At first we all probably wondered if Gaga was hacked, i did but then i realized that couldn’t be, because all her social media accounts, including Jo Calderone’s twitter and even Gagadaily keeping up with the playing, and of course twitter could not let that happen for hours without doing something quick and more with someone as big as Gaga is, then it was so clear.

Gaga is making all of this up, we all knew she was in a blackout, and she could just keep going and avoid to tweet or post in BUT this is an incredibly smart move of her. Removing her direct pictures, background pictures and putting messages making it clear she has been shut down, what do you think it was for?

If you remember she has used the concept of Rebirth a lot before with Born This Way, but for months i’ve been coming to the conclusion ARTPOP main concept is “REBIRTH” like Fame era was ‘Fame’, FM era was 'Fears’ & BTW era was 'Identity’. She has a never ending ability to be reborn over and over again within a lifetime, its a good metaphor, she can change from the inside to the outside, whether she changes her looks & wigs but most importantly, she changes her creativity and her inspirations so frequently, as soon as she opens the next door, like she calls it, her new move, her creativity for the next era, she rediscovers herself as an artist and that is always reflected on her music, her art concepts and even her looks. Have you noticed each single of each album had an special signature look? i call those the mini-eras. She transforms herself all the time, in cycles. She ends one, and then she starts all over again, she is reborn every time. That’s why she is the amazing Artist she is, and i love and admire her so much for that.

Back to what she is doing now, she has been so inspired by the concept of the Phoenix, the ability to be reborn again from its own ashes (call it her past, her insecurities, her fears or inner monsters, to be able to forget & forgive herself, forgive her own flaws and forgive whoever hurt her before, focusing on the future) the flames destroy but they also purify & clean, so to bring that to context, you could say on these months Gaga has been burnt-out, disappeared, and now shut down massively, how long is gonna take for gossip blogs to write about this?, or for TV or radio people to mention what just happened with Gaga social medias, and how about the fans multiple reactions, we are already freaking out and expecting ARTPOP news. lol Yes, she’s been burnt-out, she made that to herself actually, is like if she threw the match with fire on herself, that would just take me back to having to explain the whole Fame artistic concept, but lets just say as the paparazzi music video & VMA’s performance shows, she is the princess (the victim) & the murderer (the paparazzi, the fame, when she sings the lyrics from the other side perspective). “Do we kill them? or do they kill themselves?”

Actually is funny, cause it seems like if the Paparazzi music video came back to life, she falls and hits rock bottom, she cancelled her show and had surgery, the wheelchair, “Lady No More Gaga” news, a massive shut down and blackout, and right after she was consumed by these purifying & destroying flames, she will arise from the ashes, and all the media and fans will say: “She is Back” “Lady Gaga is finally back” “ARTPOP is here”. She will be back renewed, bigger & better with the new album, with new music, new ideas, new found creativity, new looks and new inspirations. This is part of the new era creative concept. This is her design. She is the phoenix. And this is just the beginning. Be ready. The phoenix is coming.

She is a Genius!