Look at me, I can create traits! *O* And I even managed to edit the STBL files properly, so that they show up in Italian as well! :D 

Story time: I’ve been creating a bunch of new sims in TS4 lately, the lack of traits was really starting to irk me: it felt as if they were all the same person (especially seeing how many of the default traits are useless… art lover/music lover when the creative and virtuoso trait already do pretty much the same thing? Really, EA? -___-).
So, I decided to download a bunch of custom traits, but I wasn’t really happy with the fact that pretty much all of them came in English only, so I looked around for a way to translate them aaaand… eventually, I ended up learning how to create traits from scratch instead XD I’m still a noob, mind you, and I haven’t figured out yet how to make custom buffs, but even sooo… it’s pretty fun, really *____*

The traits pictured above are a “conversion” of the Eccentric trait from TS3 and a brand new Witch trait (which, however, is basically the same as this one, only with a different icon, so I guess there’d be no point in sharing it). I’m kinda planning to convert a few more of my favourite TS3 traits and see how it goes :D