Dany-stan: There’s nothing ominous about Dany embracing “Fire and Blood” by the end of ADWD. The “peace” she was trying to build over the course of the book was a mistake, bargaining and compromising with the (former) masters was admitting defeat. Now, she finally realized that and is ready to take up the fight again. Embracing her strongest assets, her dragons, remembering who she is and where her true strength lies, is the only way to achieve her goals for Slaver’s Bay and bring true change. 

Grrm: Dragons are the nuclear deterrent, and only Dany has them, which in some ways makes her the most powerful person in the world. But is that sufficient? These are the kind of issues I’m trying to explore. The United States right now has the ability to destroy the world with our nuclear arsenal, but that doesn’t mean we can achieve specific geopolitical goals. Power is more subtle than that. You can have the power to destroy, but it doesn’t give you the power to reform, or improve, or build.


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You’ve mentioned before that both Harrenhal and the Dreadfort are so cursed and haunted they just need to burn. Any other places in ASOIAF you’d put in that category? (Figure this is a good Spooky Ask with October on the way.)

Pyke’s got some bad vibes:

Whenever he’d imagined his homecoming, he had always pictured himself returning to the snug bedchamber in the Sea Tower, where he’d slept as a child. Instead the old woman led him to the Bloody Keep. The halls here were larger and better furnished, if no less cold nor damp. Theon was given a suite of chilly rooms with ceilings so high that they were lost in gloom. He might have been more impressed if he had not known that these were the very chambers that had given the Bloody Keep its name. A thousand years before, the sons of the River King had been slaughtered here, hacked to bits in their beds so that pieces of their bodies might be sent back to their father on the mainland. –ACOK, Theon I

Certainly, we cannot seriously accept the assertions of the ironborn priests, who would have us believe that the ironmen are closer kin to fish and merlings than the other races of mankind.
Archmaester Haereg once advanced the interesting notion that the ancestors of the ironborn came from some unknown land west of the Sunset Sea, citing the legend of the Seastone Chair. The throne of the Greyjoys, carved into the shape of a kraken from an oily black stone, was said to have been found by the First Men when they first came to Old Wyk. Haereg argued that the chair was a product of the first inhabitants of the islands, and only the later histories of maesters and septons alike began to claim that they were in fact descended of the First Men. –TWOIAF

An even more fanciful possibility was put forth a century ago by Maester Theron. Born a bastard on the Iron Islands, Theron noted a certain likeness between the black stone of the ancient fortress and that of the Seastone Chair, the high seat of House Greyjoy of Pyke, whose origins are similarly ancient and mysterious. Theron’s rather inchoate manuscript Strange Stone postulates that both fortress and seat might be the work of a queer, misshapen race of half men sired by creatures of the salt seas upon human women. These Deep Ones, as he names them, are the seed from which our legends of merlings have grown, he argues, whilst their terrible fathers are the truth behind the Drowned God of the ironborn. –TWOIAF

Pyke is so ancient that no one can say with certainty when it was built, nor name the lord who built it. Like the Seastone Chair, its origins are lost in mystery. –TWOIAF

Of course there’s the Nightfort:

The Nightfort had figured in some of Old Nan’s scariest stories. It was here that Night’s King had reigned, before his name was wiped from the memory of man. This was where the Rat Cook had served the Andal king his prince-and-bacon pie, where the seventy-nine sentinels stood their watch, where brave young Danny Flint had been raped and murdered. This was the castle where King Sherrit had called down his curse on the Andals of old, where the ‘prentice boys had faced the thing that came in the night, where blind Symeon Star-Eyes had seen the hellhounds fighting. Mad Axe had once walked these yards and climbed these towers, butchering his brothers in the dark. –ASOS, Bran IV

The Sorrows are just too damn creepy (stone zombies and inexplicable timeslips and the Valyrians enslaving the Rhoynar and Garin’s curse and all), but they’re probably too wet to burn.

And then there’s a few places that I don’t think should be destroyed, but I dunno about you, I’d never sleep there:

Brandon of the Bloody Blade, who drove the giants from the Reach and warred against the children of the forest, slaying so many at Blue Lake that it has been known as Red Lake ever since. –TWOIAF

In this same era one Andal, remembered in legend as Erreg the Kinslayer, came across the great hill of High Heart. There, while under the protection of the kings of the First Men, the children of the forest had tended to the mighty carved weirwoods that crowned it (thirty-one, according to Archmaester Laurent in his manuscript Old Places of the Trident). When Erreg’s warriors sought to cut down the trees, the First Men are said to have fought beside the children, but the might of the Andals was too great. Though the children and First Men made a valiant effort to defend their holy grove, all were slain. The tale-tellers now claim that the ghosts of the children still haunt the hill by night. To this day, rivermen shun the place.  –TWOIAF

Hope that helps!

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grrm confirmed that shireen will burn but its possible that stannis wont be the one to burn her and that it wouldnt be with his consent and he will be horrified when he learns it. and for samwell do you think sam will steal heartsbane like he did in the show do you think sam will ever be shown standing up to his father

Re: Shireen.

It’s possible, but I doubt it. So much of Davos’ ASoS plot was spent with Stannis, Melisandre and Davos debating whether and when it’s acceptable to sacrifice a child that I’d be surprised if GRRM didn’t make them put their money where their mouths were. With lines like this:

Stannis ground his teeth again. “I never asked for this crown. Gold is cold and heavy on the head, but so long as I am the king, I have a duty…If I must sacrifice one child to the flames to save a million from the dark…Sacrifice…is never easy, Davos. Or it is no true sacrifice.”

- Davos VI, ASoS

I think Stannis’ ultimate decision to sacrifice his daughter in an attempt to avert apocalyptic events has been foreshadowed.

Re: Sam.

I don’t know if Sam and Randyll ever cross paths again, but I’m okay with this. Everything Sam does, every positive relationship, every little fear he pushes through, every thing he learns and accomplishes, is proof that Randyll is a) a dickhead of epic proportions and b) wrong.

Assuming that Sam and Randyll do meet, Sam may take Heartsbane. I doubt it’s because of his show counterpart’s reason of “fuck Randyll, that’s why.” More likely, Sam takes it because he knows Valyrian steel is needed more urgently elsewhere. Whatever happens, I doubt he ever uses it. Sam’s not a warrior, and that’s more than okay.

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Isn't it also ridiculous to blame Rhaegar for Elia's death? Like POD Rhaegar wasn't psychic he could not have foreseen what would happen to Elia.

(Follow up to this)

I was expecting this message. Fandom did not disappoint.

This is a blatantly false equivalence that I’m more than happy to debunk. The Princess of Dorne and Rhaegar do not remotely exist in the same position on the simple basis that Princess of Dorne had absolutely nothing to do with the sequences of events that ended in Elia’s murder. Rhaegar, on the other hand, was not only a proactive party, he was the person who started that sequence of events when he crowned Lyanna Stark as queen of love and beauty at Harrenhal. It’s Rhaegar’s decisions, both in his action and inaction, that spurred the whole tragedy. He instigated the events and literally created the conflict that put his wife and kids in jeopardy. That is why Rhaegar is culpable. Elia’s confinement in King’s Landing did not happen in a vacuum. You can not separate it from the events at Harrenhal and how Rhaegar chose to conduct his “affair” with Lyanna. Harrenhal was a turning point in the story not only because it marked the tension in Rhaegar’s relationship with the Starks and Robert Baratheon or because it was the beginning of the Rhaegar/Lyanna narrative. It’s also significant because it had quite a lot to do with ramping up Aerys’ paranoia which probably contributed to his overt reaction to the Starks and to Elia and her children.

Aerys had been long suspicious of Rhaegar by the time of the tourney of Harrenhal but the tourney still marks a significant development in his reaction towards Rhaegar and Tywin, the two parties he suspected of conspiring against him. In one fell swoop, Aerys foiled whatever plans Rhaegar had for the tourney (assuming that the reports about the true purpose of the tourney is correct) and procured a valuable hostage in Jaime Lannister. That makes it clear that Aerys’ suspicions towards Rhaegar had taken a more tangible form if he’d left the Red Keep for the first time in years specifically to block Rhaegar’s plans. And that he’d moved to taking hostages against those he suspected. These are hard facts that Rhaegar should have taken into account when deciding the next step. Instead, Rhaegar inexplicably crowned Lyanna in front of everyone, which was then painted by Aerys’ lackeys as the crown prince trying to win the allegiance of Winterfell as a prelude to Aerys’ own usurpation. For Rhaegar to then vanish with Lyanna was the absolute worst thing to do and certainly more than enough to rile Aerys up after the fiasco at Harrenhal and make his suspicion of his wayward heir skyrocket.

These are not future events that no one could have predicted. This is information that Rhaegar knew and a conflict that he created. With this kind of information, one needn’t be a psychic to understand that leaving Elia and the children vulnerable on Dragonstone when Rhaegar had done his damnest to make Aerys suspicious of him (including taking Arthur freaking Dayne of all people with him . A pro-Rhaegar Dornishman whose sister was Elia’s lady-in-waiting and who had a connection to the Starks that could be traced back to Harrenhal? That would not look suspicious at all in the eyes of a paranoid king.) Rhaegar had every piece of information needed to at the very damn least make him wary of his father’s reaction and careful to put safeguards for Elia and the children. He didn’t. That’s strike one.

Strike two is far more damning. It’s one thing to fail to act on information you have to plan accordingly, and a whole other thing to return to your wife and kids being held hostage by your own father and do nothing about it. Rhaegar knew Elia and his children were hostages and he still rode out with almost all of the remaining Kingsguard, including his wife’s uncle, and left them behind with his father. Actually no, let’s go back further because Rhaegar probably knew that Elia and the children were hostages while still in Dorne and still chose to leave three Kingsguard (whose allegiance clearly belonged to him) behind. And let me preemptively block the argument that Elia was only a hostage after the trident because I’m not impressed with that argument at all. Why the hell would Aerys make Elia go to King’s Landing if not to make a hostage out of her? Elia was not in any danger on Dragonstone. Aerys recalled her to King’s Landing specifically so that he could hold her and the children against Rhaegar (and Doran of course). And if Rhaegar understood that Aerys kept Jaime Lannister by his side as a hostage against Tywin, then he unquestionably knew that Elia and the children were also hostages against him. He just chose to do nothing about it. All because he put so much stock into the prophecy he failed to take the possibility of defeat into account. Magic had his back, what could possibly go wrong?

So no, anon. It’s not ridiculous to hold Rhaegar accountable here. Not only did he fail to act on information that begged him to notice that he was leaving his wife and children in danger, not only did he knowingly leave them as de facto hostages, he is literally the one who created the situation that endangered them in the first place after all the crap he put Elia through and after he personally guaranteed that her political authority was effectively undermined. This is one of Rhaegar Targaryen’s most outrageous fails. He does not get to claim innocence when Elia and the children were left vulnerable to his father’s whims as a direct result of his actions.

Ramble Confession time: 

As much as I root for and love Tyrion’s character, I honestly think Davos would be the best hand if Daenerys ever ends up ruling, for whoever long. Both would be fantastic- but while Tyrion is educated, resourceful, experienced, diplomatic, and cunning, Davos is far wiser and that’s something I personally value more for advisors. It’s a pity that Davos and Tyrion will never be friends (with Tyrion being the cause of his son’s death in the battle of Blackwater), because they would have been such a powerhouse team. They still can be a good team, but I wish they would meet in the books on friendly terms. 

If Davos can love Stannis despite him cutting off his fingers and burning men alive for a god he doesn’t worship, then he sure as hell can respect Daenerys walking into her own fires, giving justice to slavers, and being mother to dragons. If the theories of Dany being crowned by the red faith is true, then I doubt it will be easy for Davos to take a liking to her knowing his dislike for Red Priestesses, but we can hope!

Daenerys would definitely love to have someone like Davos on her team, with experience, loyalty, and wisdom as his own. 

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What if Daenerys and Jon were genderswapped? Female Jon's storyline might be harder because she can't join the Night's Watch. Is it possible that Viserys sells male Dany to, say, buy an army, so male Dany becomes a slave himself and knows what it's like to be sold. Idk but it seems like an interesting contrast if Viserys and Dany were both boys, but they both turned out completely different.

You can see my posts on genderswapped Jon under this tag.

For genderswapped Dany, I really have no idea what his life would have been like after a certain point. The birth and the escape from Dragonstone to Braavos would be the same. (Though not certain of the name - maybe “Daeron” in memory of the good king who united Westeros? but Rhaella already had a son named Daeron who died, and there are no male “Daen” Targ names we know of. I guess I’ll stick with Danny, ugh.) After Willem Darry died, Viserys certainly would have taken care of a little brother if charged to do so, but without the thought they’d marry one day, of course, so perhaps there’d be more resentment and less brief flashes of love. (Though one factor of Viserys’s verbal abuse – that Dany was born too late to marry Rhaegar – would no longer apply.) But I could also see Viserys always saying that when he becomes king, Danny would be his Hand, like Aegon III and Viserys II, his most loyal and loving subject.

But once the Targaryen boys get to Illyrio… I don’t even know. No, Viserys wouldn’t sell his brother – to who? Nobody wants a Targaryen male slave that much. Dany’s value was that she was a young beautiful virgin of rare birth and appearance that a powerful khal could marry to appear better and more powerful than all the other khals. So the Dothraki are not an option. A pretty young boy might have some value in Lys, for the pedo slavers, but they specialize in breeding slaves with the silver-gold hair and purple eyes of Valyria, Danny wouldn’t be that exceptional, certainly not valuable enough to buy an army. And Viserys, no matter how beaten down and mad, wouldn’t ever be so callous as to sell a brother into sex slavery. (You say “but he sold his sister!” ah, but brides are expected to be sold and to please their husbands, because misogyny and patriarchy, and Dany wasn’t technically a slave, she was a khaleesi, married in full ceremony to a “barbarian” king. Selling a brother to pedophile slavers is a completely different matter.)

So all I can think is that if Illyrio wants to use some kind of marriage scheme for Viserys to get an army, it would have to be marrying Viserys to a Triarch’s daughter, or something like that, some Free Cities person with clout. Danny’s too young and not high enough status to be a valuable groom, he’d just be there for the ride. No Dothraki involved. No Jorah attracted to the princess who looks like his ex-wife. No dragon eggs as a bride gift. And pfft… the plot’s off track entirely. Whether Viserys succeeds or no, gets killed or no, serves as Aegon’s mummer’s dragon or no, Danny’s story is absolutely nothing like Dany’s.

So, yeah, in Essos society Dany’s story of a bride sold to a Dothraki khal is a uniquely female gendered story, just like Jon’s Westeros society journey to and through the Night’s Watch is a uniquely male gendered story. You can’t genderswap them and keep the plot intact in any way, sorry!

Ellia and her babies is one and only what I will never forgive you Rhaegar. You forgot every responsibility in front of your family. Ellia was the most sweetheart woman in ASOIAF and she finished tragic because of Rhaegar. He didn’t protect her and babies. Ellia risked her life two times because birth Rhaegars babies . She made everything for Rhaegar during her life but her finish was the most tragic thing ever.

And when people speaks about how tragic was Lyanna… I just laughing. She broke Elia and her babies life without thinking. Rhaegar dishonoured mother of his babies in front of whole people. I was always crying about Ellia when I was reading books.

I can’t her disappointment When Dany will understand what Rhaegar did to his family . She has the bigest illusions about Rhaegar.

RIP Ellia and her babies. TheY deserved better 😍😍😍😍

Something I’ve Thinking About

What if Jon’s thing for redheads is because of Catelyn Stark? A redheaded woman he desperately wanted to love him? After all, she is the closest thing to a mother he ever had, and was awful to him (or at least extremely cold except that one time at Bran’s bedside). You can’t tell me there wasn’t a part of him at some point that wanted her to love him, care for him. Maybe by the time we meet him it has been long buried, even forgotten, but subconsciously it is still there and manifests itself in an attraction to women who remind him of her in some way.

So Speaks the Queen

“Yet even as her dragons prospered, her khalasar withered and died. Around them the land turned ever more desolate. Even devilgrass grew scant; horses dropped in their tracks, leaving so few that some of her people must trudge along on foot. Doreah took a fever and grew worse with every league they crossed. Her lips and hands broke with blood blisters, her hair came out in clumps, and one evenfall she lacked the strength to mount her horse. Jhogo said they must leave her or bind her to her saddle, but Dany remembered a night on the Dothraki sea, when the Lysene girl had taught her secrets so that Drogo might love her more. She gave Doreah water from her own skin, cooled her brow with a damp cloth, and held her hand until she died, shivering. Only then would she permit the khalasar to press on.” 

-Daenerys Targaryen


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“nobodysuspectsthebutterfly replied to your post “I am an Elia fan…”

A conspiracy theory I’ve pondered (but doubt actually happened) is that it was Pycelle who examined her and declared her incapable. Not because she actually was but because he was pro-Lannister and perhaps if Elia was deemed unable to have more kids (a tragic “accident” befalling Aegon and/or Rhaenys, ofc) Rhaegar would be persuaded to set her aside in favor of younger, healthier Cersei, especially in exchange for Tywin helping dethrone Aerys. A plan which then backfired SPECTACULARLY.

I too am highly skeptical of this theory. My first issue with it is a question of access. Elia and Rhaegar took residence on Dragonstone after their wedding while Pycelle, by virtue of his position as Grand Maester, was in King’s Landing. While I guess it’s possible for him to have made the trip to Dragonstone for the delivery considering Elia’s station, I really doubt that Aerys cared enough to send him and I doubt that Pycelle himself made the suggestion considering Aerys’ feelings about both Rhaegar and Elia, especially after the “smells Dornish” awfulness. So I highly doubt that Elia was ever placed under Pycelle’s care while on Dragonstone. But even if she had, Pycelle wouldn’t have been her sole or even primary caretaker. Noble households have their own maester(s) and I don’t discount the possibility that the Princess of Dorne took the initiative to include a maester in the retinue that accompanied Elia to court, considering her knowledge of Elia’s health issues and since it’d be useful if someone who was familiar with Elia’s condition was on hand to look after her. So while it’s possible that the maester that looked after Elia during her pregnancy would have conceded his position as the lead in her delivery out of respect for Pycelle’s position, I highly doubt he’d have left her care completely to the Grand Maester. Elia’s health complications probably ensured that the person who had been her primary physician over the course of her pregnancy would have definitely been involved since he knew her case better than anyone, and I reckon that there might have been multiple trained professionals in the room anyway considering the difficulty of Elia’s deliveries. Pycelle can’t pass a bogus diagnosis of that magnitude right under everyone’s noses under these circumstances.

Another issue I have with this theory is that it involves way too many shifting pieces and requires more involvement than Pycelle was capable of. He can’t well arrange accidents for the children if he was in another city, and we’ve gotten no indication that he was conspiring with someone else to do it. And if he had this plan in his back-pocket, why wait till Aegon was born and everything got more complicated? Why wait till he had to sell two murders as accidents instead of just one? Rhaenys came to King’s Landing as an infant so why didn’t he act when she was within his reach?

Finally there is what Jon Connington says which I consider the most conclusive piece of evidence against this theory. While thinking of Elia, he says that “the maesters” told Rhaegar that Elia could bear no more children. Connington knew Pycelle and would have used the Grand Maester’s name if he was the source of the diagnosis. Also, his wording suggests that this was the conclusion of multiple people, not just one maester whoever he was. So while Pycelle might have had the motive in being the biggest Tywin fanboy this side of Kevan Lannister, his means were pretty limited and his opportunity almost non-existent.

That is too many words arguing against a theory you already disbelieve but I regret nothing.