Dorne was my favourite storyline in the books and the show has fucking ruined it and i’m so mad

Book!Dorne was about getting revenge for a woman’s rape and murdering babies
Show!Dorne is about getting revenge for a man’s death

Book!Dorne wasn’t patrilineal, women could and have inherited the throne
Show!Dorne completely cut out the female heir and replaced her with yet another male character because reasons

Book!Dorne was about women lifting up other women like Arianne tried to do with Myrcella 
Show!Dorne is apparently about women being as ruthless as possible for some sort of twisted Strong Women™ parody

Book!Dorne was about knowing that the children of your enemies are innocent and there is a time for mercy
Show!Dorne is about murdering a child as revenge for murdering children ???

Book!Dorne was about how a disabled man who is in constant pain can be a fantastic tactician, plan one of the best slow burn revenge plots and be beloved by his people
Show!Dorne is about how a disabled man was so hated by his people for being “weak” (synonym for disabled anyone??) that they didn’t give a shit someone with literally no claim to the throne whatsoever just killed and usurped him 

Book!Dorne had badass smart and cool Sand Snakes who loved their father, their uncle and their cousins. 
Show!Dorne has a bunch of women psychopaths because D&D think that’s the only way they can write Strong Women™

they’ve completely ruined what was the most feminist storyline in the show and then turned around to be like “look at all these Strong Women we’ve given you! Aren’t we such feminists?”

R + L = J is canon, that’s obvious

What I’m nervous about seeing on the show is the portrayal of Lyanna and Rhaegar’s relationship. I don’t want Rhaegar to be a creepy rapist or a manipulative bastard. I want Lyanna and Rhaegar’s relationship to be a traditional tragic romance. They meet at the Tourney at Harrenhal and fall in love. They correspond for a year fighting their feelings for each other before they finally decide to throw caution to the wind and elope. They know nothing of the outside world but exist in their own private world of the Tower of Joy. Lyanna becomes pregnant and they are thrilled because they love each other. Then, they find out about the political turmoil so Rhaegar goes off to war while Lyanna is crying, begging him not to go. He dies on the battlefield after exchanging heated words with Robert: “She was never yours! She belongs with me!” Lyanna dies in childbirth/a broken heart from her husband’s death and the guilt of being responsible for the deaths of her father and brother along with the complete destruction of her husband’s family, not to mention the fact that they were the royal family.

I want Lyanna to be a romantic soul, like her niece Sansa, who confides in her best friends, Benjen and Hodor, who help her elope. I want her to be a girl so deeply in love that she breaks her vows and throws caution to the wind to marry the love of her life, like her nephew Robb. I want Rhaegar to be a musician who would rather spend his days singing and blending it with the common folk then fighting on a battlefield or ruling as king. I want him to make money from his talents and then give it to the poor (or get drunk). I want him to be a selfless, good man who is misunderstood by people who don’t know him. I want him to be the hero of the story with Lyanna as his princess and Robert as the villain.  

I don’t care if this makes me naive or blind to “consent issues.” I am a romantic and I won’t apologize for it. For me, this is a far more interesting story and plot twist than a cliched prophecy or Rhaegar being played straight as the evil prince.       

theimaginatrix27 asked:

Been reading so much stuff on ASOIAF university and am wondering, am I understanding correctly that all the tropes GRRM is deconstructing/subverting/otherwise tearing down are disliked by the community? Because everyone's praising him for taking some of my personally well-loved fantasy tropes and putting dark spins on them that frankly depress me sometimes...

hmm? No, I shouldn’t think most people dislike the fantasy tropes GRRM’s subverting. Lord knows I love fantasy. Heck, GRRM himself loves fantasy. But deconstruction/subversion can be interesting, if it’s done well. Just as a fresh take on un-subverted fantasy tropes can be interesting if it’s done well, and not paint-by-numbers. (cf. Alan Moore, and Watchmen vs Top 10.)

And what I mean by paint-by-numbers is, oh, all the Tolkien knockoffs that were out there, which were frankly uninspired and dull. (Not Tolkien himself, mind you, just his sad and weak imitators.) I read far too many of them, to the point where I couldn’t abide high fantasy anymore (and would only read humorous fantasy like Pratchett, who was a godsend), and avoided ASOIAF for years because I thought it was just another “quest fantasy” series. (I should’ve known better, considering my experience with GRRM and Wild Cards, but I’d been burned pretty badly.) Took a lot of pushing, a lot of telling me “no, it’s not the ordinary kind of fantasy story at all, Martin takes what you expect and turns it on you” before I’d try the books, and oh, it was so worth it.

Though if it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. It can be draining, for sure. But always remember, GRRM is not a nihilist, and while he promises a bittersweet ending to ASOIAF, that means it’s not just “bitter” but also “sweet”.


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This short fic is based off one time when my mom tried to take a picture of my dad being a bed hog and my dad ultimately failing. I was in the position of Arya when I witnessed this.


Sansa Stark was the most beautiful girl in the world. With fire in her hair and oceans in her eyes she was breathtaking. Her copper tresses tangled as she buried her head deeper into the pillow.

Her body was fully pressed up against Jons. Normally he would have not minded, enjoying her warmth immensely. But they were in a Riverrun. A city with a climate far warmer than the harsh cold of the north he was accustomed to. The air was sticky with humidity, causing Jon to break a sweat at the combined heat of the comforter and his little wife.

He’d told her countless times she took up the whole bed, rolling over to his side in the middle of the night. She denied his claims every time, insisting she barely moved a muscle. So as he slipped out of the stifling heat of the bed he pulled out his phone.

No matter the sleeping arrangements, Jon always took the right side while Sansa favored the left. So when he snapped a few photos of her completely on the right side of the bed, drooling on his pillow, he reminded himself to show the photos to her later.


“What are you talking about?” Arya questions as she pears at the phone. He sat across from her in a small café, a platter of food between them.

After Sansa had awaken they’d grabbed breakfast before they parted ways. He’d gone to the gym while her and Margaery had headed back to their room. He’d returned some time later to find the two giggling and heading to the pool. After grabbing his phone and jacket from the hotel rooms couch, he’d departed for his lunch with Arya.

Arya had just heard the story of Jon’s problem with Sansa hogging the bed. Arya had said he was over dramatic claiming Sansa barely moved when they shared a bed as children. So to prove his point Jon had pulled out his phone and handed it to her, instructing her to check his photos.

“Jon she’s completely on the left side.”

With a sound of protest he angled the phone in her hand to face him. The photo was exactly how he remembered it, Sansa laying in bed completely on one side. But she was on the wrong side, she layed curled to the very edge of the left side of the bed. Her side of the bed.

Jon quickly snatched the phone and swiped through a series of similar photos. His mouth gaped open as he tried to recall the original photo. As he sat the goggling at the phone Arya snatched it from his hand.

“let me see that.” Her thumb swept across the screen, occasionally tapping as she tried to find Jons missing photo. As Jon tried to justify that he had not imagined Sansa sleeping on his side, Arya let out a peele of laughter. Surprised by her outburst Jon looked up to see his phone being shoved into his face.

There, in the recently deleted file, was a picture of Sansa curled up completely on the right side of the bed.


                                  “Men fight wars. Women win them.”

                                                      - Elizabeth I