Pick any three and I’ll do one story of at least 500 words integrating ALL OF THEM.

  1. ancient egypt AU
  2. mermaids AU
  3. cowboys AU
  4. mafia AU
  5. sports AU (sport of your choice)
  6. ice skating AU
  7. omegaverse AU
  8. assassin AU
  9. directedverse AU
  10. coffee shop AU
  11. Harry Potter AU
  12. daemons AU
  13. urban fantasy AU
  14. fantasy AU
  15. space opera AU
  16. futuristic AU
  17. steampunk AU
  18. serial killer AU
  19. historic AU (historical period of your choice)
  20. sex worker AU
  21. law enforcement AU
  22. corporate AU
  23. soulmates AU
  24. alien AU
  25. pirates AU
  26. demon AU
  27. angel AU
  28. werewolf or vampire AU
  29. fairy AU
  30. hospital AU
  31. crossdresing AU
  32. crime and criminals AU
  33. music band AU
  34. slavery AU
  35. military AU
  36. culinary AU
  37. arranged marriage AU
  38. acting AU (porn acting included ;P) 
  39. celebrity AU
  40. prison AU
  41. robot/android AU
  42. school/academia AU
  43. adventurer/explorer AU
  44. baby AU
  45. meta/fandom AU
  46. tech support AU 
  47. time stravel AU 
  48. ghost AU 
  49. psychic conection AU
  50. any other AU or fusion with another fandom of your choice, 

Example prompts: 

  • mafia, mermaids, soulmates AU
  • fandom, coffee shop, serial killer AU
  • time travel, prison, android AU
There's an app for that: how assistive tech changes lives of people with autism
A conference in Manchester is highlighting the groundbreaking technologies available, from biometric wristbands to robots that help with interaction
By Rachel Pugh

Apps and other AT can be life changing for autistics- if people know about them

[A person checks an iPad while in a busy library]