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Hi! I was wondering, I saw your art piece of Azura in a swimsuit forever ago (I believe you posted it back in July?) And I was wondering if you knew what the name of that type of swimsuit was called? I've been wanting to make myself a swimsuit in that style for this summer because I think it would complement my body type, and haven't had any luck finding a tutorial, since I don't know what kind of swimsuit it is ^^U Thank you for your time and I hope you have a nice day!

I assume you mean this one? OvO

I designed this one myself and had to do some research to find something similar- but I found similar ones called “frill swimsuits” (like this one from “boohoo online” (

In this case, the frill is sawn around the lower waistline and falls like a skirt.
There is also this alternative which comes my picture a bit closer(source:

Where the ruffles/frill are around the outer leg hole.
I doubt you will find any actual sewing tutorials for something like this- but I think it is very possible to find a simple swimsuit or monokini tutorial, and then add the ruffles to it!
(here’s a tutorial for the ruffles which I was able to find: )

I hope this helps, and I’m rooting for you to find a way to sew one of this sort!! QvQb



Where to get affordable but good quality workout clothes!!!

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are the straps in yr selfie from your bra? cause if so they are v cute & also where did you get it??? i am also very well boobed and i have so much trouble finding cute bras that fit

they are!! it’s a cage bra and super cute. i got it from the “fuller bust” section for $32 which wow??? and it makes my boobs look great and it’s lacy and has a million straps and i can’t say enough nice things

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From one curvy girl to another where do you shop and where can I get a cute swimsuit?

ill shop anywhere where they have cute clothes that fit my fat ass

but alot online like or fashion nova from time to time and h&m

also for the swimsuit ting i havent gone swimming in ages so im not 100% sure but theres a site that ive been looking at which is for those of us who are on the thicker side that have some cute ones

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9, 26, 32, 56, 76, 77

9. Where do you shop? I shop mostly on or asos

23. How many pillows do you sleep with? One or none

32. 3 favourite girl names: Myra, Arya, Elif

56. would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs? I think the suburbs for convenience sake, and that way I can continue to appreciate rural areas when I drive out there

76. What color looks best on you? I think light pinks or deep blues look nice on me

77. Do you miss anyone right now? Yes

Thank you 😊✨

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Hey I was just wondering if you knew the brand of the glasses frames Zendaya's been wearing a lot lately. I think they're so cute and I've been trying to do my own research but I haven't found any results. Thanks!

Hey! I don’t know, sorry. I’ve searched but can’t find what exact brand they are but I’ve seen similar at & ❤️