So let me explain the situation and why I deleted…

Most people saw @yoonbum-indrag  ‘s post explaining the situation but some things got lost in context. So there was a post talking about hitting or spanking kids and I just put my two cents in it. I told a story on the post about how my nephew kept hitting me with a phone after I told him to stop several times and because he wasn’t listening to me i slaped him on the hand to as a form of discipline. After that I had people sending me hate, calling me a cunt and just calling me out of my name so that already put me on edge espcially when OP blocked me from the post so I couldnt respond to said people. It was annoying but it didnt bother me THAT much.Then….thats when our-blades-are-sharp jumped in and made everything worse. Because I don’t have screenshots ill just quote them directly: “You hurt an infant for nothing but your own sick satisfaction. You assaulted a two year old to let out your frustration, that’s it. Do yourself a favor and stay away from him.” This is the line that pushed me over the edge and made me delete. She saud other things but this was the main thing I had a problem with. She assumed that the reason I smacked my nephew on the hand was because I was angry and I wanted to take my anger out on him (I already apologized to her because when she said that I thought she meant “satisfy myself sexually” but that wasnt the case, still bad nonetheless. Even with that one misunderstanding sh’e still saying I assaulted a minor family member and was gaining satisfaction from it.). On top of that she called a slap on the hand “assault”. The reason why it got to me was because I was abused by a person for that same reason. I’ve been abused throughout my childhood just because my parent wanted to let out anger. I would get physically and emotionally abused because my parent would have bad days at work and for her to compare THAT to smacking a kid on the hand to teach him that doing bad things have consequneces… just broke me. One of my biggest fears is to be like my abuser and now I had someone calling me one because of a slap on the hand so I deleted. I couldn’t take it even though I knew it was trivial and not true.

Her main issue with me hitting him was that he’s two and she thinks he doesnt know the difference between right and wrong and what and what not to do. She thinks that him throwing the phone at me was a game and that he thought the phone was a ball. That’s not the case. My nephew KNEW what he was doing. He knows the difference between a phone and a ball and he knows what “stop” and “no” means. When someone else is acting up he’ll tell them HIMSELF to stop so he knows. Plus im around him all the time I know him better then a random stranger on the internet. 

I explained all of this to her in this post (x) 

This was her horrible ass response (x)

She’s still saying that what I did was assault and even when I told her to not call it assault/abuse she ignored it and made some witty ass response. She ignored half of what I said about him knowing right from wrong and just said “He’s two!” as if that changes anything. 

I love my nephew and I would never hurt him just to take out anger or for my own “sick satisfaction.” What I did wasnt assault either.

Anyways im glad to say im back.

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•Skin• Neymar

Neymar  sat on the edge of his king sized bed texting a few  acquaintances out of boredom as he waited for his girlfriend Y/n to finish up with her shower. He was taking her out somewhere,anywhere, so long as they werent the only ones around and in such close  proximity to one another. Normally that would be the last thing he wanted to do seeing as the time the had alone was sparse but Y/n had been pushing his buttons all day. He needed a breather before he did something stupid. 

It was definitely not how he expected to feel,  on the contrary he had been looking forward to this day all week. It was one of those rare  occurrences where the two of them had the day off from school and football respectively. He was literally bouncing off the walls wanting the week to go by quicker. When he woke up that morning to find her laying next to him he couldnt help but smile. It was the first time in a while Y/n had spent the night. Neymar’s apartment was farther from the university then hers, so it just didnt make sense but just being able to watch her sleep brought him so much joy…and then she woke up. 

It was as if she decided today was Tease Neymar Day. She literally was provoking him with her every word and action.  Making the most innocent things sexual and when Neymar tried to push things further in that direction she’d shut him down quick. It was baffling because it wasnt like they  havent made love before and he wasnt going to force her into anything she didnt want. He wasnt that type of guy, she said no and frustrating as it may be he backed off. 

“Dont worry the day is yours,“ she had smirked when he asked her way she kept playing games. He didnt even know the hell that meant. 

now it was noon, he already knows taken a shower and got dressed and once Y/n did the same they’d head out somewhere.  Neymar  knew she was gonna complain about having wearing his clothes out—she didnt bring any besides what she wore the day before, thinking they were gonna have a day in. That wasnt gonna work at this point though, like he said she was driving him crazy, if they weren’t out there soon…he was gonna do something crazy.

Just then  bathroom the door opened; Neymar looked up from his phone, knitting his eyebrows together in confusion. There stood Y/n good feet away , in the towel he gave her and nothing else.Her hair was still damp and there was still some stray water droplets on her skin.

 He could’ve sworn he gave her clothes to change into… 

He raised an eyebrow as she stared back at him with an unknown determination written all over her face. Before Neymar had a chance to say  anything, a smirk suddenly pulled her lips upward. Still staring  dead at him ,she released the towel in a swift motion, allowing it to fall and pool around her feet.  Neymar’s jaw dropped. It shouldn’t be a big deal,since he’d seen her naked a number if times but this was Y/n  we were talking about. She wasn’t insecure but she definitely had a shy nature to her. She never just got naked in front of him. She preferred getting dressed in the bathroom and for the lights to be either dim or low before any of her clothes came off for sex. Neymar never understood it—her body was beautiful and she had nothing to be shy about. 

His tongue swiped across hid bottom lip, as his eyes bounced around her naked semi-wet body as if he was seeing it for the first time. If he was thinking properly he would waste no time getting in her face and getting things started, but with  how silly and playful she had been, teasing him for all he knew  this could  be another tease. It better not be. 

Y/n  bit her lip as they just silently looked at one another— well she looked at him, Neymar was too busy gawking at her body like he would  never see it again. It was only when she spoke his eyes met hers. 

“Well?you just gonna sit and stare?” she tilted her head in a question, “or take whats yours?”

She didnt have to ask twice; Neymar was in front of her before she could blink. the mixture of lust excitement and confusion in his hazel eyes made him look like he was  seeing her naked for the first time.”whoa there speedy.” she giggled, tilting her head to the side as she playfully tugged at the bottom of his shirt.

He narrowed his eyes at her, her playfulness wasn’t the least bit amusing to him, he knew what it could lead to and  he’d be damned if this was another game, if it was he’d pin her ass was to the wall and shit would get done like that.

“What are you doing, Y/n?” He cut to the chase,though it didnt really matter, there was no way in hell he was gonna have freezing water hit his skin again on account of her.“Exactly what I promised,“A smirk pulling her lips upward, "the days yours; all yours.”she gestured  casually towards her naked body.

He raised an eyebrow; he didnt know what got into her, this wasnt her, she jus didnt do shit like this. she wasn’t shy but she wasnt all that bold either. but Neymar wasn’t stupid to let it go to waste. He backed her into  the nearest wall, leaving very little space between them.

"someones excited.” she bit her lip as  the tent his dick was raising in his pants  poked at her thigh. His eyebrows furrowed, again with the games, and teasing,“don’t fuck with me Y/n. I’m serious.” he warned. She smiled sweetly at him,trailing a finger slowly down the length of his long sleeved shirt,“ you’re actually overdressed.”

She quipped clutching onto the front of the shirt, tugging  it a bit  before pulling it over his head revealing more of his tattoos. she paused to marvel at his beautiful tanned skin. his touch on her own skin, snapped her out of her daze, grabbing onto his belt and wasted no time unbuckling it. 

Once it was done she pushed his jeans down, helping him out of them, kicking them aside before closing the remaining space between them. He was still in his boxers but Y/n wasn’t bother by that at the moment, she tilted her head upwards mashing her lips on his  in a hungry and rough kiss that surprised him a bit, but Neymar  quickly recovered keeping up with the pace she set. 

 His hands slid down her naked frame, roaming and feeling before settling on griping her ass as her hands did a bit of wandering of their own, running across his chest and down his arms as her fingernails lightly scrapped against every bit of skin they came in contact with.  

Y/n took his bottom lip into her mouth sucking  slowly causing an involuntary moan to leave his mouth as she bit down into it ever so slightly before releasing it and pressing her lips against his before kissing her way down his jaw line trailing down his neck, to his chest.

 Once there she licked and kissed and bit, feeling high off the power she had to make his breath quicken like it was. she loved to tease him knowing she had such an affect on him.As much as Neymar was enjoying her in charge, and what she was doing— he was itching to do things his way, and she was going to damn slow for his liking.

 ”fuck this.”he huffed, grabbing her  and roughly pushing her against the wall, her eyes were a mixture of surprise and excitement. “what?” she asked innocently, as if this was what she wanted all along.

Her lips were swollen and, almost red, from the brutality of the kiss they shared.he was sure his were looking about the same..

“I’m gonna teach you to quit fucking with me.” he all but growled at her.

“teach me?” she raised her eyebrow, “or fuck me?”

The boldness of her words matched the mischievous twinkle that never quite left her green eyes. She still wanted to tease, ok…two could play that game. He stepped back , taking off the last piece of clothing, his boxer briefs, he  had on left.

The hunger, lust, and want in her eyes as she stared at his dick was enough to make him want to fuck senseless right then but like he said she was gonna be tortured. he closed the space between them, pressing against her as  trailed his hands all over her, rubbing her down but purposely avoiding places that longed to be touched. 

“Oh,” Y/n moaned out, he ignored her and continued right on with what he was doing, it was slight torturous for him as well but it was worth it to see her squirm. “Neymar,”she whimpered, “please..”

 “please what?” he murmured as his hands went up her stomach to her breasts, he cupped them then massaged them slowly then pinch her nipples her body jerked in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

 “Ney…” she gasped as he place one of her breast into his mouth as he tweaked the other in his hands. causing her to feel utter ecstasy as he licked and sucked and, occasionally, bit. Before switching to the next.

please ..” she writhed in agony of wanting more—needing more. Holding her in place by  her hips, he slowly kissed his way down her body, he kiss her inner left thigh.  she closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she felt his fingers stroke her. she moaned out as he suddenly put his mouth were she longed for it his tongue swirling around her swollen bud. Torturing her as his tongue went around and swiped at the very place he wanted it inside of. she felt his tongue moving up and down  her slit pausing to flick his tongue on her clit with each upward stroke.

“Ney-Neymar  pleasee..”

“What do you want me to do baby…” he said huskily as he pulled away slightly, the look in his eyes showed he was teasing, giving her a taste of her own medicine and she hated him so much right now for it. She could be very prideful when she wanted to be but dammit fuck pride right now, she had already been begging anyway.

“I want..I want it inside of me, put your tongue inside me, Ney” Y/n pleaded as she felt him swirl his tongue faster around her clit she felt like as if she was going to burst open. All of that and he hadn’t even penetrated her with anything yet. Still holding her in place with one hand  as she squirmed in Neymar’s grasp, he pressed his tongue down harder onto her clit,  as he fingered her with his free hand.

she screamed out as he took the sensitive bud between two fingers and pinched it, it wasnt long at all before she came. He lapped up every drop of her essence as she gripped onto his hair and threaded her fingers his hair as she tried to catch her breath.

“You look exhausted.” he said with a chuckle, amused at the way her chest heaved up and down,” too bad i’m not done with you yet.”

Y/n gave him a look but He didnt give her a chance to answer as he began trailing wet kisses along her jaw then down the length of  her neck before settling around the base, kissing with more force then he ever had, and definitely more then she had . It was pain and pleasure swirled into one. she wrapped  her arms around his neck, her fingers finding their place back in his hair. Neymar caressed her body as he continued to kiss her neck up to her ear , before suddenly whispering, “Turn around,”

 Y/n  turned so her back was facing his front. He ran his hands down  her sides and stopped at my waist as he slowly pressed her body up against his. she laid  her head back on his shoulder as he started to kiss his shoulder to her neck, up to her ear , “When I’m done with you, you’re  never going to find teasing me funny again.”

Her breathing hiked in both anticipation and just a little bit of fear; Without warning or any type of heads up, He entered her from behind. She gasped out at  the familiar feeling of him stretching her walls as he pushed his dick into her.“You you know i’m gonna teach you that lesson right?” he whispered into her ear as he slowly pumped in and out of her. Y/n  nodded, biting her lip at the exhilarating feeling of him being inside of her, it made her feel stupid for playing with his needs.

“Okay. Good.” he said as immediately picking up the pace. she was in complete ecstasy and  her moans were getting louder and louder as he moved faster and faster, penetrating her deeper. “Fuck!” she shouted as he continued to hit that spot.  Neymar  grabbed her hair  and pulled her back as he whispered in her ear and said, “You like that?”

 She barely got out a, “Yes!” before she was moaning out again. He wasnt at all fazed as he continued on the pace he was on like he was on a mission—then again he kind of was. his next words to her her reiterated just that.

“I told you I was gonna teach you not to fuck with me no more;you’re  not gonna tease me anymore?” he rammed his dick into her mercilessly. Y/n  opened her mouth to speak but could barely get out a whimper. Neymar   seemed to take that as an ok to go harder, “I asked you a fucking question Y/n .” he growled tugging at her hair.  every word was emphasized with his animal like penetration. Her vision was blurring slightly as she tried in vain to catch her breath.

“No-"She gasped out," Oh my God—”

But Neymar cut off before the complete thought had made its way out her mouth.”No,God isnt doing this to you.” he interjected,”scream out who’s doing this to you.” 

A  whimper escaped her lips Y/n , as she took what he was giving her but that was not a good enough answer Neymar plunged deeper in her not even bothering to be even a little gentle.”say it.” He pressed.

"Neymar” his name fell from her lips in a shallow moan.It wasn’t loud enough, He wanted her to scream it, he wanted to feel the emotion weaved through the way she said his name. He wanted her to scream it so loud the neighbors heard, so loud that she lost her voice. 

“what?tell me the name of who’s fucking you, amor .Who has you screaming out who are you trying run from??” he taunted, his strokes hit her as hard as those words, it was too much and he knew it, he was doing this to her on purpose, teaching her that ‘lesson’.

 ”Neymar ” She said louder, hoping he’d slow down a bit.

“not good enough."he retorted, his regard to her comfort seemed nonexistent, not that it mattered. In a strange way she loved it.

"Fuck, Neymar!” She screamed as loud as she could while trying to move away,though she knew it was a lost cause being pressed up against the wall and all.  The pain and pleasure he was inflicting felt so good, too good. “what you running from, amor?,"he taunted, "I know I taught you how to take this." 

"it hurts.”

" take it.” he whispered roughly in  her ear, it was a turn on and scared her at the same time. “Oh my— I CANT. please..please slow—slow down.” She whined, her fingernails clawed fruitlessly at the wall, trying to adjust to the a pain that came along with the pleasure as he drilled into her, ignoring her pleas.

"take it.” he ordered, pulling her head back by her hair, in turn causing her back to arch more. “Oh my god!” she shouted as and he reached in between them and rubbed her clit.

“throw it back,” he ordered. Y/n’s screams increased as she matched  his rhythm,throwing her ass back like he wanted, meeting every thrust he made.

“God;NEYMAR!” she screamed as she came. he continued to drill into her almost five more minutes before he came as well. Both their breathing heavy, He  pulled out before turn her back around, pressing their foreheads together they both worked to catch their breath.

"wow.” she breathed out, he smirked, “impressed already? it still aint over baby, you’re in for a night.”

She rolled her eyes, that cocky smirk irritated her—-and the fact that he had every right in the world to be that way right now… he made he feel so good. even with the pain..maybe it was because of the pain…

“its not night though.” She managed to sneak in some sarcasm. He chuckled,“no one said it was,” he smirked. Y/n’s eyes widened when she realize what he meant.  How wasnt he tired? She didnt have time to think as Neymar  took her lips in a heated kiss. She was sore but it didnt matter that her body was screaming for down time. His  body pressed against hers again was all she need to be ready.

Round two. 


Re: Scandal...I said i wasnt going to give this anymore of my time but i need to vent.

Yea yea yea if i dont like the show dont watch. Dont worry. I wont. So thanks for the advice. Good bye now. ✋😒

Anyway…i have to get this off my chest because im pissed, annoyed and frustrated AF. You dont have to agree with me but here it goes…

Im more upset that olivia was pregnant than her having an abortion. For a few reasons…

1. I already discussed this with a couple other people on here so sorry for sounding redundant if youve already read my comments…but for someone so smart, career driven AND very sexually active, u mean to tell me she wasnt on birth control? It just seemed SOOOOO very irresponsible.

2. I didnt want olivia to get pregnant without marrying fitz. I wasnt expecting some fairytale family fantasy story but i didnt want this. Im a little sensitive when it comes to black female roles. Sensitive in the fact that i hate when theyre typecasted and portrayed as stereotypes. Now, it’s bad enough that OP is his mistress and his constituents felt she wasnt “palatable” because she was black but I didnt want olivia being portrayed as his “baby mama”. There i said it. He’s a freshly divorced republican president and he’s about to have a baby with his long time mistress/current girlfriend? Some may see where im coming from, others might see the big deal but like i said, this is how I feel.

3. This literally came out of nowhere just for, what they thought would be, an OMG moment. I didnt see her throwing up, feeling queasy, fainting, etc. Yes, not everyone has the same symptoms and yes im sure they didnt want to make it obvious, but this pregnancy just didnt fit in. It doesnt make sense especially if we go back to my #1 issue above.

4. The abortion. This is such a touchy subject. Whether your stance is pro life or pro choice isnt my concern right now. My concern is the coldness and nonchalant behavior of it all. Some say that everyone grieves differently. i totally get it and agree. I wasnt expecting some huge sob session but i did expect some kind of emotion. Even if they showed us WHY she did it or show us weighing her options, i wouldve appreciated that. But no. Ol’ girl got her abortion, broke up with her boyfriend, went online shopping and drank her wine like it was just another day in the life of olivia pope. That read very cold hearted to me. Not to mention this will be another lie to add to the pile. Will she tell fitz? I doubt it but he’ll find out and they’ll break up AGAIN (honestly, if they get back together, he’s an idiot).

An anon asked if i think olivia loves fitz. i can honestly say that i dont even know and I could care less at this point. She needs to be alone and get her life right.

This episode shocked the hell out of me but not for the right reasons. I feel like im not even watching the same show anymore. I have so much more to vent about but i cant even properly organize my thoughts at the moment.