Zach went with Aubrey to see their friend Amir, who had been their family doctor for several years.  As Zach expected,  Amir’s physical examination was not conclusive enough and he decided some further tests would be needed to determine the cause of Aubrey’s illness.   That, Zach knew, was not what Aubrey wanted to hear.   He was already scared, and the idea of medical tests frightened him even more.  Zach stayed with him the whole time, though, just as he’d promised, and praised him for being brave in the face of needles and medical instruments and numerous scans. 

Amir told them it would take a few days for all the test results to come back.  He would call them to make an appointment to discuss the situation when he had some clearer answers.   He said that in the meantime they should try to carry on as normal, and that it was okay for Aubrey to do most of the things he usually did, as long as he felt up to it.  

With that advice in mind, Zach encouraged Aubrey to do more of the things he enjoyed instead of spending his time on household chores.  Zach had to admit he was a little surprised when Aubrey didn’t argue with his suggestion.  Aubrey conceded that a break from cooking and cleaning might be good.  Zida was certainly capable of making meals for the family, and with six other people in the house there was no reason why Aubrey should be doing all the housecleaning.

Aubrey passed the next few days sleeping in, watching TV and puttering around in his garden.  He practiced his music and helped Zida work on hers.   One afternoon, on Zach’s day off, Aubrey said he felt well enough for a bit of a workout.  A light workout, Zach cautioned him, and hung around while he walked on the treadmill, just in case.  

For the most part, Aubrey’s preferred activity was to sit in the sun and read.  Zach knew Aubrey loved being outside, and the fresh air was good for him.  He didn’t seem to be getting any better, though, and Zach hoped fervently that Amir would have some news for them sooner rather than later.  


Aubrey was determined that he would be the one to make birthday cakes for Autumn and Aurora.  Baking was one of his favourite things to do and the kitchen was, after all, his territory.  Zida offered to help him, but he told her politely that he wanted to do it by himself.  She seemed puzzled by his refusal to let her do anything, but she did not argue with him.

Because the girls’ birthdays were only days apart, the family decided to celebrate both of them on a day between the two actual dates.  Much to Aubrey’s relief, the girls said they didn’t want a party.   They were satisfied with cake and presents and a nice family dinner.   Aubrey would’ve been happy to host a party under ordinary circumstances, but he wasn’t sure he could have handled all the work and preparation required for a birthday party just now, even with Zida’s help.  Celebrating quietly at home worked for him.  

Aurora and Autumn both agreed they wanted chocolate cake.  Aubrey found a new recipe for chocolate cake with fudge frosting, and was exceedingly pleased with the results.  He had no doubt that his daughters would be pleased, too.


The moments more beautiful! Love when Chloe got up, looked so tender… And Stacie face could not get Stacie gif when it looks at Chloe and Beca with beautiful eyes… The massage was also one of my favorite parts… And Beca grant type to resist lol When they run to aubrey that exceeds all…