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[AU] All for you

[Hikikomori . Literalmente “apartarse, estar recluido”: es decir, “aislamiento social agudo”  

El término hikikomori se refiere al fenómeno sociológico, como también a las personas que pertenecen a este grupo social. En la terminología occidental, este grupo puede incluir individuos que sufren de fobia social o problemas de ansiedad social. Esto también puede ser originado por agorafobia, trastorno de personalidad por evitación o timidez extrema.

Mientras que algunas personas sienten presión por parte del mundo exterior, y padecen agorafobia o fobia social, un hikikomori reacciona con un completo aislamiento social para evitar toda la presión exterior. Pueden encerrarse en sus dormitorios o alguna otra habitación de la casa de sus padres durante periodos de tiempo prolongados, a menudo años. Normalmente no tienen ningún amigo, y en su mayoría duermen a lo largo del día, y ven la televisión o juegan al ordenador durante la noche.

El aislamiento de la sociedad normalmente comienza de forma gradual, antes de que el hikikomori cierre con llave la puerta de su habitación. A menudo se encuentran tristes, pierden sus amigos, se vuelven inseguros, tímidos y hablan menos. Frecuentemente son objeto de burla en el colegio, lo cual puede ser el detonante para su aislamiento.

La mayoría de los hikikomori mantienen contacto con el mundo exterior solamente mediante el ordenador, la televisión y los videojuegos en línea. Sin embargo, en casos extremos, el hikikomori puede cerrarse incluso a esto y permanecer horas y horas sin realizar actividades de interacción o apreciación social en lo absoluto.]

 El médico recién graduado guardó silencio tras leer el artículo que su superior le había dado. Lo miró y suspiró -Había oído hablar del término, pero nunca me puse a considerar esto como un verdadero problema de salud pública en Japón -se masajeó una sien- Ahora que lo pienso, uno de mis compañeros en la escuela media tuvo una situación así, pero nadie le tomó la importancia debida. Es una pena.

-Efectivamente Kusama-san, esto es más grave y común de lo que nos gustaría admitir. Sé de su gran humanidad a la hora de tratar con los pacientes. Tiene excelentes recomendaciones de todos sus profesores, y sería un tonto si no considerara incluirlo en el nuevo programa que el hospital llevara a cabo con respecto a estos casos.

Nowaki hizo una profunda reverencia -Me honra con su confianza. No defraudaré sus expectativas.

-Nuestra idea es tener un tratamiento multidisciplinario, doctores, psiquiatras, enfermeras, nutriólogos, psicólogos. Todo un equipo que visite a estas personas. Pues somos de la idea de que hay que ganar su confianza poco a poco, sin abrumarlo.

-Me gusta, pero supongo que no entraremos todos a la habitación de los pacientes. No queremos que se sientan invadidos, sino más bien que se sientan a gusto con quienes van.

-Efectivamente. Iremos limando los detalles, pero por lo pronto. Bienvenido.

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“In the black, there is some white. In the wrong, there is some right. In the dark, there is some light. In                                                 the blind, there is some sight.” - Abinyana

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The Au Pair – Belle 

Belle knew it was wrong. Being in love with her employer. Especially when her employer was the king of the land she lived in. It was wrong and weird and yet she loved the rush of it all. Kissing the head of the sweet heir she was watching over, Belle went to check on the King. Once again, his wife made an excuse to leave for the week.It wasn’t spoken of, but the people knew she was off to see the man she had frequently visited time and time again. The marriage was a shame and arranged, but they did it for their titles sake. Knocking on the door, she opened it carefully. “Pardon, Your Majesty. I only came to tell you that the boy is fast asleep.”

Beast Tamer || HP AU || Open RP

Elliot was usually content being alone in the forest, none of the creatures bothered him - as far as he could figure out it was something to do with his curse that made animals docile around him. 

 Only today they weren’t being overly friendly. 

Not that any had hurt him but they were clearly distressed. When he heard a twig snap he knew exactly why. The following sounds were that of claws and hooves scraping against the leaf litter as a hippogriff galloped towards the intruder. 

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 Elliot moved instinctively, finding the other human and dragging them along. “Come on. What the fuck are you doing in here?” He demanded, unwilling to see anyone get hurt or hurt the hippogriff… even in self defence.

Plot where Muse A got pregnant when she was a teenager and ran away as soon as she could, from her parents and from the irresponsible boy she’d thought was the love of her life. Six years later, Muse A and her daughter settle in a new town and are immediately embraced by the entire town. Muse B is a grumpy local who’s lived there his entire life and is surprised to find himself not only drawn to Muse A but protective of her and her daughter – and neither of them know how to deal with it.

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[ MATTHEW GREY GRUBLER ] — Agent ODYSSEUS, originally PRICE, OSCAR, is a THIRTY FIVE-year-old FIELD AGENT from NEW YORK. Intel says HE is TACTFUL & ADAPTABLE but also ABRASIVE & PESSIMISTIC ]. (umlaut/23/cst/they/them)

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Making music (highschool AU)

First day of school, 9th grade. Everyone was nervous, especially young Erik who sat in the far corner of the music room. The day was almost over and he couldn’t wait to get home, but first he had to finish this music class. He was so prodigy and would have to listen to god awful students play music. This was going to be awful, absolute torture to the ears.
Then a young girl walked in, her name was aria. She was a pretty young thing and looked very excited to have this class. She as well sat in the back, but a few desks away, this was her favorite class he could tell. Maybe she would actually be decent In here, maybe they could be friends? Maybe not, no one wanted to be friend with a ugly, thin, aggressive know it all.

Adam opened his eyes, not knowing where he was. But he soon realized he was back at the palace. His home. Or it used to be his home before his father sent him off to war. Or how Adam liked to call it, when he sent him off to die. For what price? That he could call himself proud to have his son fight for his country while he was sitting on his throne, not fearing any danger. 

Adam laid there, he had no longer a feeling in his legs and he was damned. Damned to lay in this bed forever, to drown in his sorrow. Adam wished he would be dead. He really wished he would be dead.