Birthday sex

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a concept: B-day smut for Dan- Anon. Yo, fuck this. It’s almost my birthday. (Aug 18th) Birthday sex for us babes.

Dan X Reader 

Warnings- sex baby.

“Dear Y/N! Happy birthday to you!!!” You closed your eyes hard as you made your wish on your candles as you blew them out. “What did you wish for?” Dan said pressing a big kiss to your cheek.

“I can’t tell you! If I tell you it won’t come true.” You grabbed Dan’s face to plant another big kiss on his lips. You had asked him for a very simple birthday this year

“Can I guess what you wished for?” You thought for a moment before responding.

“Sure, But I will not give you any hints.” Dan sat closer to you on the floor beside you as he pushed the cake away from the edge.

“Did you wish for a boyfriend?” You gave Dan a look as he laughed. “Okay, ok, did you wish for a new home?”  

“Is something wrong with this place?” You said motioning to the space the two of you were sitting in. The two of you had just moved into your own little place a couple of weeks ago. It still had boxes in every room that still needed to be unpacked. But it had already started to feel like home for the two of you. It only had one bedroom but it ended up being the perfect place to create a home together.

“I think it’s missing something.” Dan pulled you in to run kisses up your jaw to your lips for a quick couple of kisses.

“I’m glad you mentioned that. I think we need a new rug for in here. This floor is freezing.” Dan scrunched his face at you before giving a little tickle to your ribs. “Or I have a better idea. Let’s eat some cake and then take a bath in the new tub. Then maybe, just maybe we have a few cuddles.” Dan gave you a smile as he pulled the cake closer to the two of you.

“So are we going to have reasonably sized pieces of cake or shall I slice this baby in half?”

“Slice it normally. If I eat half of a cake I might sink like a rock in the bath tub.” Dan rolled his eyes before cutting the cake into large but still reasonable sized slices.

The two of you had eaten the cake in a comfortable silence as the glow from the television lit the small room. If you were to look up pure bliss in the dictionary you would find this moment etched in it. As the two of you sat cuddled up in a ball of arms and legs your eyes started to feel heavy from the day’s events. Dan had made you a pancake breakfast that morning.Going full out he even tried to impress you with his flipping skills. Only two ended up being on the floor so the two of you considered it a win. He also went and got some little pastries from the shop you discovered when you first moved in after a particularly long day of box lifting. He was spoiling you today and there was nothing you could do to say otherwise.

After the two of you stuffed yourselves with breakfast Dan had announced that he was taking you to the London Zoo for the day. He even hinted that one particular animal may even wish you an extra special happy birthday. Once you got there and walked around for a while Dan tugged you along to the giraffe enclosure where one of the workers opened the back to where you could feed the giraffe’s right from your hand. You never wanted to leave as you had made friends with one baby giraffe who somehow made blue tongues adorable.

A full day at the zoo was enough of a birthday present for you but Dan had insisted that he was taking you out for supper. That’s when the two of you stood out perfectly like two sore thumbs in a fancy restaurant.The bunch of old people were not too fond to be looking at the young ones who were giggling. The end of the perfect day was some cake and a bath with some bubbles that smelled like vanilla.

You felt Dan’s hand run along your back as he came closer to whisper in your ear. “Shall we skip the bath and go straight to the cuddles in bed?” You let out a little breath as you contemplated your options.

“If I fall asleep in the bath will you make sure I don’t drown?” You could feel Dan let out a little sigh as he brought his lips close to your ear.

“Just this once. But don’t say I never do anything for you.” Opening your eyes, you kissed Dan’s smile before lifting your arms in the air. “What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m waiting for you to help me up.” Dan got up beside you before grabbing your hands in his.

“Needy little shit.” Even with this being said Dan still helped you to your feet and held your hand as the two of you made your way to the bathroom.

Once in the room Dan turned on the tub and put the bubbles in as you watched from the bathroom counter. It was always fun watching him draw a bath for the two of you. Between knocking everything over to find the bottle of bubble bath and the way he would measure the amount of soap perfectly, he was pretty cute to watch. Plus the faces he made as he touched the water to find the right temperature was always worth a giggle.

After Dan had finished he turned around to give you proper attention. His hands found their way from your knees to up the back of your shirt making little goose bumps appear from his touch. He always got a bit of a cocky smile on when he would feel your skin react to something as simple as him touching you. Dan pulled the top over your head leaving you in your bra to let the cool air brush against your skin.

Running a hand through Dan’s hair he leaned into your touch. As your fingers moved through the curls you pulled him closer to you. You had become quite fond of his new hair. He played with it a little less than he did when it was straight letting you know he really did enjoy his new look. You were taken back from your thoughts when you felt Dan’s lips press onto your collar bone. Dan had one thing on his mind and he intended to follow through with it.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He said almost trying to read your mind just from your facial features.

“Just thinking about how the bath is about to over flow.” Dan let out a swear before running over to the taps to turn them off before the bathroom flooded. “I love all the little teasing and what not but I think we should get in the tub before the water loses all its warmth.” Dan agreed undressing quickly before getting in the bath.

“Holy shit this bath is hot. Come on in. it’s perfect for two.” You nodded in agreement undressing yourself the rest of the way. Dan shifted back in the tub giving you enough room to sit in front of him in the bath.

The water was the perfect mix of hot yet not so scalding that you had to breathe through the adjustment period. Dan wrapped his arms around your torso to pull you tight into his chest.

“Thanks for the perfect birthday ever Daniel.” Dan left a few kisses on the back of your neck as he smiled into your skin.

“You’re welcome, love. I think there is only one thing that’s missing. An earth shattering orgasm.” You rolled your eyes as you let your head rest on his shoulder.

“I actually don’t think it’s necessary.” Dan gave a little scoff as one of his hands made its way to draw circles on your thigh as the other rested on your stomach to hold you down closer to him.

“Hmm. Do tell me when you think it’s all a bit unnecessary.” His left hand that had been drawing lazy circles started towards your sex to let his finger slide in between your folds letting his finger pad run quickly over your bundle of nerves. The little shock ran through your system making every sense in your body wide awake. Turning your head to the side you gave Dan’s neck a long kiss of appreciation.

“Well maybe if you do that again I would change my mind.” Dan let his fingers linger longer on your clit this time make sure to push little circles into it. You let out a little breathy moan you didn’t know you were holding in as you melted to Dan’s touch. You could feel every limb in your body feel slightly mushy with relaxation.

“I’m so glad I got you. Having a smart, funny, and beautiful girlfriend.It always seemed so far away from actually happening.” Dan continued whispering little nothings as his fingers explored. You were so caught up with the buzz in your brain that you had barely noticed one of Dan’s finger slip into you making sure to curl just slight enough to rub against that magical little spot. Dan continued on with him adding another finger while he put a bit more pressure onto your clit.

Who knew a hot bath and a little pressure on your clit could make a person melt? Apparently, Dan did because as his finger skillfully made your stomach do flips. Your back was arched letting the cold hit your nipples that were desperate for his touch. Both of Dan’s hands we occupied at the moment so you released a hand from his thigh to pull at the swollen nubs.

“Dan, I’m going to come.” Dan let out a little breath that was almost a chuckle. He loved to see you at his mercy like this. He was the one who could provide you with the release that was so desperately needed.

“Well then. Cum my love. Let go for me. I love to see you like this.” You didn’t need to be told twice as you came around Dan’s fingers. Squeezing him taking every wave you could take.

After you finally felt the last of the waves run through every nerve was hard not to have a bit of a buzzing brain. Dan’s orgasms were the best drug ever. He was your dealer and you were his very willing clientele.

“It’s not just the Orgasm talking when I say that I am madly in love with you.” Dan squeezed you tightly as you both found your natural rhythm of breathing again.”Thank you for my birthday.I think it defiantly makes top three.”

“I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed your day. Now, close your eyes Y/N. I will wake you in a few minutes.” You finally let your eyes close as you listened to Dan’s heartbeat under your ear. Perfect birthday indeed.

jayroy week 2017 is almost upon us and we now have the prompts known, thank you to everyone who voted! the event runs from august 15th through august 21st, so start getting ready!

aug 15th — first meetings

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aug 19th — marriage

aug 20th — home

aug 21st — au of choice

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Trailer: Netflix and Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ - Aug 18th

mileycyrus: To my dearest fans & all of those watching @teenchoicefox ! I want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart for presenting me with #TheUltimateChoiceAward ! I am beyond bummed I couldn’t make it to the show as I had every intention of being there to accept and celebrate this honor! I created an unrealistic schedule for myself which leads me to this announcement! I’ve been tryin to keep the secret but I can’t hide it any longer! My new single / music video #YoungerNow will be dropping this Friday , Aug 18th & I am sooooooo EXCITED to share it with all of you! I hope to always make people smile and shine light thru my work! I look forward to making music for the rest of my life and I’m thankful everyday for those who listen! I am sending so much love and peace into the world right now because THATS what we need most! Love Love & more LOVE! ❤️💙💚💛💜❤️💙💚💛💜

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Did you happen to know the last time we saw Louis? 18th Aug? Also Harry been MiA quite long right, last we saw him is on Nick insta story.

Yep, it was the 18th.


18th aug 2015 // went for a run this morning (at 6.30am, i’m going to make this a regular thing because doing interval trainings really helps me concentrate better) then rushed for my 8am class (during the whole two hours i was able to pay attention without a single yawn), and now i’m back in my dorm room to continue working on pol sci notes & korean hmwk before i have to leave for lunch!

things featured in the pictures: banana milk kindly given to my by my dorm-mate bc i said i was hungry, magazine cut-outs to be used for room decor, amazing washi tapes (part of my increasingly bigger collection) esp the one used to decorate my pol sci notebook (from muji), cute stickers from my trip back to china last year, my bullet journal, two of the cutest notebooks i own, and my new pencil case (yay for radiating positive vibes) 😌🍃🌸✨

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During 1D's hiatus Louis: 1) acknowledged Peaky Blinders show on May 19th 2016, two days before H started filming Dunkirk, a show starring Tom Hardy & Cillian Murphy, both appear in Dunkirk. 2) On Sep 2nd 2016 Louis followed Terry O'Neill who inspired some of Harry's Another Man shots (released on Sep 28th). 3) April 12th 2017 Louis followed Lorde who just performed on SNL while Harry was there to rehearse for his SNL performance on 15th, Louis MIA. 4) Wild Thoughts & L follow on Aug 18th 2017..


fe14 zodiac

•note: these are the actual signs of the characters from the wiki and this post will be updated when more info is published


benoit (mar 24th)
kazahana (mar 28th)
shara (april 1st)
sakura (april 9th)
kanna (april 19th)


zero (april 22nd)
yukimura (april 28th)
ryouma (may 1st)
charlotte (may 4th)
midoriko (may 17th)
setsuna (may 20th)


shigure (june 6th)
anna (june 10th)
gunther (june 13th)
orochi (june 19th)


mitama (june 26th)
leon (june 30th)
kisaragi (july 4th)
matoi (july 6th)
nishiki (july 12th)
odin (july 15th)


sophie (july 21st)
kagerou (july 26th)
crimson (aug 3rd)
lazwald (aug 7th)
ignis (aug 16th)
hinoka (aug 18th)
shinonome (aug 22nd)


soleil (aug 31st)
lutz (sep 5th)
asama (sep 9th)
ophelia (sep 15th)
tsukuyomi (sept 19th)


hisame (sep 27th)
kaze (oct 2nd)
saizou (oct 2nd)
mozume (oct 6th)
velour (oct 11th)
kinu (oct 20th)


marx (oct 27th)
flannel (oct 30th)
silas (nov 1st)
yuugiri (nov 7th)
deere (nov 16th)


oboro (nov 28th)
kamilla (nov 30th)
jakob (dec 3rd)
takumi (dec 14th)
asura (dec 21st)


pieri (dec 24th)
izana (dec 29th)
grey (jan 1st)
fuuga (jan 8th)
arthur (jan 14th)


luna (jan 21st)
eponine (jan 31)
rinka (feb 5th)
tsubaki (feb 7th)
nyx (feb 17th)
flora (feb 19th)
felicia (feb 19th)


belka (feb 26th)
azura (mar 3rd)
foleo (mar 13th)
elise (mar 19th)