Bellarke Christmas Calender 2016

December 9th: Bellarke Pirates AU

Miss Clarke Griffin, some might say she’s privileged since her parents basically own Port Sky but the ones who know her best would call her passionate, loyal and kinda obsessed with priates, despite knowing priates are the reason her father is dead - killed by Captain Jaha.
Captain Bellamy Blake is a priate, good-looking and with a heart in the right place.
When Miss Clarke Griffin gets kidnapped by Captain Jaha, her mother Abby hires Captain Blake to rescue her daughter. As a reward she promises him Clarke as wife and a better life for him and his sister, Octavia.
Blake declines the offer of a wife but demands the money…little does he know that the princess - how he likes to call her - will not only steal his nerves while rescueing her but also his heart.

The Kissing Game is a known game around people of Person A and B’s age. Person A walks up and kisses person B and hides away. Person B has to find Person A. 

Bonus points if:
*The kisses get more and more promiscuous as it goes.

**They hide in more and more difficult spots until one gives up. 

The Godly Family if they were humans
  • Chuck: The loving but sucky dad.
  • Micheal: Thinks he's the favorite. Gets really good grades. Tells his brothers what to do. Harvard.
  • Raphael: A year younger than Micheal. Basically a copy that isn't as good.
  • Lucifer: Was the favorite when he was a kid but he grew up to be a bratty teenager. Always gets in trouble.
  • Urial: The only wise one in the family. Actually doesn't care about anything. Choir.
  • Gabriel: Pretty popular. Funny. Wants to be a comedian. The one in the family who doesn't fit in. But still liked.
  • Hannah: The middle child that literally no one cares about.
  • Castiel: Wasn't the favorite as a kid but now has taken on that role. The baby of the family. Super gay.
  • Dean: The son-in-law. Castiel' boyfriend/husband.
A Man Worth Fighting For- 12

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1778
Warnings: Language, as alway
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Part 11  Masterlist

AN: Jeeeesus, this is so late. Sorry, guys. But! A lot happens, so hopefully it’ll be worth it. Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

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Transia was a tiny country, tucked in the crevice between Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Most of the country consisted of mountains, swerving the borders between it and Serbia like a serpent, the spines reaching toward the sun. The main city, East Transia, filled in the valleys between mountain peaks. Outside of the main city were smaller villages, little pinpoints that dotted the land sparingly around the base of Mount Wundagore and beyond. It was one of these villages where you found yourself, only hours after saying goodbye to Natasha at the hospital.

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This is the story of a knight who met a small fairy.

The small fairy, soft and fragile on the inside, wanted to be the best and show it to the world. All the world saw it as a fairy a little too angry, as a child, he was compared to an angel, to the beauty of women, to be more fragile that what it show.

Except for a knight.

The human saw the little fairy as someone strong, he saw in his look that of a soldier. For 5 years, he admired the tenacity of the little fairy. And when that destiny allowed him to meet again with the little fairy, he did not hesitate to speak to him sincerely.

The knight, the beating heart, admired the determination, the serious and the requirement of his new friend. He swore then to serve his one and only little king.

( Sorry for the bad English, I speak only French, obliged to use a translator. )

Glass Table Girls (M)

Member: Kim Namjoon, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook (Different members further on)

Genre: Sugardaddy!au, Prostitute!, Smut

Warnings: Nsfw, Mature Content, Vulgar Smut, Dirty talk, Drugs -Use, Prostitution, Vouyerism, MxFxM

Words: 3.4k

Part 1 - Part 2?

If it hurts to breathe, open the window. 

This is a happy house, We’re happy here. Oh, this is fun. 

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The days were exhaustingly slow. You have moved to Seoul in a little cramped up apartment by the Han River. Honestly, it stank of beer and piss around the staircase and it didn’t have any elevator, so you had to work your legs up the stairs everyday.

Your apartment was tiny and cramped, and you meant it. There weren’t place for a wall to separate the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. It was an open surface except for the bathroom. Every morning when you’re doing your stuff in the bathroom, you had to crouch since the roofing was so low.

Everytime you sat up from the toilet, your poor head is greeted by the roof with a painful bang that made you instantly sit back down. The only place you could stand in the bathroom was the shower, you were taller than the most girls which was a curse. Your head barely had space to jump.

You swore that you were getting more and more claustrophobic living in the mouse hole as you called it. It was your last year in college, to graduate and you had to bear /🐻/ it out.

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aphgermanysass  asked:

There is this rlly cute story where Phil thinks someone broke into their apartment but it was just Dan and he hits him on the head with some object because he thought it was someone else and they laugh about it. Idk where this one went

Cross My HeartArmed with nothing but a baseball bat, it’s Dan versus the mysterious stranger who’s broken into his flat, but oh wait he’s kind of hot… Awkward flirting and bandaging of injuries ensue.

could it be this?

- Tori


“You’re kinda fuckin’ crazy, aren’t ya?” Negan smirked as the young woman stripped and redressed in front of him…and about half his men.

She didn’t seem to notice, seem to care, as she stepped into cutoffs and rummaged the pockets before pulling out a compact and lipstick.  She took her time, perfected her look, then kissed at the tiny mirror and pulled her attention back to him.  “I like your bat.”  Her smile was big, but crooked with suggestion.

He grinned.  “Lucille’s growin’ mighty fuckin’ fond of you too.”

“Can I have her?”

“No.”  Negan’s smile was quickly replaced with a stern look.  “You wanna fuckin’ bat, get your fuckin’ own.”

Harley pouted a moment, tucked her makeup away, and looked at the other men around them.  Suddenly she smiled and headed over to one.  “Hi!”

“H-Hey,” the man replied, unsure what to do.  What she wanted.

“You have a bat.”

“Oh, uhhh…yeah.”  He smiled, unsure.

She fluttered her lashes, moved closer to him, beamed.  “What’s it say?”

The man straightened up, puffed his chest, as he set the bat between them so she could see as he read.  “Here it’s ‘Goodnight’…”

“Uh-huh,” Harley leaned in more; her fingers brushed the bat, felt the inscriptions.

“And here is says —” The bat smashed into his face, twice, and he crumpled to the ground.

Negan busted out laughing as Harley gave the man one last whack before slinging the bat over her shoulder.  He put a hand up to keep his men level-headed.  “It’s alright…he’ll be fuckin’ fine.”  He laughed more.

She smiled over at him.  “Got one!”

“Goddamn, you are fuckin’ crazy,” Negan mused in delight, chuckle still rumbling through his body.  “And ya know what they say ‘bout the fuckin’ crazy ones…”

“They really know how to handle a bat,” Harley smirked her reply before whistling as she half-skipped out of the asylum yard.

Because these two finally wanted to play together again, haha!  (Helped in no small part by the lovely post by @laufeysons​, from which the top gif actually comes.)  This is sorta the sequel/next part to the first piece I wrote of them.  Honestly, I haven’t seen Suicide Squad (yet) so I’m writing Harley Quinn based on what I recall of her in the comics/cartoon and my own imagination therefore certain things about her might be different…just think of it as a big, crossover, AU, haha!

Tagging because they might be interested/asked: @zoesmama2024​, @laufeysons​, @animelover177​, @xpropertyofnegan​, @ambroselunatic​, @wadeyourebarelyalive​, @trashforwinchesters​, @superpinkkcat​, @purplejellybean​, @negans-signora-sete

just me rambling...

so, i watched Yuri on Ice, and now all i want it a Sterek Ice Skating AU with stiles being a young figure skaters that wants to win on a World Championship (or sth like that, probably bc his mom was a really good skater herself and her biggest dream was to compete on a World Championship but she never got to bc she gave birth to Stiles and retired to focuse on family) and the new coach he gets is no other than Derek!

Derek was once one of the best figure skaters on the world and almost won on the World Championship, but didn’t bc of an injury (??? sth like that- idk i’m coming up with this as i go xD?? haha) and quit competing after that, kind of also stopped skating?? even tho his sisters (Cora and Laura- yes laura is alive) are tyring to change his mind bc he’s really good and he’s not doing well after he stopped skating! of course Cora is also into figure skating (wanted to be like her older brother), so that is how she meets Stiles (they become good friends) and one day Derek comes to pick up Cora from her Ice Skating practice and after waiting for her for more than 20 minutes he steps into the arena to find her- and that’s when he first sees Stiles, practising some jumps and all that stuff and derek gets mesmerized…

of course after stiles ends skating he notices Derek and, being stiles, he trips and falls on his ass because DEREK freaking HALE is standing just 10 meters away from him and he was kind of an idol for him as a figure skater (he watched him compete and was a big fan of his- similar to Yuri and Victor’s situation i guess?) and he gets all nervous and stuff

i don’t know what all happens next (i’m not good at story telling :’D) but i do know that derek finds somthing in stiles that he has been missing for a long time and after weeks/months of spending days with Stiles he finds his love for skating again!! after that he also starts to coach stiles!!?? or maybe he was coaching stiles (bc his sister made him xD!!) before he found his love for skating again! he was coaching him but never once stepped on ice! and then one day he puts on his skates and just goes for it!!!?

there would be a lot of angst and fluff involved and then an estamblished relationship once they pulled their heards out off their asses and just realized how perfect they are for eachother xD!! haha

ughhhh I JUST NEED THIS SO BAD!!! so sorry for all of this! i had to put this off of my chest xD it’s possible that noone even read it but if you did, first thanks (for putting up w my grammar mistakes :’D haha) and second

does anyone know of any good Sterek Ice Skating AUs i could read??