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Newt writes a lot of letters.

Newt’s mother worried about his lack of friends at school and at his Ministry job and now these solitary years wandering the earth in search of magical creatures. Newt writes her regularly, constantly reassuring her that he’s fine. (And he’s not alone. He has a suitcase full of company.)

Newt’s brother always wants to know about his latest accomplishments and if he’s found a partner yet. “You meet so many people in your travels, little brother. Surely one of them meets your exacting standards.” Newt always ignores these parts of the letters and replies with snippets of his newest discoveries and sketches of his beasts.

Albus Dumbledore receives letters from Newt again after the events in New York with Grindelwald, Credence Barebone, and the obscurus. Dumbledore doesn’t say much in return, just expresses his sincere thanks for sharing this information and his hope that Newt is living his dream.

Queenie Goldstein writes Newt pages and pages, keeping him up-to-date with everything that’s happened since he left New York and asking him a thousand questions in turn. Newt comes out as aroace and talks about being aplatonic in one of his letters back. He is surprised to find he is somewhat anxious about what the Goldstein sisters’ responses will be.

Jacob Kowalski is the addressee of many unsent letters from Newt. 

Tina Goldstein and Newt exchange letters occasionally. They have a hard time figuring out what to say after talking about the recent creatures Newt has studied and Tina’s new job. But, they always smile when another letter arrives, (especially Tina since Newt’s letters seem to arrive from every kind of bird in the world except for owls).

More often than not, apl aroace Newt’s correspondence with the people he meets on his travels becomes less frequent and eventually stops. It doesn’t bother him though. They usually end wishing each other well, and there are always new people to write to. However, Newt thinks he’ll make a special effort to keep writing to the Goldstein sisters.

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People that think they can “fix” ace/aro people are honestly the scum of the earth. No I don’t want to have sex with you and no I’m not gonna “hit you up” if I decide I want to have sex. Who I am and what I like is no business of yours, and if you actually think that this is acceptable to say to people then clearly something is wrong with you. Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me or any other ace/aro person we are perfectly normal.

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Hi! I like your stuff a lot! And I always see whenever you talk about shipping characters, you headcanon a lot of them as ace or aro. And, to be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure what they are? I mean, I know what they stand for, but I'm confused about asexuality I guess? I hope I'm not coming off as rude btw. I just wonder, if someone is asexual, can they still be attracted to someone? Not, sexually attracted like, romantically attracted? Sorry if this is a bit long. I was just confused.

oh, yeah!!! asexuality and aromaticism are two different things they’re usually associated together, but yeah they don’t always go hand in hand. 

being Asexual just means that you’re not sexually attracted to anyone. you can still be romantically interested tho!! or you can just enjoy the feeling of sex for yourself. all it boils down to is if you don’t have a sexual attraction to another person.

and even then, there are gray-aces or demi-sexuals who do feel sexual attraction towards others, but only very rarely (grays), or only after a close emotional bond is formed (demis). asexuality is a spectrum, and it varies from person to person.

some are okay with sex, some enjoy the feeling of it for themselves, some will do it to make their partner happy, and some are completely repulsed by the idea.

on the other hand, being Aromantic means that you have no romantic feelings towards anyone. you can be aromantic and sexually attracted to people. and there are demi-romantics as well, who only feel romantic emotions towards people after a close emotional bond is formed (similar to demi-sexuals!!). aromanticism is a spectrum just like asexuality, and again, it varies from person to person.

several of my friends are Asexual but interested in Romance, for example!! 

meanwhile, i’m both a sex repulsed asexual and an aromantic, meaning i have no sexual or romantic attraction in anyone, nor do i want to!!

i hope that all made sense!!!!

ok honestly this new trend of insulting and just invalidating ace people’s ace headcanons is so rude and immature? yes, a lot of people in the ace community on tumblr do a lot of bad shit, and yes homophobia is not very uncommon (sadly). but having a headcanon that a character (with no contradicting canon sexuality) is ace is not homophobic and it’s not bad. it’s just ace people finding representation and interacting with media in a way they find entertaining and validating. can all of you please step the fuck off? let them enjoy themselves when they’re not hurting anyone.

So like, one of the main things I see for people not wanting to include aro/ace people in lgbt+ spaces is not wanting to include cishet people. And I’m not going to get into that at all, but like where are we leaving aromantic asexual people here? Bc if they’re out of the fold because they’re hetero something or other, then that’s inherently wrong? Being aro ace is not straight. So using that umbrella term for them is pretty hurtful and should probably stop tbh.