Prometheus & Covenant: building a Mythos of savage creation

This is an interesting video (with a very good editing too).

My favorite part is this one (because it makes me think, again, about David’s “madness” as something that was caused by isolation, and that mirrors Satan’s descent from a sort of “Romantic hero” to an hideous, “ridiculous” character, and I find these same traits in David too):

“David is free from his creator to become one himself. But like Satan in Paradise Lost, David becomes demented believing in his own grandiosity wich has made him cruel, violent towards those he thinks inferior. 
- This was an alien story, but it was also about creators and their creations, and there is this David story that sort of mimics the whole Alien story itself, and the engineers’ story - Dante Harper
In many ways David reflects humanity at its worst, when it acts out of grandiosity without anymore restraints. We feel we deserve more than we have, when we believe ourselves to be Gods”.

And I find this statement in particular very suggestive, that make us go back (again) to the famous description that Ash gives about the alien:

“The Xenomorph is all what humans are not”.

I like the part when in the video David’s attempt of curruption of Walter mirrors the temptation of Adam by Satan, it’s a feel that Alien: Covenant gave to me too (as a movie but also as a book: the novelitazion go straight in that direction, much more than the movie alone).

(One last “message” of mine to the author of the video: hey, it seems to me that Alien: Covenant knows EXACLTY where it wants to go and what kind of movie it wants to be ;) you should realize that too, by now).