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Model Flaviana Matata 

Born June 9th, 1988 in Tanzania 

  • In 2007 she won the Miss Universe Tanzania pageant 
  • Represented Tanzania in the Miss Universe competition in 2007 where she ranked 6th place 
  • She was the first ever contestant in the Miss Universe pageant to participate with a shaven head 
  • Has modeled for designers like Alexander McQueen, Tory Burch, and Vivienne Astwood among others 
  • Appeared in magazines like Dazed & Confused, Glass Magazine, L'Officiel and i-D Magazine
  • In 2011 she won model of the year in the Arise Fashion Magazine Awards
  • In 2012 she won outstanding model award at the Nigeria Next Super Model Awards as well as the face of Africa in the African Diaspora Awards 
  • The face and CEO of Lavy Prodcuts, which is a cruelty, and toxic free beauty product company based in Africa 
  • She won Humanitarian of the year in 2013 at the Swahili Awards 
  • Established the Flaviana Matata Foundation, an organization that helps empower young orphaned girls in Tanzania among doing other things to help improve the education of Tanzanian children 
  • Her goal is to encourage children to pursue an education and for young women to work hard and support one another 
  • Currently lives in the US with her husband Doe Massawe
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‘Le Rendez-Vous’ - model: Ajak Deng & Ataui Deng - photographer: John-Paul Pietrus - fashion editor / stylist: Sabrina Henry - Arise Magazine #11 Dec10 - location: Paris, France

  • Giles top - Cerruti shorts with matching belt - Gaspard Yurkievich mary janes
  • Sophia Kokosalaki blouson - Cerruit shorts with matching belt - Gaspard Yurkievich brogues