Overtale Mettaton and Frisk!

Mettaton in my version of Overtale isn’t that old- he’s more late teens. Maybe 19? 20? He doesn’t have a TV show, but he’s a ridiculously popular youtuber, has been on Ellen, and like 5 different news stations. He has like 3 channels, one for vlogging, one for videogames (he only plays plot-heavy games, does story analysis), one for makeup and clothing hauls and tutorials.

Frisk is his fuzzy co-host sometimes, and they have livestreams of them competing on mariokart.

(PLEAE click, tumblr is SHIT with quality lmao)

Art Resources :D

Tools for Anatomy, Gesture, and Figures

Figure and Gesture Drawing

Bodies in Motion


Character Design

3D Head & Hand Viewer

Pose References

More Pose References

Gesture & Figure Reference

Animal & Creature Reference

Creature Reference

Tips on Drawing Animals

Color & Light Reference

Tool for Color Schemes

Movie Screencaps

Costume Design

The History of Costume

Osprey Armor Collection

Fashion from History


General Resources

Miscellaneous References

More Miscellaneous References

Miscellaneous Articles



 Yohann Schepacz Tutorials

Anthony Jones Tutorials

Mike Azevedo Tutorials

Dave Rapoza Tutorials

Realistic Shadows Tutorial

Art Channels

Dan Warren Youtube

Sycra Youtube

Dave Rapoza Youtube

LevelUp Youtube

RossDraws Youtube

Anthony Jones Youtube

Basics of Digital Painting

Adobe Channel

John Silva Twitch

These are the Photoshop Brushes I use

Feel free to add any additional reference websites that you might use, if I don’t have it. :)