Update on Rian’s “reasons” for not including Lando.

Okay, so let me try and wrap my mind around this. How exactly did Lando not come up in this scenario?

You needed a character with a past in the Rebellion, who has a military career and who’s an old friend of Leia’s? Who would have a different approach to Resistance tactics and politics than Leia, but still shares a positive past with her? And who could clash with Poe, while still maintaining/gaining his respect?

And Rian’s solution to this is to invent a new, white OC for the role instead of pulling out Lando, whom he claims to love and who fits all those points?

Only way I’m going to accept this is if Amilyn turns out to be a First Order plant which I can see not wanting to use Lando for. 

Other than that, fuck Rian.