The Deal

Summary: The reader is on vacation when the bank she’s in gets held up. Only they aren’t there for the money, they’re there for her. Her only option to get through this might be a little help from one of her kidnappers but even he isn’t exactly what he seems…

Square: Kidnapping

Pairing: Criminal!Dean x reader

Word Count: 18,200ish

Warnings: language, kidnapping, manipulation, mentions of murder/assualt

A/N: This fic has some darker elements to it (it’s not too dark but at some points it gets there) so please head the warnings!

A/N #2: Written for @spngenrebingo

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My Shield of Armour (choni)

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Based on this prompt

Cheryl couldn’t fall asleep anymore.

Not since they broke up.

For two painful weeks, Cheryl spent her nights tossing and turning, desperately trying to cling onto a sleep that never took pity on her.

She’s passed out a couple times from pure exhaustion. She’d get a couple restless hours at best, before waking up with tears streaming down face, from either an unforgiving nightmare, or just plain cruelty on her body’s part.

It’s bad. Cheryl’s beginning to think she’ll never sleep again, forced to become this dark eyed, nightmare ridden monster. She’s actually forgotten what falling asleep feels like by now.

Cheryl always had trouble falling asleep. Ever since she was a little girl. However, her lack of sleep only worsened after Jason died. She used to get 3 or 4 hours a night at best, for months.

That changed after she met Toni.

When Cheryl was with Toni, sleep was never an issue. Even in the early stages of their relationship, before Toni moved into Thistlehouse with her, Cheryl always fell asleep peacefully after talking to Toni on the phone for hours.

It was a nightly ritual for them.

They always talked before bed. There were nights when Toni didn’t get home from her shift at the Wyrm until after midnight, and she was always dead exhausted after these shifts, but still, she’d pick up the phone, and call her still very awake girlfriend, and they’d talk about everything and nothing until both falling asleep.

Once Toni moved into Thistlehouse, that wasn’t an issue anymore.

Cheryl slept even better after that. She got to spend every night in the other girl’s arms, and she got to wake up every morning there too.

The nightmares visited her less and less, and suddenly Cheryl had the sleep schedule of a normal person.

But now, now she’s fallen into her old habits. It feels like her past few months of decent sleep has all been a dream.

In fact, her whole relationship with Toni feels that way.

Like it was too good to be true.

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29: A song that you remember from your childhood

Melissa McClelland - Rooftop

“It happened again.”

♠️ AU Blog

anonymous asked:

do you guys know any spiderman fics where it isn’t spideypool? I’ve searched on your blog and I can’t find any,,, tysm for this amazing blog btw 617394763/10 would recommend <3

not sure about any that are already here, but here’s some from ao3! thanks for thanking us, anon, you’re sweet :D -rina

a bullet just to meet you by petalloso (1/1 | 11805 | Teen and Up)

“You mean grab me and swing me around like Tarzan and Jane?”


Keith looks a bit incredulous. Lance would like to ensure him of the safety of swinging from building to building, but he’s not entirely sure as to if it really was safe at all. Probably not. But he would never let anything happen to him, would in fact catch him on the way down if the situation called for it. He says as much.

“That’s… not exactly reassuring. I’d prefer not to be falling in the first place.”

//minor mentions of blood

I’m Scared of Heights, But I’d Fall for You by raspb3rries (1/1 | 21139 | Teen and Up)

“You’re the Spider-man,” he whispers in astonishment. “From Youtube.”

Lance slams the spider emblem on his chest, his suit deflating as it fell off of his shoulders. “I’m not!” he protests.

Hunk makes a noise where Lance knows he’s probably thinking as if. He points up. “You were on the ceiling.”

Webs and Writings by ImyourCardiganAngel (12/12 | 37008 | Teen and Up)

Keith leads a double life. During the day, he’s a high school student juggling his homework and relationships. At night, he dawns a mask and spandex becoming New York’s Amazing Spiderman. But as more powerful threats pop up, it becomes harder and harder for Keith to keep his secret and stay alive, while also protecting those he loves.

//minor shallura

FIC OF THE WEEK → you came into my life by @disgruntledkittenface (57k)

They stand around talking for a minute and then Jonathan starts to ramble, “Has there ever been, like, an unrequited gay love story in here? Like a Brokeback Mountain moment where, like, someone just fell in love and they didn’t mean to?”

Louis feels bile rise in his throat as Jonathan’s eyes sparkle, pleading for a yes. He manages to look around and see thoughtful looks on his coworkers’ faces before their heads shake no.

“Not here,” Liam says finally.

When the Queer Eye cast and crew sweep into Louis’ small town and fire station to make over his best friend and coworker Liam, Louis’ carefully constructed walls start to fall down and he has to face his fears – and the only guy he’s ever been able to see a future with.

au where jungkook is a really good and famous football player, you know ronaldo level, and he plays in real madrid and goes to this big gala and he sees an old team mate and while that guy is talking to jungkook, jungkook only has his eyes for the gorgeous boy, jimin ofc, the guy came with, jungkook just keeps smirking at him while jimin looks down shyly and looks up through his eyelashes, biting his lip, so when jimin excuses himself to the bathroom, jungkook follows him a little while later and when he opens the bathroom door he sees jimin leaning against the counter of the sink looking seductively at jungkook and jungkook walks over to him, grabs his hips and kisses him while jimin pushes him into a stall, when jungkook walks out of the bathroom he adjusts his crotch and feels in his pocket to hold the piece of paper with a phone number, a month later all the tabloids are talking about their relationship and are filled with pictures of jimin and jungkook making out and going a little too far on jungkook’s yacht, but they dont care so jimin upgrades his closet to all things gucci, chanel and yves saint lauran and they have the biggest extra wedding ever and live their rich and extra life happily ever after

l i s t e n this is really self indulgent and read my au under the cut lmao there’s A LOT 


T o d o r o k i S h o u t o  a s  E v a n H a n s e n 
Also, the story is pretty tweaked a little to make sense and to make my boy shouto the best boy he can be

So I already got characters laid out and:

Evan Hansen: Todoroki Shouto
Heidi Hansen: Todoroki Fuyumi

Connor Murphy: Bakugou Katsuki
Zoey Murphy: Midoriya Izuku
Cynthia Murphy: Midoriya Inko
Larry Murphy: Toshinori Yagi

Jared Kleinman: Uraraka Ochako & Iida Tenya
Alana Beck: Yaoyorozu MomoSo the biggest and probably most obvious reason as to why I wanted Todoroki as Evan was because if I made Midoriya Evan, I don’t know who Connor would be because if it was Kacchan then it wouldn’t make sense. Who would Zoey be??? I didn’t want to just stick Todoroki in there, because that didn’t make sense to me, and it also didn’t work well if I stuck in Uraraka. So, I think that the best choice of action was to think that maybe Midoriya didn’t have to be the main star

Midoriya and Bakugou are childhood friends, and it’s clear as day that the mistreatment Bakugou put upon Midoriya was horrible and affected him a lot. Well, it’s also fitting towards Zoey and Connor’s relationship dynamic in the musical. Connor was abusive and volatile towards Zoey just like how Bakugou was to Deku. Both aren’t right, and both really affected the other. Concerning why they’re in the same family? Take it as maybe Bakugou’s parents are just gone n dead or like??? just assholes and left (i love them pls don’t destroy me i know they wouldn’t but for the sake of the au) and Midoriya Inko, the goddess, would most DEFINITELY take in Deku’s “childhood” friend into the family and treat her as her own. And Toshinori as the dad???? DAD MIGHT 

Todoroki is cool and collected, and in this au I’d like to think he still has that demeanor, but even he can really doubt himself. He can be really passionate and worrisome and cares so much about his family (not counting Endeavor, since he’s the dad who Left). He probably lives with Fuyumi in this AU who’s Trying Her Best to raise her youngest brother since endeavor sucks and also his mom is in a hospital but you know what??? we love a queen

And asljfa;as;dfas;ldja a Iida and Uraraka are a POWER. DUO. They would definitely help their good friend Todoroki. No doubt in my mind that they would do their best (and Uraraka also teasing him throughout) to help him through this dilemma called emails. And Yaomomo??? god what a queen she just loves helping her friends and she would definitely jump the gun to help make the Katsuki project a thing. 

and finally this is;;; really tododeku and i’m really feeling it.


Perfect Match(es) Obligatory Soulmate Story (polyamorous relationship) Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook live in a black and white world. A world that will stay black and white until their soul mates make their lives explode with color. Jimin is a flight attendant who has tragically lost his only shot (or so he believes), with a soul mate. He has resigned himself to never finding the real companionship that his parents share and believes he doesn’t deserve that one in a million second chance to find a soul mate. Taehyung is a fashion design student. He hates the whole idea of soul mates because he believes it removes a person’s ability to consent. His reason? His parents, who physically need each other but emotionally have no real connection. Jungkook is an artist and the son of talented surgeons. His brother lost a perfect match soul mate and has been in an institution for as long as he can remember. He wants to find his soul mate because he’s been misunderstood his whole life. Second chance at a soul mate connection? Rare Perfect soul mates with emotional and physical compatibility? Never really happens except in fairy tales. Relationships with more than one person? Taboo Relationships with more than one soulmate? Unheard of. Relationships with more than one perfect match soulmate? Has never happened. Until now.

53/? *stares at story* ok. Well. Namjoon and Hobi just got really loud and they were just supposed to talk about the bridge thing. They got so loud I had to have him talk to the president about it instead. *pokes story with a stick*. Stop that.


winter-the-weirdo  asked:

What would Luna look like as an ink monster from the game? Kinda like her parents?

Ink monster Luna would look pretty similar to how she normally looks, but her hair is goopier and tends to drip, and she’s way more timid and nervous compared to her toon self. This is by no means canon in the story line of my blog, but I do love entertaining the thought of it as a possible au. 

Also please have a very crack-y origin story:

Bendy no

midnight coffee [part 1]

A/n: i startet writing this but it didn’t turn out so well so I started over and I kinda started digging it so I decided to go all out and make it a two parter (if you like this one). hope this doesn’t flop thanks :)

Pairings: Tom Holland x reader (third person pov)

Request: 1)iii!! For the Holland’s/harrison from the au prompts… the coffee one!

Prompt: “you accidentally poured boiling hot coffee over me so you’re responsible for taking me to A&E”

Word count: 1.6k

Warnings: burn-marks?? some swearing, fluff to the max!! AnD nOt PrOoFrEaD (btw I just took a random street name for the coffee shop so don’t comment it lol)

Originally posted by warletscitch

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Oh my Thor. Here is another AU. ENJOY!

This one pretty much deviates from the very beginning. Hiccup still shoots Toothless down, but instead of losing his tailfin, he only badly injures it.(which will play into the plot later) Hiccup doesn’t create a prosthetic tailfin, but nurses Toothless back to health. So when the day comes that Toothless has recovered, Hiccup lets him go, believing that to be the last he’d see of the Night Fury.

The weeks go by, Hiccup utterly fails in dragon training and his father isn’t exactly happy, only relieved that his son didn’t immediately die in his absence.
Hiccup thought it couldn’t get any worse, still not having won his father’s approval and now without Toothless, until the dragons come to decimate the village, the Red Death’s hunger having grown uncontrollable. She had ordered the dragons to take everything.

Toothless is there too, of course. And when Hiccup is knocked out cold in the ensuing battle, the Night Fury ignores his ruthless Queen’s orders in favour of rescuing Scrawny and taking him to one of the nearby islands where the boy can be safe.

Hiccup wakes up later on and it doesn’t take him long to demand that he be taken back to Berk, worried for everyone else. When Toothless listens and brings him back, Hiccup comes to see that there is nothing left. The dragons have destroyed everything that he loves.

What Hiccup doesn’t know is that the remaining Vikings of Berk have fled their island, begrudgingly coming to terms with the fact that there was nothing they could do. The teens have made it. Gobber, and Stoick have made it, but the latter is now a broken man after watching a Night Fury take his son like a Stormcutter once took his wife. He has lost the only family he had left.

Now left with nothing but each other, Berk struggles to survive while also believing that their heir is dead. They have to start all over again, they will have to find a new home, and it will be hard on them as tribes will try to take advantage of them, famine and dragons will be a problem, and disease conquers an already defeated people.

When rumours arise that Hiccup may still be alive, a desperate Astrid hopes he can provide the means necessary to bring their tribe back from the brink. Or hopes that their heir’s miraculous reappearance will at the very least mend their spirit.

Meanwhile Hiccup is out there living life with Toothless, running away from the reality that everyone he knows and love is dead.