Man and the Cosmos
By August W. Derleth

Death lies athwart the frozen dark
Where never the song of a lark
Has echoed; here breeds the unknown spawn
Of evil, here where there is no dawn.

None but man deserts the light
For probing in this endless night;
None but he dares the icy breath
Of the lurking cosmic death.

Only a tiny atom of flesh
Webbed in an unanswerable mesh
Of questions and burning doubt,
Wanting to known what Life’s about


Mad Show - Exhibit #84

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NEW PROJECT - Chris Hadfield - It’s Not Rocket Science

I’m absurdly excited and honoured to be working on a new animated comedy science series with Chris Hadfield.

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“It’s Not Rocket Science”, a monthly animated series meant to help make things better by simplifying scientific concepts into an easily digested narrative.

You’re going to absolutely love it.

Coming Fall 2015