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160214 Valentine’s Day Greeting from Luhan on Marie Claire:
I hope everyone will have someone by your side on this Valentine’s Day. I will always be with you. Let’s walk on the future path together. I am Luhan.

  • Jaunes Voice Mail

Pyrrha: This was actually before we started dating- His unfortunate up heave aside, I kind of thought it was cute, so i saved this message he left me.

Jaune: Come on! That was so long ago- get rid of it already…!

Pyrrha: *whispering* It’s fun to tease jaune about it so I keep saving it. 

(Mod: A quick special post for hitting 2600+ followers. I know i did a shambly job at voice acting but i hope you guys enjoy it. ) 


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Valentines Day Special: Dinner with Snas
  • Valentines Day Special: Dinner with Snas
  • YouTickleMyFunnybone

And yes. You heard me right. Dinner with SNAS.

And yes. It’s SFW. For once lmao.

And yes. It’s a new mic. (IT’S SO CLEAR AND PRISTINE I LOVE IT SO MUCH AAAAAH). Happy Valentines day! I actually wasn’t expecting to be alone this year but things changed <BREAK UPS! WOOO!> . So I guess I’m gonna go eat a fuck ton of white chocolate alone and send a bunch of Nicholas Cage Valentine cards to all of my friends.