Have you ever wondered why every Duggar woman perms her hair? It’s because Gothard taught us that curly hair brings out a woman’s natural beauty. Other ATI beliefs that I learned range from utterly bizarre to downright barbaric, like the creator of Cabbage Patch Kid dolls is actually a Satanic wizard who implants demons into the dolls that then sneak into children’s bodies while they are sleeping … One key difference worth noting between the “reality” show of “19 Kids and Counting” and the actual reality of ATI, though, is the relative affluence of the Duggars compared to most ATI families. The Duggars live in a spacious Discovery Networks-funded home, but it was not unusual, in my church, for two parents and ten children to live packed into a singlewide trailer. These children usually wear threadbare hand-me-downs already passed through several rounds of siblings. Many of them look malnourished due to the abundance of starchy meals necessary on a lean one-parent income. Women and mothers working outside of the home is absolutely forbidden in ATI no matter what the financial situation of the family.
—  It’s interesting how much the “unrealistic affluence due to the reality show” is true for “Sister Wives” as well. I mean, the Browns all except Robyn declared bankcruptcy ($80.000 credit card debt ‘poofed’) and only could do that BECAUSE they were not legally equal to monogamous couples… and at least Christine Allred Brown was on foodstamps through the filming of at least season 1, I think also filming of Season 2. Robyn was also on foodstamps before and Robyn wrote in the book that Kody couldn’t have afforded to marry her AT ALL if it wasn’t for the show. Robyn was $32.000 in debt ($1.000 of that on Victoria’s Secret, although she was living in a mobile home at the time with her husband and their three kids). So the TLC shows CREATE a lie, a complete fabrication that has nothing to do with the average life in these cults.       
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The night had long since fallen, and only the light of the streetlamps gave a bit of indications for people to walk up and down the streets. The time was cold, well, it was an ishgardian night, somebody could compose a song about that if it hadn’t been done already, really, there was a lot of things to exploit. Cold, dark and bitter, the night was apparently going to be. Although aside from the streetlamps, various windows were still brightly lit. People weren’t bothered by nightfall for feasting, neither were the nights drinking themselves off at the Forgotten Knight. 

Nah, she shouldn’t go there, as despaired as she was. Aubrey actually had a lot of reasons to go there, but not tonight. She had the intention to celebrate her sadness in another way. 

Octavel had left her, once again. A mission for the House of Durendaire, her mother-in-law said, giving her a sideway glance before turning her back on her and going back to her book. Aubrey had shown her alliance to everybody, she had been seen at her husband’s arm all week. Well, all four days that it lasted, actually. And once again, she was alone. 

He could have told her, he could have taken her with him. Frail as he was, she thought. His big green eyes, his sweet smile. 

Well, fuck him, fuck everything. She said, she didn’t need anybody. 

That resolution lasted about ten minutes, as she wandered alone in the empty streets, just to sit by a small stone wall. The cold fabric of her dress made her shiver even more as she started crying again. Louder, and louder. 


My latest university project is a mock advertising campaign to promote the use of Sailor Jerry spiced rum in cocktails.

Each image is a visual representation of its’ cocktail namesake. The concept was inspired by the original tattoo style of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, post-war Pin Up imagery, traditional American style tattoos, Japanese and Hawaiian culture, and the Disney Pin Up illustrations of Tim Shumate.


I had my presentation, and this unit is finally over!
Just to celebrate this, here is a post for you with some of the stuff I’ve been doing in lifedrawing (and creeping) for the last couple of weeks (/months).

Never ditch lifedrawing guys, never.

Have a great weekend to y'all!



After looking into the architecture of London, I went onto pinterest and saw lots of travel/architecture journals which really intreged me. So I collected them on to my pinterest page:

Final Animation //

This is the outcome of my final animation with both the drawing and the font on top of each other. I think one of the strongest things about it is the music and I like the wink sound effect. I am pleased with how the end logo turned out as well because I think it links the logo and the drawing together. However, I think that I need to add in the strapline ‘take a break from your tech’ because it doesn’t really make sense and the message is not that clear so I will add this in.