PLEASE LIKE AND REBLOG – Two adorable kittens are looking for their forever home! These little girls were both found abandoned separately, but are now best friends, social and healthy (FeLIV negative), and 8-10 weeks old. The black one (Artemis) plays fetch and loves to scamper around, while the gray one (Diana) loves to cuddle and follow people around. I’d love to keep them, but I already have adult cats of my own.

I’m based in Austin TX, but can drive 4 hours out to deliver them – please contact me here or at folklorewhore@gmail.com if you’re interested.

thetankeroo: “We are Team MOD. Married, Old, Dads. But we are fun and we laugh at ourselves, daily. One is a Chef, two wear makeup for a living and one eats what the Chef serves. How can that not be a fun combo? #spnfamily #spn #familybusinessbeerco” (x)