A Sight For Sewn Eyes - That Night At Doms

Shot by Evan Cameron, Jeff Knox Whynot and James Gaudet. Audio by Justin Felix. Edited by Evan Cameron. 

Uncommon Sense
  • Uncommon Sense
  • A Sight For Sewn Eyes
  • Alone Together

A Sight For Sewn Eyes - Uncommon Sense

“I’ll make up for all those things I’ve lacked.
And what’s held me back.
For all the time I wish I had; I’ll make up for it.
My fear of dying, fear of being alone.
My fear of failure; Your said and done.
So say goodbye.
I will carry on. I will.
My life’s too short to take the easy way for everything.”


A Sight For Sewn Eyes - Light Up (LIVE) (by Kyle Pigeau)

Litterally the best, and most underrated, band in Canada right now. Get into them, seriously. You have no idea what you’re missing out on. They’re incredible.