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Once upon a time: A story of how a Shadow fell in love with Sunshine.

For the Gajevy Week 2016 Bonus Prompt. Here’s my response to “Differences”. Enjoy :)

Everyday he watched her grace the green valley from under the protection of  it’s only tree, a large oak. From sunrise until sunset he sat there and watched, for he is confined when she roams around. You see, darkness cannot cover the world when there is light and he resented her for that. Shadow hated how the birds sang of her arrival. He was jealous of how happy the squirrels of the forest dashed into her warm embrace come morning. He despised her happy mess of sky blue curls and her eyes that shone like polished gold. He wished more than anything to not need her.

One day, when the darkness began to plot against the light, he volunteered to make an example of his Sunshine. He would force her to experience the clinging cold of the Shade just as life forced him. So he waited and waited until she unwittingly prances close enough to the border between light and dark. A dark, scarred hand reaches out and grabs onto the flowing yellow fabric of her skirts, yanking her from the valley and breeze into something she’s never known. Her delicate giggle transforming into a horrified gasp. A cry erupts from the forest. Every creature and plant shrieked in confusion for the Sunshine had left, yet her pained scream breaks through them all. The darkness burned against her freckled skin and left its mark.

Shadow completed his mission, yet he did not rejoice. The applause from his fellow night dwellers fell on deaf ears for he knew that this victory meant nothing. Rough fingers glided over pale, freckled skin. Never in his life had he experienced that texture…that softness… nor the warmth that continued to cling to her despite the situation. He knew light would come for her then she would return stronger than ever. If anything at all, hopefully she would return less beautiful because the Shadow secretly thought her so. His heart was cold and tired, yet it was because of her that he knew it had yet to totally succumb. Every time she laughed with the stream or danced among the daisies or even sighed he felt it twinge- he felt it ache at what he could not have. In that moment with her in the shade especially he grew to adore Sunshine even more. A strip of silk was wrapped across her chest solely for modesty- he knew. Oh god, how he knew! How many days has she taunted him with her bare shoulders and the delicate curves of her back all because she wants to soak in every kiss of the breeze. If her nature allowed her to run naked through the valley then she probably would have, yet her cheeks flush every mating season at the twitterpated animals. Yes, he was jealous of her happiness, love, and freedom, but beauty tipped him over the edge. How dare a creature possess all of these things while he had none! How dare she be so far above him! It wasn’t fair!

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DIVISION WARS (A SHIELD Academy AU) | Team Brawn Edition

Does anyone know how hard it is being the best?  Of course they don’t.  Only the best know what that’s like, and that’s because they worked their damn asses off to get there. Sure, the team of Bobbi Morse, Grant Ward, Antoine Triplett and Kara Palamas can be a little cutthroat at times, but come on.  They’re super spies in training.  You don’t get to level 8 by majoring in hand-holding!

So cue Division Wars, the one time of the year where they finally get to let loose.  And cue the sudden but inevitable rise of Team Underdog (Skye, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Alphonso Mackenzie,) aiming to completely ruin the Division Wars and everything it stands for.  And listen.  Alpha Team Awesome (working name) may not be the nicest people, but they’re not monsters.  They might be giving the underdogs a hard time, but they totally started it!  And besides, a little friendly competition’s never killed anyone.  Probably.

This is totally in the bag, so long as they stick to the plan: lie, run like hell, and always carry spare change.  Don’t ask why that’s the plan.  It’s always worked so far.  Is sabotaging other teams right?  No!  Is killing people as part of a black-ops government strike force right, either? Of course not! They’re not being trained to be nice.  So if the other team could stop inspiring feelings of sympathy and affection and fondness within the cold, dark hearts of Alpha Team Awesome, that would be great.  Because for real, they’ve got a competition to win.

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But imagine robot!Leo and N living together. Sitting by the couch eating Rolos with Leo feeding N the chocolate and he himself eating the aluminum wrapper.

CS AU Week - Day 2: Canon Divergence

Single File Into the Sea

“Believe me, love – you don’t want the things on that ship anywhere near this town or your family.”

“If that’s true, then why would I let you go out there alone?”

Shortly after Anna and Kristoff wash up on Storybrooke’s shore, a thick fog settles on the horizon – a fog that Killian recognizes from his years at sea. He has always known it as the harbinger of what is only called The Ghost Ship, and even though 300 years at sea saw him safe from the ship and its crew, he finds himself sailing to meet it with Emma at his side and the town that has become home at his back. They plan to dispatch the threat in short order but the ship’s magic has a way of working in its own favour, and soon the question becomes not whether they can defeat the ship, but whether they want to – whether Killian will join the ship’s ranks, and whether Emma will let him.

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(referring to the band camp au!! not nsfw, im sorry! also idk if this is going to be good, my meds are kicking in umu;;) what if hinata plays french horn or something bc damn dude it sounds like an elephant and idk i feel like he would play elephant sounds a lot. kageyama attempts to shove hinatas head into the bell of the horn but then daichi hits kageyama over the head with the mallet used for the bass drum. they would be such a fucking horrible band omg

Take Me to the Riot

Title: Take Me to the Riot

Pairing: Clarke/Lexa (The 100)

Words: 14526 (whyyyy?)

Summary: On the Ark, they called it Polyphagic Hypoactive Neurodegenerative Syndrome. Or—they were supposed to call it that. But Miller’s dad had gotten drunk off of ‘confiscated’ moonshine and used the word ‘zombie’ and it had spread throughout the kids on the Ark as quickly as the infectious agent that caused PHNS itself. Besides, ‘zombie’ just rolled off the tongue a lot better. For example: ’the approaching zombie horde will likely wipe out both the Arkers and Grounders unless Clarke Griffin agrees to help them work together. Again.That really had a nice ring to it.

Notes: Happy Yuletide to the amazing and incredible @sinand-misery, who had the misfortune of having me as her Secret Santa this year. She asked for a Clexa Zombie AU and instead I rambled on for a million years and didn’t talk much about zombie specifics at all. POOR HER. I am sorry this also fails at science - despite my best efforts, there isn’t a way to make zombies ACTUALLY scientifically accurate. ;) 

A HUGE thank you to @midground for being the best human to ever human. I literally sent her this last night and was just like HELP ME FIX THIS DISASTER BY 2:00 TOMORROW. And she did the best she could with what she was given. ;) What a champ.

The title and song lyrics are from Take Me to the Riot by Stars.