Mensajito para los de “yo soy español, español”, “viva españa” y demás perlas, esos que salisteis con el tema catalán, esos de la banderita española en la ventana; ya podéis ir a Galicia a ayudar a la gente a apagar los fuegos y a colaborar, ya estáis tardando, demostrad ese patriotismo tan acérrimo :)

The 6 Celtic Nations and Gallaecia

These 7 regions are the native lands of the modern Celtic tribes. 6 of the 7 native Celtic lands are officially recognized as Celtic Nations.

Scotland, Ireland & North Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany are officially recognized as Celtic Nations by the Celtic League. Recognition is received for having strong cultural, and genetic ties to the ancient Celts, as well as having a native Celtic language.

The cultural region of Gallaecia (Galicia, Asturias, Norte, and sometimes Cantabria, and León) however, is not officially recognized as Celtic Nation. This is mainly due to the fact that Gallaic, the native language of the Gallaecians, has been extinct for over 1000 years. Despite being qualified in nearly every way, the lack of a speakable native Celtic language is what prevents each part of Gallaecia from becoming a Celtic Nation.

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Magical Spain (via Pinterest).

Definitely, Spain is different

Mine is a country of contrasts, full of legends and history, with a cultural heritage of centuries, and I love it.

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Minoritized languages moodboard: Asturian

Asturian (Asturianu), formerly known as Bable, is a Romance language spoken in Asturias (state of Spain). It’s part of the Astur-Leonese language group, so it is mutually intelligible with other West Iberian languages.

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