Blackheath Quaker Meeting House
Blackheath, London, England, UK; 1971-72

Trevor Dannatt, David Greenwood, architects
Ove Arup & Partners, engineers

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via “Concrete Quarterly, 101” (Summer, 1974)


Sketching in the Digital Age: More Relevant than Ever?  

Interesting interview by Arup Connect ( the online magazine of Arup in the Americas ) with Matt Williams ( an associate principal in Arup’s Los Angeles office.), originally titled To Sketch or Not to Sketch”, discusses how sketching enables communication and how our over-reliance on technology isn’t really as efficient as we may think.  via archdaily

All images courtesy of Arup Connect


Behold the world’s tallest free-standing tower of dominos! Measuring 5.275 meters (17.3 feet) tall and made of 2,688 dominos, this awesome structure is the work of Tom Holmes, a structural engineer working at Arup, a design and engineering consultancy firm in Bristol, England.

Tom spent 7.5 hours carefully assembling his record-breaking domino tower. The actual construction took place after Tom and his colleague Roland Trim spent months of careful planning.

‘Like on any project, we tested our theories before starting construction,’ Mr Trim told ‘Armed with that simple logic, we could start to design complex structures that would be able to reach great heights and stand up by themselves.’

The final result dwarfed the previous record holder by almost 20cm and would tower above the average double decker bus by over a metre.

‘As engineers, we’re constantly looking for creative solutions to solve problems so it’s great to put my skills to use in a fun task like this,’ he explained. It’s not every day that you can say you’ve built the world’s largest domino tower.’

Tom and Roland are now planning how to successfully break their own record by building a 6 meter (19.7 foot) tall domino tower. Good luck gentlemen, we hope you succeed!