5x07 review Gag or Throttle

Directed by David Frazee

Written by  Renée St. Cyr


There, I said it.I can’t begin analyzing this episode without stating that it completely BLEW OUT MY MIND.

First things first i feel the need to give proper credits to the creators of this episode.Sir David and the brilliant Renee. Both direction and script were at their finest.A+++

In my opinion it was the best episode of the season so far.Like by far.A character portrayal like no other. A deep and thorough episode that made an excellent usage of flashbacks, character traits and human vulnerabilities. An episode-paradigm of how each clone/character focused episode should have been. Alison’s episode had a similar flavor but Rachel’s episode was superior…an internal journey, a psychograph, a completely different perspective where the audience could actually empathize and ultimately understand this curious and complex creature called Rachel Duncan.

Too bad Sarah’s and Cosima’s episodes weren’t as character driven as Alison’s and Rachel’s were but i understand the limitation  of time and the need of ob team to push the plot forward cause S and C are the characters that interconnect with everyone else the most.

Anyway, i’m dividing the review in parts A & B. Part A is gonna be about Alison,Cosima,Sarah and plot in general. Part B is Rachel exclusive.Have fun guys :)


  • Sarah & Ms S

Everything comes full circle. Sarah’s growth is amazing. A wild animal that got tamed.She flourished through family and love and understanding.She’s not running anymore, she knows what she wants and what she needs to protect.She made her weakness, strength.She learned to control her compulsions and what Kendal’s gene gave to both her and Ms S.They’re doing this the right way this time.No guns, no violence.They organize and begin unmasking the wizard of Oz.

  • Scott,Cosima and Charlotte

-Cosima…you’re home

that was such a beautiful scene.I love Cosima’s and Scott’s relationship.They both care about each other so much :’)


little Charlotte is safe and well,smiling, drinking her hot cocoa. I love how this bed and sheets are sooo Cosima. I wonder if they’re going to sleep in the same bed, big and lil sister :))))  Cosima’s and Charlotte’s bonding is obvious so i really wonder who is gonna parent the girl in the future

  • Alison

Alison’s identity crisis  continues and i love the fact that she’s still trying to figure out who she is/what she wants. It would be unrealistic for her to get the answers she’s looking for in only 2 weeks.Alison is going through a “teen rebellious” phase that she didn’t have the chance to live earlier.She’s trying to find her balance and i believe she will, up until the series finale.I love the fact that she’s trying to get a grasp of inner parts of herself like what drove her to alcoholism and all these behavioral manifestations.

bonus 2: nice hair change though it’s gonna take me a while to get used to it cause bangs=Alison  :P

bonus 3: unlike episode 6 (which i also loved but it had some pace problems) episode 7 had perfect balance between comedy and drama…the light moments were fewer -like they were supposed to be in a Rachel episode -and they didn’t set the tone off. Overall it was a pretty dark and serious episode.

  • Sarah + Kira

Kira’s story and nicknames conclude the story and communication between her and her mother.Even tho it should be pretty obvious to the security man that this is encrypted information,that was a beautiful scene.Also Skyler did a pretty good job as Kira in this episode so congrats.

Sarah’s “i love you more than anything” fucking broke me.Also this moment:


the desperation, the way she crushes the laptop, S’s complete loss of words like i want to WRITE A PAPYRUS ABOUT TATIANA MASLANY BUT I’M GONNA DO IT IN PART B 


i don’t know about you, but i fuckin’ lost my shit!!!! COMPLETELY

it’s not only about the twist itself, cause we knew that the whole “swan glitch in Rachel’s eye” wasn’t explained yet…it’s the way it was exposed to us as well.This scene was fucking brilliant. The visual infinity ,the repetition, the inevitability of the moment. I literally paused, covered my mouth whispering “they fuckin’ DID THAT.THEY DID.”


Wow.I literally don’t know where to start.Should i begin from the flashbacks, from Tatiana’s UNBELIEVABLE performance, from the character’s motives, should i talk about Rachel’s relationship with Kira or PT i mean UGH NOW i get why Tatiana loved shooting this episode. Such a dark and gloomy arc yet at the same time so liberating and redemptive.

since the beginning little Rachel analyzes herself without even realising it.

She’s 779h41 and  the first clone that is self-aware of her own situation.

All this pressure of acknowledging that you’re not alone,all this need to prove your worth, to control your emotions, to not show weakness, to be the exception because there certainly must be a reason why they chose you to be the corporate clone.You.You set the example.You must excel.

self harm. A trait she and both her sisters share.Though what motivates this trait is different in each sister.Especially Sarah and Helena.

Rachel,always the mind, always the one to bottle up her feelings,keeping her composure cause that’s what she’s supposed to do. Cinema is the art of visual expression and it  always pleases me  when artists use the medium to it’s full potential.I always say show, don’t tell. That’s why the above image is so powerful.And i just live for the detail.Too bad we didn’t see any of this in previous episodes but i’m not complaining.

jesus. Look at their clothes-wearing the same coat-looking like the illusion of father/daughter Rachel desperately needs to believe.

That‘s right, Rachel.Susan never believed in you indeed.And it fucking hurts like hell to be  belittled by your own mother.

-For every Sarah…every Cosima…I regret making you.

and all of this after her own father prefered to commit suicide in front of her abandoning her for a second time.At this point i don’t even know which child is the most abused Helena or Rachel :(

All Rachel’s ever got is the remnants of a family that loved the idea of her as a scientific marvel

she’s watching the same tape again and again trying to remember how does it feel to belong, to be loved…was it  any of this even the slightest  bit of true?what’s your safe place when you don’t have one?

Leekie was her safe place for a while.

-I asked Leekie if i could call him Dad

and then of course

manipulation over and over and over again. It’s like every person around her is ruthelessly exploiting her weakness for affirmation and affection. 

Now having to watch her sisters being loved and constantly admired, the jealousy burns hard inside her.

she doesn’t even say their names.They’re just numbers to her, cause she’s the exception, the clone that’s self aware for a reason.

she signs up fake papers and is really, foolishly ,desperately trying to believe that she’s free, that she isn’t a property anymore. This moment is so thoroughly symbolic

Rachel Duncan without her fancy clothes and prominent cane. Small and  vulnerable in her hospital clothes asking for privacy.Is it something that you get used to really?

….where would i go?

it’s too late for running..if she was still a kid she would probably run like Charlotte..she would have a second chance…she would redefine her life..

DYAD is her home now.Her prison.These white walls, these lifeless objects inside shaped her through years.So she stays.And she fucking brings down everyone that hurt her.

She has nothing to lose so she plays her final cards.

She gives the chance to Kira to live a normal life- a chance she never had.

-Who hurt you?

-All of them

Rachel never needed a monitor cause she had a monitor inside her.The big brother reference ,the ultimate realisation that there’s nothing yours, not even one private moment ,not even a sight that you don’t share. The fucking pencil that was transformed into a sharpened glass. She did it alone.Always alone.Always on her terms.She’s the epitome of the antihero and i want her BADLY to be the one that’s gonna deal with PT. It’s gotta be her.

I want to conclude this enormously gigantic review with Tatiana. I really have no words. Her body language, her microexpressions ,her controlled devastation.Cause even after everything that happened Rachel didn’t lose it.At this moment she’s so used to betrayal and backstabbing , that  she doesn’t feel anything anymore.Emptyness,bitterness and lack of purpose. Or paraphrasing the famous quote:

A woman without fear is a woman without hope.

Chapter I. Part I

What am I gonna wear, what am I gonna wear!?

Robyn ripped her white button down off with her taupe faux leather skirt and glanced at her clock in a rush. She looked around and whipped things in her closet back and forth, trying to decide what to put on. She saw a turtleneck in black and thought to herself that it may have been too conservative but still sexy, then realized it had a rip in it and groaned. She saw a grey knit dress and examined it. She had yet to wear it, buying it on sale from an online store for 30% off. She slipped it over her head carefully. Asarah kept her at work later than she expected and she hated to look like a crazy woman, but her after work make up was going to have to do, so to go from work, to her sister’s house then back home was such a hassle, but she really wanted to go out with this guy. He was nice and great to look at, so what did she have to lose? She fluffed the curls that Bey did for her and made sure they were still in tact. Robyn slipped on a pair of heeled ankle boots and checked her phone to see that the bus was coming in 10 minutes- luckily the stop was right outside of the building she lived in. She snatched her jacket from a chair and jogged over to her door, grabbing her huge umbrella in case of the rain she saw on the forecast at the station.

She walked off of the nosy bus and stepped to the sidewalk, taking in the air that smelled like rain.

God, I hope he’s nice. It’s been a while since I’ve done this.

She looked down the avenue and saw the bookstore that she agreed to meet him in through text.

Shit. My breath. Oh, lemme spray.

Robyn dug in her purse outside of the shop doors and spritzed herself with the Chanel No. 5 her sister lent her. Well, the bottle she stole from her dresser. She popped a tic tac and slid some lip gloss on, mentally preparing herself to go in and sit down. The lights were brighter than she expected and saw clusters of people sitting down at random tables as she looked around for her date.

Where is..he? Oh my God. He didn’t show up?? I should have known he was too fine. I thought he was talking to BB when he came up to me, he probably just felt sorry for me or somet-


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