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Do you can never swim in the ocean or just before/after cyclones???

Where I live, in tropical north Queensland, you just pretty much can’t swim in the ocean at any time. I mean, some people do, and good luck to them. But I am not one of them. 

During summer when the sea temperature is warmer than in winter, we get marine stingers, aka jellyfish, aka your chances of dying of a heart attack on the beach before medical attention arrives – even if it’s only minutes away – is quite high. 

So we have what are called stinger enclosures. Big nets that we swim in basically, that generally keep the stingers out. Sometimes bits of dead stingers still get through though. And the fun part about that is even if they’re teeny tiny and totally dead, they can still sting you. Probably won’t kill you at that level though, so bonus! 

I used to swim regularly in the stinger enclosures, because it’s nice. 

Okay, so one day at work (I work as a police dispatcher) my friend Margaret and I were talking about going swimming when our shift ended at 2 pm. It would be high tide, and prefect. Which was right when we got the emergency call that there were two whale sharks stuck inside the stinger enclosure. 

We did not go swimming that day. after all 

I mean, a whale shark probably won’t kill you, but I’m not going to hop into an enclosure with one of them, right? 

So we have stingers, and sharks, but we also have saltwater crocodiles. And they’re the scariest of all. While they’re more active in the warmer months, they’re still around in winter. And there have been regular sighting in my city of a 4 metre crocodile just bob-bob-bobbing along in the ocean. And there are also crocodiles in the river systems too. Only last week some kid almost lost an arm jumping into a river just a few hours north of here. A day later a fisherman went missing. I’m not sure if they’ve located his body or not. 

So that is why I generally chose not to swim in the ocean here, and I stick to pools. 

Pools are wonderful. 

And I don’t mean this to be an EVERYTHING WILL KILL YOU IN AUSTRALIA post. I mean, I stay out of their environment so it’s not an issue for me, but there are plenty of people who are happy to assess the risks and swim in the ocean. 


After an Incredible first season, the first ever women’s AFL grand finale was played yesterday. A game that has been only available to men on this level finally has become a reality for every little kid. Never again will we have to be told “footys just for boys” I’m so glad I was able to be there and witness history being made.