so easy.
  • His parents are around, but they ignore him. He can’t remember the last time they’ve reached out to hug him or anything like that. They will call him down to dinner out of obligation, but if he doesn’t come, they really don’t care. Ever since Avery died, it was like Patrick died with him.
  • People around town make comments about how Patrick didn’t cry at the funeral, but they don’t realize that he spent a lot of time crying before hand and no one made any move to comfort him. He made himself stop crying because what was the point. (REMINDER He’s 5 years old while this is happening)
  • All the stuff Patrick actually did in the book are now just rumors. None of those things happened. There is no fridge. There are no flies. But people talk about it like there are. They treat Patrick like he’s deranged person. There are a lot of people in school who he’s never even talked to that are afraid of him. He just rolls with it because what else is he going to do.
  • His garage has a super cool set up with a tv and a futon. Sometimes the gang will hang out there and drink beer, because they’re 15/16 and why not
  • He’s the youngest of the group. They all like to remind him of that.
  • He has an impulse control disorder. He’s gotten in trouble with the law a few times because of small fires. 
  • He also has a problem with self harm. He will scratch as his arm until he bleeds. Belch is the one who noticed him doing this and turned it into a much bigger deal then Patrick ever wanted. As a result Vic gives him weekly manicures so keep his nails too short to do any damage.
  • He will wear a rubber band on his wrist and snap himself with him if he feels like it. He tries not to do it in front of the group because they get upset with him.
  • He has a BIG thing about control. He doesn’t really need to control people, but he needs to be 100% in control of himself. That’s why he doesn’t like to drink heavily or do drugs.
  • It’s also why he doesn’t care to smoke because he doesn’t want an addiction to control him.
  • “Fuck off Patrick” is the “Beep Beep Richie” of the group. Only Patrick never fucks off
  • If he really wanted to label himself, he would say he’s pansexual. People joke about how he would fuck animals, let it be known, he would not.


  • Has dyslexia, it’s undiagnosed so he’s not getting the help he needs. That’s why he preforms poorly in school.
  • Wants to get his drivers license, that’s why Belch let’s him drive, so he can practice. 
  • Keeps a picture of his mom in his wallet and one strip of photos of him and Vic very well hidden in his rooms. Those are the only two personal/sentimental items he has.
  • Is welcome to go to Belch’s house literally whenever. Even if it’s 2am. Belch’s family always makes an extra plate of food and has it wrapped up in the fridge just in case Henry’s hungry.
  • Henry is that bitch who says he doesn’t want anything when you’re in the mcdonalds drive through and then eats half your fries
  • He doesn’t mind drinking beer, but he will not touch whiskey. It reminds him of his father. The smell alone makes him sick to his stomach.
  • Part of him knows he’s gay, but another part of him thinks that doesn’t matter because he’s still going to end up with a wife and a kid. The problem is when he pictures his future all he can see is him and Vic living on a farm with pigs and chickens and maybe a few goats that they would jokingly call their “kids”
  • Speaking of farms. Henry and his dad live on what used to be their grandfather’s farm. It no longer functions are a farm because when the Hanlon family moved to Derry, they had a farm. (They used to do crops, but now for them it’s more raising animals for meat). And the Hanlons were far better farmers and they ended up taking so much business from the Bowers that that farm had to shut down. 
  • Henry grew up hearing nothing but terrible things about how the Hanlon family took everything from Henry’s family and they wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. (I’m not justifying anything btw. Henry is still a racist piece of shit. I’ll deal with that in the future. Don’t worry)
  • He has seen the Princess Bride like 12 times. Belch has it on DVD and Henry likes to go over there and watch it, especially when he’s feeling sick. He’s dying to use the “As You Wish” like on Vic, but he’s waiting on the right moment.

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How's about a ridiculously tropey prompt - forced bed sharing

This one was fun! Thanks so much for sending it!

“I am never getting in a car with you behind the wheel ever again.” Rafael shook snow from his hair as they stepped into the drab lobby of whatever godforsaken motel they’d ended up at. He’d looked at the sign on the way in, but had already forgotten the name.  

“Have fun getting back to the city, then.” Sonny smirked and Rafael cursed his lack of a driver’s license, a byproduct of living in New York his entire life, besides his short detour in Cambridge. He considered how much an Uber would cost to get him back in the morning and thought it just might be worth it. “Besides, you were the one that wanted to drive back tonight even though it’s snowing like a son of a bitch.”

“Well, I didn’t know you were going to send us careening off of a cliff, now did I?”

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the problem with being a parent: you always want your child to do better than you. 

the couple lived in syria and had no troubles, that is until the mother-in-law grew sick with breast cancer. fulfilling their duty as good children, they moved to britain to live with and take care of her. but they didn’t speak english so well, and they didn’t have the opportunity to apply for any postsecondary education, not when the woman was pregnant with a child and they needed money now. miles’ mum owned a laundromat and tailorshop, while his father owned an autobody repair shop and sold auto parts as well. they weren’t poor, they just didn’t have many luxuries. one of those luxuries was being able to have multiple children. miles upshur was an only child, but his childhood was happy regardless. miles’ parents worked him to the bone because they wanted him to know the value of working hard. honors in school, sports, jobs, volunteering, he did it all in the hopes that he would have as many open doors as possible in the future.

at eighteen years old miles finally scrounges enough money to go to school in america to study his passion, journalism. although they were sad to see him go, his parents made sure he’d be living with other family members and would be provided for no matter what. they could have never known the things that waited for their son.

you know that scene in the one episode of my life as a teenage robot where jennys all Messed The Fuck Up and she goes to an autobody shop and gets all her dents and rust buffered out and gets a nice lovely repaint job? anyways here is my pitch for a nice buffered up and repainted echo zane. hes a little bumblebee

yo but has anyone considered a modern rey/finn/poe au because if not you’re all missing out.

- environmentalist college student rey who pretty much owns the agricultural department with the time she spends there, she’d attend protests regularly with her boyfriends in tow
- finn plays football & majors in history & social work with a minor in english
- poe’s an air force veteran that works at an autobody shop run by han & leia, he owns an overly chubby corgi dubbed bb-8 because why the hell not
- the three unofficially live together at poe’s apartment & sneak up onto the roof to go stargazing
- finn goes to the agricultural department between classes to check up on rey & on occasions brings her lunch
- poe picks them both up after classes
- rey & poe attend all of finn’s games & take turns wearing his jersey & varsity jacket
- rey being able to pick up & twirl finn around after games before poe crushes them into a group hug
- cuddle piles that result in limbs all over the place
- just dance battles at three in the morning whenever poe has nightmares caused by ptsd
- the three workout together & go jogging in the afternoons with bb-8

free falling au - aesthetic 1/?

she’s ‘bad’, only by reputation because weed was found in her locker once, and the fact that clarke wears a lot of black and leather. and lexa is kind of quiet, a shoe in for valedictorian, she’s also in a bunch of ap’s, on the tennis team, and kind really rich.  they meet when lexa’s car breaks down and she calls the local autobody shop and clarke is the mechanic who comes and tows her car/fixes it.

or good girl/bad girl  high school au

by @aliciaclvrk

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Peeta meets this amazing silver eyed girl, they have mind blowing sex but he wakes up to an empty bed. The next day he finds out she is gale’s girlfriend, gale is his boss.

He couldn’t stop thinking about her.

The long, black braid that roped down her back, or draped down her front when she’d pull it over her shoulder to stroke mindlessly. The cupid’s bow of her lips, unmarred even by the nearly permanent scowl on her face. The quicksilver eyes that cut into him, from across the room or up close, like a thousand little paper cuts. 

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