I hope you two don’t mind that I combined your requests, it just made sense when I knew I was writing a Ricky one-shot @val2557 & anonymous :)

The Stripper (Ricky Horror) (Motionless In White) (SMUT)

Word Count: 1,345


It wasn’t an ideal career path but you needed the money to pay for college after your parents refused to support you when you told them you wanted to study photography instead of becoming a boring lawyer like them. The strip club wasn’t as seedy as shown in film and TV; the boss was nice and not at all sleazy. Plus the other girls took you under their wing and some had become my close friends and second family.

Tonight when you emerged from the back room after getting dressed in your usual skimpy black and red ‘clothes’ if you could even call them that. You wore fishnet stockings, a short black skirt and a matching red and black bikini style top with a pair of black heels. You were told it complimented your dark brown with crimson tips hair that was curled and sprayed so not a single strand was out of place. You let the other girls smother you in makeup, so you had smoky eyes that made your green eyes ‘pop’ and dark red almost black lipstick that contrasted your pale skin because you refused to fake tan. Your boss beckons you over and points to one of the back rooms and raises an eyebrow.

“You have a client, apparently dealing with a breakup so make him feel special. He’s in a band so discretion is needed and don’t forget to be your lovely self so he spends more than him and his friends already have.”

You wonder which band he was in, you worked in a pretty exclusive strip club and the occasional musician wandered in and splashed the cash. You follow your boss’s finger to one of the booths and your eyes widen, Motionless In White was in your club. However one member was missing while the others were getting friendly with some of the other girls. Wait a second, was Ricky your client? No it couldn’t be. They were one of your favourite bands but after working here you learnt to keep your fangirl under control, especially since you’d spent time with Ashley Purdy, Ben Bruce and even Mike Fuentes.

You take a deep breath before pushing open the door to the back room, your suspicions are confirmed when you see Ricky look up from his phone. He was with Jessica, then you remember what your boss said about him going through a breakup so they mustn’t be together anymore.

“Hi, I’m not going to lie but I don’t really do this kind of thing often. But my band said I needed to have a good time and well you came recommended from a few friends. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

Ah it was cute how nervous he sounded; this must have been his first time in a back room. You smile.

“Only if they’ve told you good things, or I might not play nice next time they come in.”

He laughs and runs a hand through his hair.

“I think a certain Ashley Purdy wants you all to himself where as CC said you were a laugh.”

“Purdy is a character. But enough about him, can I ask you a question? It might be a bit personal so you don’t have to answer.”

He nods as if giving you permission.

“I thought you were with Jessica. Yes I’m a fan but I keep it professional.”

“I was with her until she cheated on me.”

You make an ‘oh’ shape with your mouth.

“What exactly did you have planned tonight, or do you want me to surprise you?”

He quirks an eyebrow and smirks.

“Surprise me.”

They always said that. You strut towards him making sure to draw attention to your body before you straddle his waist on the chair he was sitting on. His eyes linger on your breasts that were pushed up thanks to the top which made you smile as you lean over making sure to rub his crotch with your hand as you nibble his ear making him shiver.

“Tonight I’m all yours Ricky, all of this is for you and no one else. You can control me, tell me what you want.”

Pulling back you bite your lip as your hands roam up and down his chest before one found its way to his crotch again and started palming him through the black skinny jeans.

“You’re a tease y/n.”

You continue to bite your lip and bat your eyelashes innocently.

“I don’t know what you mean Ricky?”

His eyes darken and you recognise lust flash behind them before he forcefully grabs your hand and undoes his zip.

“Stop biting your lip, it makes me want to fuck your pretty mouth.”

“Then fuck my pretty mouth Ricky.”

He lets go of your hand and you help him pull down his jeans and boxers, and your eyes bulge at the size of his package exposed in front of you. He smirks upon seeing your reaction.

“Fuck me Horror.”

“Yes I intend to y/n.”

You wonder how the hell you were going to fit him all inside you, but he didn’t give you chance to think it over before he grabs your hand again and forces you to pump him. You kind of liked the dominance; it made your job a lot easier. You lower your head and slowly take him inside you while continuing to pump.

“Shit y/n you’re perfect.”

He grabs your hair and forces you to take more of him until you feel it hit the back of your throat, but you were lucky not to have much of a gag reflex. He shudders as you change speed before he thrusts against you nearly making you choke.

“Swallow for me like a good girl.”

He releases in your mouth shortly after and you swallow before licking him clean and pull back. You rest your head on his chest as the two of you get your breathing back under control. There was something different about Ricky compared to your other clients. He cups your chin and tilts your head up to face him and you realise the smirk was back.

“Now I think it’s time I repaid the favour.”

His other hand slides up your thigh before he starts stroking the top of your stockings, you shiver at his cold touch.

“You don’t have to do that Ricky.”

He ignores you and continues trailing his fingers until he plays with the hem of your underwear, what made the moment more intense was the fact his eyes never left yours.

“But I want to y/n.”

You gasp and clutch his top as he cheekily slides two fingers inside you and starts to pump. You can’t help but moan as he moves you to the sofa next to him and lowers you down, still keeping his fingers inside you. He slides down your underwear and adds a third finger before he finds your G-Spot sending you over the edge.

“Shit Ricky and you said I was perfect.”

He chuckles darkly and continues his finger assault until you feel a warm knot in your stomach.

“R-Ricky I’m going to come.”

“Not yet.”

He removes his fingers and you groan as he licks them clean in front of you. Next thing you know he lowers his head and you jolt feeling his tongue teasing you. You’d never been eaten out before, yes you’d had sex with Ashley but it didn’t ever feel like this. You continue to moan and run your fingers through his hair as you try and hold on, but with a skilled flick of his tongue you feel yourself release into his mouth.

Ricky pulls back and helps you up before pulling you onto his lap after you pulled your underwear back on. Usually after a blow job and a bit of a tease the client thanked you and left but Ricky had taken care of your needs. He stroked your hair as he lazily placed kisses up your neck, the gesture was almost sweet. You wouldn’t forget this night any time soon.

on terfs and trans men

(prefacing this by saying that as a trans man, i can only comment on what ive seen about trans men. im by no means implying that discourse about trans men should take precedence–i just dont want to speak on issues i havent personally experienced.)

so here’s my piece about terf rhetoric ive seen regarding trans men. for this thought experiment let’s say you have two (hypothetical) trans men: ben and ashley. 

ben realized he was trans when he was pretty young. he always got along better with boys and hated being forced to wear dresses at family gatherings. he began transition in his mid-teens and went stealth as soon as he could. at the end of the day he doesn’t think of himself as particularly different from cis men. 

let’s move on to ashley. ashley didn’t change his name from his birth name because “ashley” is unisex and he doesnt particularly mind his name anyway. he dresses pretty effeminately, is open about his attraction to men, and doesn’t make much of an effort to adhere to what we might call “traditional” masculinity. 

(for the purpose of keeping this post simple we’ll assume that ashley and ben have the same views towards transition/dysphoria (though of course, not everyone does). 

so from what i can tell the average terf response here is that ben could have done all of those things as a woman (which i agree–whether or not ben liked barbies as a kid has nothing to do with whether or not he’s trans). indeed, some people will argue that his full acceptance of masculine gender roles betrays a CULTURAL discomfort with womanhood. why couldn’t ben be a butch lesbian? obviously ben just wants to follow gender roles!

on the other hand, based on what reading i’ve done terfs are just as likely to chastise ashley as they are ben! indeed, his refusal to follow gender roles means he’s a “fauxmo”, and if he calls himself a twink? well shit, better call /r/gendercritical! 

god, it’s almost like they hate trans men no matter what we do. hmm… uncanny. 

Fish Stew (Ben + Ashley)

Ben carefully held a sturdy looking covered pot as he hit the doorbell with his narrow elbow. It had been tough finding the right kitchen to prepare this special dish, even moreso finding the right ingredients, but he was indeed proud of what he’d made. An old recipe, one passed down in his family for generations upon generations.

He hoped Ashley would like it…


South of Nowhere Soundtrack - LISTEN HERE

I’ve posted this before, but what with girltrash setting off a load of old spashley feelings, I figured I’d add some tracks and repost it. Songs from all 3 seasons, mostly the ones featured in spashley scenes.

i don’t want to know (if you don’t want me) - the donnas (season 1 theme song)
wasted - LP (season 2 & 3 theme song)
perfect vision - montag (promo song)
you’re my girl - sharif (Ashley shows Spencer around Los Angeles. 1x01)
the best things - jaded era (Clay and Chelsea text each other. 1x05)
if i could - sara leib (Ashley watches Spencer talk about her first time. 1x05)
something in me - katelyn tarver (Ashley drops Spencer home after their day at the beach. 1x06)
top of the world - kate voegele (the Carlins clean up after the earthquake. 1x09)
ghost you know - lauren hoffman (Spencer and Ashley’s first kiss. 1x11)
reasons to fall - lauren loffman (Spencer wakes up in Ashley’s bed the morning after. 2x01)
hold onto me - ben broussard (Ashley talks to Spencer about Kyla. 2x02)
i could die of wanting you - lauri kranz (Spencer and Ashley talk in Ashley’s room - ‘why does everybody care so much who i’m in love with?’ 'or who i’m in love with.’ 2x07)
rock me to sleep - jill sobule (Aiden helps Spencer and Ashley run away. 2x08)
when you find the one - melissa etheridge (Spencer and Ashley dance in Chelsea’s studio. 2x11)
feel for me - katrina carlson (Spencer and Ashley briefly make up. 3x01/02)
never been hurt - sara melson (Spencer appears at Ashley’s door and drops her coat. 3x08)
dirty mind - sara melson (Ashley writes Spencer this song for her birthday. 3x12)