Wrapping Presents #785
  • Harry: "I think I'm doing it right… right? You fold this flippy bit here and then tape it… I think?" Harry mumbles sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by rolls of wrapping paper and countless gifts. "You're doing great babe." Says you who is on the other side of the room with a completely wrapped and separated collection of presents. Harry looks up at you through fringe before huffing "How did you finish so fast!" With a grin you push yourself up to place your gifts under the tree and then join your frustrated boyfriend in the mist of his mess. "Let me help you, Curly." The taller boy just smiles before leaning over to peck your cheek. "Thank you very much, I'm in need of just a bit of help." He confirms with a pout.
  • Liam: Liam is a pretty decent present wrapper and takes pride in the way his presents look, especially Zayn's whose present got a bit of work put into. "This isn't as hard as I thought it would be, except for the paper cuts," Liam admits as he tears a bit of tape off to press onto the side of the colored paper. "But I'm tough, I can push through. How many presents left?" He asks from over his shoulder with a warm smile. "About 5, we can finish tonight and still have time to bake some cookies before it gets to late." You confirm causing Liam to chuckle "I think you're a bit to excited about the christmas cookies." "It's our tradition babe, of course I'm excited." You scoff kissing his cheek as you hand over another present. "Come on then."
  • Louis: It's become a bit of a game; you've divided the presents up somewhat evenly, sat the rolls of wrapping paper in front of you and enough tape to last a few years, but it's all apart of the plan. To get your presents wrapped quickly, you and Louis have made it a competition to see who finishes first. Often times it's Louis and that's only because his idea of wrapping is balling the paper around the present and then wrapping tape to keep it together. This time, he actually tries to wrap the presents however once he see's you wrapping presents rather quickly he slips back into old habits and starts balling up the wrapping paper. "I win! I won! You lost!" He cheers before grinning at your pouting face. "I win." With a kiss on the cheek he shrugs his shoulders "cheat next time, babe. It works yaknow." With that he plops down on the couch.
  • Niall: "I have no fucking idea… what the hell do I do with this bit? Oh God why did you make me do this?" Niall whines as he runs his fingers through his hair frustratingly. "Babe… help me." He whines giving you a frown from on the floor. Smiling, you crawl beside him showing him where to fold and how much tape to use which in the end you realize he's not paying attention and you're waisting your breath. "How about you go call Liam or something and i'll wrap." "No, I'm listening, I promise." Niall swears kissing your nose, "What was the last thing I said, Nialler?" He pauses for a moment, a smile slowly creeping over hips lips "You said… I love you Niall and you have really cute blonde hair?" You give a smile before shaking your head "Not quite." "So i'm not a cute blonde! What horrible news" He whines before smirking at you.
  • Zayn: Zayn is your helper, he's the one who cuts out the wrapping paper and hands you the tape, however you do the wrapping because "s'really hard, i don't understand how you get your presents looking presentable and mine look terrible. I'll just help you with the tape and stuff." He nods, a grin across his lips. So that's why he's sitting beside you, rolls of tape and wrapping paper at his knees while you carefully wrap the presents. "Thanks for helping, babe." You mumble smiling over at Zayn which causes him to go soft and wrap an arm around your waist. "I think it's for the best." He admits kissing along your jaw "Your wrapping looks a lot better than mine." "How about I teach you to wrap then." "No, No, I'm good at being the tape giver and yeah." He smiles shrugging his shoulders.
Preference: Snow
  • Harry: London never had the nicest weather and you were never quiet fond of it either. However, when it snowed you couldn't be happier. You were sitting by the window looking out at the snow while being wrapped in a blanket with some tea. Harry came over and sat next to you looking outside. "You really love the snow don't you?" He looked at you. You smiles and nodded "It makes everything look so beautiful, and it gets me out of work" you looked over at him with a smile. He smiled and wrapped his arm around you. "Why don't you go get dressed up all warm and cozy and we go out in the snow?". You smiled wide and your face lite up "Yes!" You put your cup down and ran upstairs. Harry laughed to himself before following you up the stairs. As soon as you finished you went out to your backyard only to be hit with a snowball by non other than Harry. "Oh it's on" you smiled and made a ball of snow to through at him. This continued until you got to cold to continue.
  • Niall: You woke up only to find that it has not only snowed over night but still is now. You smiled and turned over to see Niall awake as well looking at the snow. He focused on you "Snowman?" he said and smiles. "You know it" you smiled back at him before you both got up and started getting ready. You layered on several clothing items and walked out with Niall. You went to the backyard and began to roll up the bottom part of the snowman. You did the same thing for the middle part of the snowman except not as big as the bottom. Then final you made the head. "I'll find some sticks for the arms, why don't you get everything else it needs to make the face. Oh and the hat and scarf. Please babe" he looked at you with a smile which you couldn't reject. "Alright I'll be right back" you smiled and went inside and got everything you needed. You came back out to Niall and saw he already given the snowman arms. "Let's finish him up" you smiled and walked to him. He smiled and took some of the items from your hands. You two made the face and put on his carrot nose to finish it. He put a hat on him and you wrapped a scarf around his neck. "Perfect." You smiled and looked at it. "That makes two things perfect" he kissed your cheek. You couldn't help the smile growing on your face. "Come on babe, let's go inside and warm up and drink some hot chocolate." "Alright, I'm guessing I'm making the hot chocolate?" you looked at him with a slight smile. "You know it!" He laughed. You shook your head and laughed as you two headed back inside.
  • Louis: "Louis!" you shouted and jumped on the bed to wake him up. He groaned pulling the blankets over his head "go away". You rolled your eyes and laid down and cuddled to him and kissed him waking him up. "Come on Lou wake up" you whispered and looked at him. He looked at you "But wh-" he stopped when he noticed the snow fall from outside the window. "It's snowing!" he said excitedly. You laughed "yeah I know, let's go outside" you smiled and stood up starting to get ready. He nodded in agreement and got ready. You two went outside and the first thing he did was push you down in the snow. "Louis!" you screamed and began laughing. He couldn't help but laugh at you and sat down in the snow next to you. You calmed down a bit and looked at him with a smile "Let's make snow angels" "Sounds good, lay back" he said and laid down. You moved over a bit and laid down and you two made snow angels. You stood up and looked at it and smiles proudly. "Look how good it looks". Louis looked at your knowing it was much better than his and he pushed snow in it. "Not so good now" he laughed and looked at you. You smirked and did the same thing to his. "Guess your isn't up to part with mine" you smirked. He smiled and tossed a bit at you which just ended up with you both being covered in snow.
  • Liam: "Come on (y/n) hurry up and get ready!" Liam yelled from outside your bedroom door. "I'm almost done relax" you said back. A few minutes later you opened the door to a bundled up yet impatient Liam. "Aw love you look so cute!" You giggled to yourself. He smiled "you look much cuter than me. Now let's go before the snow melts!" He said taking your hands in his and running down the stairs. "I honestly doubt the snow will melt" you smiled. You say him and you two made your in the car and began to carefully drive. You were going to go sledding and you were currently on your way to a hill which was right by the park. Perfect for sledding. Once you arrived there, Liam grabbed the sled and you two made your way over. There weren't really any people there but there was so much snow. You smiled to yourself and you two walked up the hill. Right when Liam set the sled down you sat towards the front and he sat in back of you keeping you between his legs with his arms around your waist. "Ready?" He asked. You smiled and nodded as your response. He had moved his legs which kept the sled in place and you went sliding down. You laughed and held onto his arms however, there had been a rock blocking your bath and you ended up falling off. You rolled in the snow a bit and began laughing. Liam laughed and helped you up before you two chased after the sled. "Again?" He asked and looked at you. "Let's go" you said and took hold of his hand and walked back up the hill.
  • Zayn: As you and Zayn were walking through the streets of London, you had noticed a few snowflakes falling onto your arms and hair. You looked up and watched with a smile as the snow fell. Zayn noticed as well and had done the same thing. "Hey (y/n)" Zayn said looking down at you. "Yeah" you looked at him. "So there's kissing in the rain and dancing in the rain, why not do it in the snow?" he looked at you with a smile. You smiled "Why not?". He held your hand and you two continued to walk around so that after a while there will be a lot of snow both falling and on the ground for you both. He pulled you aside and twirled you around into his arms. You laughed and leaned up to kiss him. He kissed back and help you close to keep you warm. You smiled against his lips. "Let's go home". He nodded and as soon as you arrived home, you two cuddled up on the couch with some hot chocolate watching the snow fall.
  • A/N: I figured this was very appropriate since it hasn't stopped snowing all day so yeah c: Sorry if it's not too long either I'm writing this on my phone so I don't know how long it would look on the computer.
  • A/N: Hope you like it! xx