me: i don’t know a dan..

dan: *uploads dan takes quizzes of himself*

me: Daniel JamesDanHowell (born 11 June 1991)[1] is a British video blogger and radio personality. He is best known for his YouTube channel danisnotonfire, which has reached over six million subscribers. Together with frequent collaborator Phil Lester, Howell presented Sunday night entertainment show Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1 from January 2013 until August 2014, and presented the station’s Internet Takeover slot from September 2014 until April 2016. Howell was born and raised in Wokingham, Berkshire, England.[2] He has a younger brother named Adrian.[citation needed][2]Before starting his YouTube channel, he worked in retail chains Focus DIY at the age of 16, and later at the supermarket Asda.[3] After attending The Forest School, Howell went to the University of Manchester in 2010 to study law, but dropped out in order to pursue video blogging as a profession.[2]Howell has lived with best friend and fellow YouTuber Phil Lester since August 2011,[4] and the pair moved to London together in July 2012.[5][6] Howell uploaded his first YouTube video titled “HELLO INTERNET” on 16 October 2009.[7] He was encouraged by “some friends” including Phil Lester to continually upload videos to the site.[2]He also has a second channel, danisnotinteresting, which has over 1.5 million subscribers and 39.5 million views, as of August 2016.In 2012, he won the YouTube competition “SuperNote” run by Rhett and Link.[8] He also featured in the weekly video series Becoming YouTube created by Benjamin Cook which looked at the different aspects to becoming an internet celebrity.[9] He also wrote a blog for The Huffington Post, in which he wrote about the creative process behind making his videos.[10]Howell and Lester collaborated on a YouTube channel for My Damn Channel, entitled The Super Amazing Project, in which they investigated paranormal events.[11] In October 2014, it was announced that as of that month, the duo would not carry on working on the project, in order to concentrate on their Radio 1 show.[12] It was later announced that the Super Amazing Project would continue production, but hosted by different presenters, scouted by the My Damn Channel network.[12] On 12 September 2014, Howell and Lester posted the first video on their new gaming YouTube channel, DanandPhilGAMES.[14] On 8 March 2015 the channel hit 1 million subscribers.[15] It was officially the fastest growing channel on YouTube.[16]On 1 April 2015, Howell and Lester launched a spin-off channel, DanAndPhilCRAFTS, as an April Fools joke. It features a single video of them creating square snowflakes out of paper, with an amateur editing style and humour throughout. It reached over 154,000 subscribers and 500,000 total video views in one week.[17] “Don’t cry, craft” became a popular Internet meme from that video, described by the Standard-Examiner as “one of the best known YouTube phrases of all time”.[18] The channel was awarded the YouTube Silver Play Button at Summer in the City 2015.[19][20] On 1 April 2016 Howell and Lester made a second video for that channel in which they did another joke tutorial, this time on making glitter faces.[21][13]

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"I don’t think vegan or vegetarian food is that much more expensive" it is

No, it’s not.

454g of vegan mince - £1.50

250g of real mince - £2.39

400g of vegan meatballs - £1.50

400g of real meatballs - £2.40

8 vegetarian beef burgers - £1.50

4 real beef burgers - £2.70 x 2 = £5.40

500g of dairy free Flora - £1.70

500g of regular Flora - £1.70

1 litre of soy milk - 0.79p

1 lire of semi-skimmed milk - 0.66p

Additionally, lentils, beans, fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta and so on can be cheap depending on where you shop. If you’re smart, it really isn’t any more expensive and people use that as an excuse. This is just an example of one large chain supermarket - there are often deals on with products such as Quorn and Linda McCartney as well as their own branded vegan and vegetarian foods. You can buy tofu in Chinese supermarkets for cheap or even Amazon - you can get 4,188g for £15.00. That’s literally nothing and would last forever.

I purchase food for myself and for Joseph, who eats meat, and there isn’t much of a difference. In fact, if you’re buying decent meat then you’ll spend much more than you would if buying vegetarian or vegan. Even meat eaters need to eat vegetables, fruits, and so on so typically, the only difference is the meat substitute, which as you can see, can be quite cheap.

Pictured above is CCTV footage of Nicola Edgington purchasing a knife (also pictured) that she would later use to stab two strangers, killing one of them.

Nicola Edgington had a violent history prior to being convicted of murder. In 2005 Edgington killed her 60 year mother by stabbing her death, a crime that was reduced down to manslaughter due to diminished capacity as she had a diagnosis of both Schizophrenia and emotionally unstable personality traits at the time of the crime. While she was hospitalised as a result of this violent act she was given conditional release in 2009.

While Edgington did have mental health problems, her insight into her issues were great enough that, when she began experiencing symptoms once again in 2011, she was able to recognise her failing health and begged for police to physically detain her under the mental health act. This is where apparent neglect came into play, as despite her violent history and the care plans in place to manage this risk, the hospital decided that a voluntary admission would be better.

Consequently, she would leave the hospital later that day, through a door that should have been locked, and made her way to the store Asda, bought herself a knife and stabbed a 22 year old stranger. This woman managed to wrestle the knife from her. Edgington then stole a knife from a butchers shop, and proceeded to stab a 58 year old woman, who died within a minute of sustaining her injuries.

Sadly, despite her history of mental health issues, and the consensus from psychiatrists that she had been suffering from paranoid delusions and hallucinations during the time of the attacks, the judge refused to acknowledge that she needed mental health treatment - citing a recent medical report instead.  For some reason the judge also used the random and unprovoked nature of the attacks as added proof of guilt - despite the fact that this is a common factor in crimes committed by people in the clutches of psychosis.

Edgington was sentenced to life in prison, of which she will serve 37 years.

Forgotten British Memes

Everybody is so obsessed with their cheeky Nandos, their fork handles, and the ever rising price of Freddos they forget some other key British memes.

  • Chicken shops with red, blue and white signage and suspicious names- Chicken Base, Perfect Fried Chicken, Chicken Cottage. Only ever found in the scummy areas of towns and cities. Nobody ever goes there. Getting hepatitis is certainly not top banter.
  • Despite it being on every day you do not know a single person who has ever followed Doctors on TV.
  • Although, you probably know a lot of people who’s summer holidays are based almost entirely around watching Bargain Hunt, Homes Under The Hammer, and Wanted Down Under.
  • The tragic death of Woolies. You don’t even remember what it sold, you just know it was tragic.
  • The retail parks that consist solely of PC World, Hobbycraft, Carpet Right and a random nondescript- but expensive- sofa shop
  • When E4 stopped showing Friends.
  • Lizo from Newsround.
  • That’s Asda price !
  • The warm earthy tones of the legend that is Brian Cox. Sadly, he is neither your teacher or your lover.
  • Calling anywhere furhter north than Oxford “the north”.
  • The facebook group that revealed the fact Pippin from Come Outside had died.
  • Saturday Kitchen. Who is that guy? Why is Craig Revel-Hallwood eating the fish his friend has prepared?
  • SEVEN !
  • Knowing a friend of a friend of a friend who somehow got a Blue Peter badge
  • Sitting in your pyjamas on a Saturday watching some historical celebration or marathon you didn’t realise was going on that day.
  • Knowing that Terry Wogan should have stepped down from Eurovision long before he did.
  • Having that emphasised by Graham Norton.
  • Being confused as to why the rest of the world cares more about Royal Babies than anybody here does.
  • Umbro trackies.

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Hartwin, ass grab

“And…cheers to the new term!” 

Eggsy grins at his mates. Jamal and Ryan didn’t end up following him to uni, but they’d managed to keep in touch, cheering Eggsy on and even postponing their nights out in order for Eggsy to buckle down and ace his exams without so much as as a groan. In return, Eggsy paid for their drinks—thanks to work study, his shifts at the tutoring center, and the full gymnastics and academic scholarship, he had a little extra for his own—and brought along Roxy, who could kick their arses at Cards Against Humanity and drink them under the table.

Now, Roxy’s tapping her glass against his. “To our last term!” she cheers, relief slumping her shoulders, though Eggsy knows she’s got internships and fucking law school lined up after this. He himself hopes to land something that pays decently, especially if he doesn’t get any aid to go to a proper graduate program, and he really, really needs it. While Roxy had been drawn to throwing hardened criminals in the slammer, he’d been drawn to the foster system, already planning his thesis on the economic and social barriers that involved academically-correct words for officials with silver spoons stuck up their arses. 

But to even get there, he needed good grades—which should work out—and exam scores and letters of recommendation. He’d lined up his options with two other professors, scrapping even the idea of asking Dr. King for one and entertaining the idea for Dr. Hart. He was going to be in two of his classes this semester, and Dr. Hart seemed strict but fair and sympathetic to what Charlie—who seemed to think he was going to land a position in the House of Lords easily enough—disdainfully called the downtrodden. “Supports every bleeding heart cause out there,” Charlie had sneered when he’d spotted Eggsy looking through options for his next term. “Sob stories about single mothers from the estates and drunken deadbeat dads and chavs snorting every drug they can lay their hands on…yeah, he eats them up.” 

So, yeah, maybe Dr. Hart would be less of a snob than his other professors, but Eggsy hopes he can prove his worth instead of being another statistic for someone to sigh over. But now, he laughs with his mates, trading stories and knocking back a few pints, filling up with chips so he doesn’t get too sloshed, since he’s got classes in a few days. 

“…And I haven’t fucked in, like, five months,” Jamal’s groaning. “Fucking job at the fire station, love it and all, but it’s been a fucking dry spell.” 

“Not a dry spell for me,” Ryan declares, and when everyone turns to him, Jamal leaning forward hopefully, he shakes his head. “A fucking drought. Try getting it on in the storeroom at Asda with those bright green shirts and smells of some fucking idiot spewing his lunch and missing the bin.” 

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