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But?? Tink?? Sam and Dean are soulmates, no ? i mean : they share a heaven together and just?? (I'm not a fan of wincest, i'm really curious)


That whole episode was written (by Dabb, who writes so much ending the toxic codependency, performing!dean, destiel etc) to pointedly show that their heavens are totally OPPOSITE. I think basically all the meta writers have written about it, I know @mittensmorgul has at length.

Dean’s heaven is about his family and Sam’s is all about LEAVING the family, Dean dislikes dogs and Sam loves them etc etc etc.

THEYRE OPPOSED. Their brotherly bond and love is so strong that they learn to get along in the later seasons DESPITE the fact that they’re NOT soulmates, that they’re so different and want different things in life. That’s the POINT and it’s so beautiful that it frustrates me tbh to take this whole exposition away from them!

My tag for this is #spn 5x16 meta and #soulmates.


└ Arashi’s personalities: all too evident from Hand Sumo match~ 

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 28.10.2017

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Shelter [LuNyx]

Ahhhhhh I’m so excited to be finally able to share this collab that me and @annaoi​ worked so hard on. This little idea came up from our usual screaming about lunyx, and omg I’m so proud with how this came out! She did the gorgeous drawings and animations of course, but I hope this fic will do them justice!

SHIP: Luna/Nyx



No matter the rain
her eyes still reach out
with love…

They ran, creating small splashes when their feet met the rain soaked floor. Nyx grasped her hand, fingers intertwined as he pulled the princess through the falling rain. His jacket was draped over her shoulders, in hopes to provide the littlest bit of warmth and shelter. Nyx didn’t mind the rain, it was a common thing back in his home-land and he enjoyed the feeling of having droplets fall upon his skin. But the princess, for someone he was assigned to protect getting her even the slightest bit sick would cost him.

The sound of soft chuckling entered his ears as he ran. He turned his head to land his sights on the smile which graced her lips. Her eyes too began to glimmer, like a piece of blue sky hidden away from the clouds of grey.

“What are you laughing at, your highness?” Nyx asked, not that it bothered him. Seeing her smile sent a tingling warmth within his being.

“Oh, it’s nothing Nyx.” Lunafreya replied. “The rain was just so sudden, I just find it quite amusing.”

The downpour was quite a surprise. The day started off as per usual, with blue skies and the beaming warmth of the sun. ‘A perfect day for a picnic.’ as her royal highness had stated, and that was what they did. But before the picnic blanket even met the grass floor, grey clouds began to darken the once blue sky, blocking the sun which blessed what was supposed to be a sunny day. A sudden cold chill was starting to fill the air, giving way to the droplets of rain which followed next. At the sound of clapping thunder, that was all it took for the two to make their speedy escape.

“Laugh all your want, your highness. But we gotta get you back inside the palace before the storm starts brewing.” But despite his words, the glaive couldn’t help but chuckle back.

They soon reached the palace as intended. The soaked soles of their shoes created small mud tracks along the marble floor as they padded through the halls. Light illuminated these long halls, but not for long. A crack of thunder was all it took to take it away, leaving them to stand in nothing but darkness.

“Well, great.” Nyx muttered. “Just what we needed.”

“Should we wait until the power goes back on?” Lunafreya suggested.

A more logical suggestion as expected from the princess, however Nyx shook his head in disagreement. “There’s no need. Better to make our way now than stand here for hours.” It wasn’t like this was the first time he had been inside the palace. As a guard, it was expected for him to have it’s grounds memorised. How much of a difference could it be in the dark.

Or so he thought.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” Lunafreya asked, a common question since they entered the palace.

Nyx tightened his lips, a gesture of his own frustration. He didn’t want to admit it, but they were lost.


That was a lie, and the princess could tell from the hesitance in his voice.

“We’ve been walking for quite a while don’t you think?” she further asked. “It usually doesn’t take this long.”

“Well, being in the dark and all we gotta be more careful.” That was partially true, being in a dark environment did require more caution. But being inside the palace was far different from the battlefield.

“I understand. The palace is quite vast. One can really get lost.” she only further pressed.

She was onto him. Even in the dark he could tell that there a smirk forming on her lips.

“Okay, fine.” Nyx grumbled. “We’re lost.”

Luna giggled. “Oh well. My quarters can wait. Let’s just find the nearest room for now.” And much like he did before, she lead him down the halls, careful to avoid another chance of getting lost.

Upon opening the heavy doors, their eyes met nothing but empty darkness, much like the hallways they were carefully walking through not long before. The only light source visible was the crack from a nearby window, yet that was not enough to illuminate the pitch blackness they were enveloped in.

“I’m going to go find a flashlight or something.” Nyx announced.

“Do you need my help?” Lunafreya questioned the glaive. “It might be difficult if you can’t see.”

However Nyx rejected her offer, giving a shake of his head even if she couldn’t see it. “Don’t worry about it. You just stay here.” Though she did have a point, he would hate to have the princess trip over something in the dark.

“Oh, alright then.” Lunafreya responded. “Just, be careful.”

Nyx let out a snort like laugh. Even amongst the dark, his laugh was something she recognised dearly. “I’m just finding a flashlight, your highness. I’m not going into battle.” and with those words, the fingers which held her own disappeared, along with the comfort she felt while he was by her side.

But she knew he was near. He could hear the footsteps of his heavy boots as he shuffled through the room, the opening of what sounded to be drawers and then a sudden tumble followed by a loud thunk to the ground. A hiss and groan entered her ears, the voice of pain the princess had heard many times before.

“Nyx?” Lunafreya immediately called out. “Are you okay? What happened?”

A response of silence. Her heart stopped.

“Nyx?” she called out again. “Are you hur—”

Suddenly a flash of light belted through the sky. And within seconds her voice was replaced by the menacing cry of thunder rolling through the looming clouds. A symphony of a storm was commencing outside. But the melody it played was far from pleasant to Lunafreya as an unsettling surge of panic began to form in the pits of her stomach.

Fear. It was an emotion she thought she had conquered so long ago. Yet, here it was, returning to her with it’s merciless blow. Her heart was beginning to pound, its thunderous beats rattled against her chest—like bolts lashing the open skies. She breathed sharply, in dear hopes to calm these creeping nerves. However air was doing very little in entering her lungs like she wanted and the terror only continued to build. She stood there unmoved yet her body started to quake along with the tremor of her bones.

This blanket of emptiness and thrashing of rain beyond her shelter, wrapped around her like a smothering hand. She didn’t feel safe, she couldn’t feel safe. Without her sworn protection by her side, Lunafreya was no longer the brave princess she was born to be. She felt like the little girl she thought she had hidden away, small, terrified and lonely.

Fingers gripped at the jacket which draped her shoulders, pulling it close as if it would further hide her from the dark. Her vision, though already blinded in black was starting to blur as tears began to glass her eyes. Another cry of thunder, and a whimper sounded from her trembling lips. She closed her eyes tightly.

“M..Mother…” she cried—small like the voice of innocence—for a guardian who no longer walked among mortals. She was alone, as she had been such for all those long years. It was the same, it always had been…

“Your highness?”

A call of her name and then a sudden grip on her fingers—warm like the embers of a flame. Lunafreya looked up, and her bright blues met the glaives very own. His face spoke a look of concern as he gazed back at the princess. The furrowing of his brows were etched by the shadows painted with the glowing fire burning ever so brightly in his opposite hand.

“Are you alright?” Nyx asked.

Lunafreya didn’t respond at first for she had lost her voice in her moment of terror. “I’m…I’m alright.” words finally left her lips.

However to Nyx’s ears, they didn’t sound as cheerful as they did when they ran from the rain. The crease in his brow ceased and his steel-blue eyes softened. With his fingers already entwined with her own, he tightened his hold. “C’mon.” he spoke softly. “Let’s go find somewhere to sit.”

He led her through the room, the burning embers in his palm illuminating their every path.

They stopped in front of the single large window.

“Sit.” Nyx said, gesturing to the windowsill.

Lunafreya settled herself down on the ledge, however Nyx did not follow suit. Instead he stepped back, opting the princess to quickly take hold of his hand. “Where are you going?” she asked, oblivious to the slight panic in her voice.

Nyx chuckled and a smile graced his lips. “Don’t worry, your highness.” the glaive reassured. “I’m just going to light some candles I found. I’m not going anywhere.”

Hearing his words, Lunafreya relaxed and released her grip on her glaives hand.

The candles, now lit by the glaive’s flame gave light to the once dark room. Though not the brightest in comparison to light bulbs, it was more than enough. From the flickering of the small fire, Lunafreya could make out the room to be an old study. Bookshelves filled with journals, and novels lined the marble walls. The silhouette of a lone desk was stationed, coated with a layer of dust. From above she could make out what appeared to be a chandelier, but it’s light had been robbed by the storms power outage.

She averted her gaze from the room back to the window. It’s glass though streaked with the rain’s racing droplets, still gave a clear view of the storm brewing outside. Black clouds remained sprawled across the skies. From above she could see that the city streets were no longer a bustle. People much like themselves had departed for much needed shelter. Leaning her head against the glass, she could feel the coldness prick against her skin.

“Looks like this storm isn’t letting up anytime soon.” Nyx spoke, joining the princess on the ledge of the window. Leaning his back against the wall, he mumbled. “So much for a sunny day.”

Lunafreya turned from the view outside back to her glaive. Even in the dim light, she could still see that sense of calmness on his face that she longed for—a look of bravery she wished she knew how to wear at this moment.

“Y’know, it’s okay to be scared sometimes.” Nyx said softly. Looking away from the window he turned his gaze to the princess.

Lunafreya tightened her lips and lowered her eyes. Though she knew there was no point in hiding, he could see right through her, he always had. “Do you…” she stopped. “Do you get scared?” she asked softly. She was expecting an answer of denial. He was the hero after all. Nyx was one who rarely spoke about his fears, and yet…

“Yeah, I get scared sometimes.” Nyx’s reply surprised the young royal “I’m scared of snakes.”

That only further bewildered the princess. “Snakes?” she questioned. “The hero of the Kingsglaive is scared of snakes?” An unexpected fear from a glaive like he, she found it hard to believe. 

“Shocking, I know.” Nyx mumbled, clearly embarrassed. “The way they just slide everywhere, and those beady eyes.” Nyx could feel a shudder run up his spine from just thinking about the curse reptile. “Libertus makes fun of me about it all the time.”

Lunafreya laughed, covering her giggles with her palm. In an instant the fear she felt a short while ago seemed to disappear like it never happened. At the sound of such, a grin spread across the glaive’s lips.

“Looks like you’re going to need the protecting then if we ever encounter a snake then, dear glaive.” she continued to laugh.

Nyx could only bring his hand sheepishly to his neck, but the grin he wore did not falter. Being protected by the princess herself, he couldn’t argue. It’s not the first time she had saved him. Still flustered, he turned his attention back to window, in hopes to hide the sudden warmth that began to dust his cheeks.

The princess’s laughter resorted to a smile, and her eyes now lay their focus on the glaive before her. Though she had watched him many times before, his appearance now seemed a little different from how he usually presented himself. It wasn’t just the jacket which he had shed to lay on her shoulders, but also the casual stance of his elbow propped on a raised knee and the way his back leaned in a slight slouch—a clear sign of weariness. But that wasn’t that only thing that caught her interest.

“Your hair…” The words tumbled from her lips in a soft whisper. However soft her words may be, they didn’t go unheard to the glaives ears.

“My hair—” Nyx stopped, and was silenced when he turned to see the sudden closeness he and Lunafreya were sharing. “Your…your highness?…”

“It’s all messed up from the rain.” she giggled. It was the first time she had seen it in such disarray. Her slender fingers reached out to his dark tresses, and gently brushed away the slightly damp strands to their rightful place.

Nyx could only do so much but stare at the royal highness, noticing the concentration she suddenly had on combing his hair. But his gaze on her eyes did not last long, as they began to wander, down from her nose until they lingered on the slight parting of her lips. Within, burned a sudden urge to feel them on his own—soft and warm. Yet as quick as the feeling came, he swallowed them down. Biting his lip, he turned his eyes away. A stupid thought he knew that would never be. Even with the soft pattering of rain, and the burning of candles to set the mood,  for him—a mere glaive—to kiss a princess like she was only something that came in his wildest dreams.

But not only that, he was scared. Scared of what may come to pass if he ever dared to approach her with feelings she may not even return.

“That’s better.” Lunafreya murmured. However upon averting her eyes away from his hair, she only met the gaze of his very own. They stared at her, holding a glint of longing she had never seen before. Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to tear away, and only returned it back with a look that spoke much the same. With a gentle hand, she brought it down to rest on his cheek, and instantly he leaned into her caress. “Are you cold?” she asked, noticing his slight shivering.

The hand which rested upon his cheek sent a sense of warmth upon Nyx’s skin. “Not really…” he replied.

She watched, gaze falling to his lips. Her thumb, lightly grazed against the surface, stubble prickling her fingertips. Leaning close, she leaned her forehead against his.

“Are you?” Nyx asked, his warm breath ghosted against her lips like a silent kiss.

“No…” Lunafreya whispered. And amongst the dim glow of candlelight her lips found his, stealing away his breath in a single kiss. Slow, soft and gentle were the lips that melded against his own, laced with unspoken endearment.

Like the small flicker of flames, a certain glow warmed the inside of Nyx’s chest, melting away the biting chill from the rain upon his skin. Resting his palm upon the curve of the princess’s waist, her drew her close to kiss her back with acceptance to her feelings that he himself had feared to express.

But this warming sensation wasn’t bound to him alone, for Lunafreya could feel it too. In the arms of her protector, came that sense of safety she had dearly missed as a child. However, this time, she didn’t feel like she was being held by the arms of a guardian, moreso the arms of a man she loved dearly.

No longer were they glaive and princess in that moment. But two beloveds who had sought for shelter away from the raging cold of the rain, only to find tranquility within each other.

okay I know that no one else really cares but I’m genuinely upset about Ichiya and him disappearing from everyone’s life because I’ll be damned if that man deserved to. He’s such an awesome dude despite his uh… quirks and omg can we just take a moment to appreciate him and mourn cause I’m so distraught like there’s tears everywhere. 

look at this man. He’s the epitome of perfection with his snaz snaz hair and constant sparkles. AND DO YOU SEE HIS LIL BOW TIE!!! HE’S ROCKING THAT LIL BOW TIE!! LOOK HOW FANCY HE IS! SO HANDSOME







pagi Ahad yang tenang, Zul sudah siap sedia untuk berkunjung ke rumah abang Fad. Zul dalam perjalanan ke rumah abang kesukaannya, tanpa menyedari apa yang akan berlaku seterusnya.

“AAABANG FAAAD!!!!” Jerit Zul dihadapan rumah Fad. Melihat motorsikal Lagenda Fad, Zul tahu Fad ada dirumah.

“ABANG FAD!!!” Jerit Zul sekali lagi. Fad terjaga dari lena bila mendengar suara Zul, dengan segera dia ke pintu utama.

“Zul?” Fad dengan pantas membuka gate.

“Abang Fad baru bangun tidur? EEE!!! Abang Fad bau busuk!!!” Sindir Zul kepada Fad yang masih lagi mengantuk, dan berpakaian boxer usang sahaja.

“A a… masuk la…” Hidung Fad terhidu bau bedak yang datannya dari badan Zul

“Wangi nye …” Ujar Fad.

“Hehehe…” Senyum Zul.

Sesudah Zul masuk ke dalam rumah Fad, perkara pertama yang Zul lihat ialah kertas-kertas dan buku-buku yang melambak di meja.

“pemalasnye abang Fad belajar…” Ujar Zul kemudian duduk di banggu berhadapan dengan TV.

“Hehehe, Zul dah makan?” Tanya Fad sambil berjalan menuju ke dapur untuk membikin air.

“Zul dah sarapan di rumah tadi….” Ujar Zul dengan mengoyangkan kakinya dan memerhati sekeliling ruang tamu Fad.

“Nak, ni je abang ada, air kola…” Fad hanya menjumpai setin kola dalam peti ais dan membagikan pada Zul.

“Zul menggangu abang Fad ke?”

“Eh tak la.. untuk Zul, semuanya okya…”

Fad nampak macam ada satu peluang untuk ber'mesra’ dengan Zul dan dia mencari idea bagaimana nak mula ber'mesra’

“Abang Fad … kenapa ada bnda bergerak2 kt dlm boxer tu? ”

“zul Nak tengok….”

“Sekejap ye…” Dengan perasaan gelisah, Fad memastikan yang pintu rumahnya terkunci, dan langsir ditutup. Bila line dah clear, Fad melondehkan apa yang tinggal di badannya.

“Nah…” Konek Fad yang mengeras sejak Zul datang tadi sekarang bebas, bebas untuk ditonton oleh Zul.

“Boboi abang Fad besar nye!!!! hehehe”

“Mari sini Zul, cuba tengok boboi abang Fad ni…” Tanpa segan silu, Zul mengikuti pintaan Fad. Berdiri dihadapan Zul dgn konek bersaiz 5 inci, pangkalnya lebat dengan bulu, kantung air mani pula kelihatan penuh dan berat.

“Abang, kenapa abang pegang bontot Zul?” Tanya Zul dengan hairan.

“ERRR!!! Abang suka tengok bontot Zul, cantik dan putih… abang suke…” Senyum Fad. Zul tersimpul malu bila abang kesukaannya suka dengan buritnya.

“Tengok ni…” Ujar Fad sambil memegang boboi Fad, Telur Zul mengerut ke dalam, bawah pusatnya memang tepat gambaran nakal Fad selama ni terhadap badan Zul.

“EEHHH!!! Zul takutlah!!!” Secara tiba-tiba Zul memeluk Fad, alangkah bahagianya Fad sekarang, cuma tunggu masa saja untuk teruna Zul hilang.

“Dah, dah, tak payah takut….” Kata Fad sambil menepuk-nepuk dengan manja punggung Zul, bukan setakan itu saja, Fad memberanikan jarinya menerokai celahan punggung Zul, mencari sesuatu yang berharga.

“Abang… ah….!! Sakit la…!!” Jerit Zul dengan manja bila Fad mencubit pipi punggung Zul.

“Abang Fad, kenapa boboi abang Fad basah?” Tanya Zul, Zul menyedari konek Fad basah bila Zul peluk Fad tadi, sekarang air mazi Fad tercalit di betis kanan Zul.

Ah!! Itu tandanya abang Fad sayang kat Zul…“ Ujar Fad. Ini menandakan lampu hijau untuk bertindak lebih liar terhadap jejaka berumur 25tahun ni. Fad mencengkam koneknya dengan erat, seperti memerah jus pelincir keluar dari lubang kencing, meletakkannya di jari telunjuk kemudian mencalitkannya di bibir Zul.

"Cuba rasa, sedap tak Zul?” Zul yang tidak tahu apa yang betul dan apa yang salah segera menjelirkan lidahnya untuk merasakan air mazi lelaki berumur 25 tahun lebih tua darinya.

“Umm…. sedap!!” Senyum Zul.

“Nak lagi Zul yang abang sayang sungguh?”


“Tapi abang pun nak rasa ‘sayang’ adik…” Ujar Fad dengan menunjukkan muka yang sedih.

“Nah!!!” Tetiba Zul berdiri dihadapan Fad yang sedang duduk dan Zul, seperti tahu apa yang dipinta oleh Fad memaparkan boboinya ke arah Fad. Dengan hatinya yang dipenuhi oleh nafsu , Fad masukkan batang Zul ke dalam mulutnya. Kehangatan rongga mulut Fad menghantar sensasi baru kepada seluruh badan Zul. Badan Zul seolah-olah ditolak ke belakang dek kerana sensasi baru ni, tangannya pula sibuk membelai kepala Fad. Lebih manis dari gula, lebih nikmat dari milo ais, aksi zul ni membakar jiwa Fad yang sedang dahagakan nafsu.

“Abang…!! Boboi Zul rasa nak kencing…” Bila Fad mendengar keluhan Zul tadi, dia terhenti dan mengeluarkan boboi Zul daripada kamar mulutnya. Basah dan merah, itulah yang dilihat oleh Fad.

“Abang kenapa berhenti? aa..a a….” Tanya Zul.

“Abang nak main sekejap dengan boboi Zul…” Jari kanan main buah kerendut manakala jari kiri Fad pula sedang menarik boboi Zul kebawah.

“Tengok ni Zul!!!” Arah Fad, apa yang dilihat Zul ialah bobinya mempunyai tombol berwarna merah kemerahan.

“Sekarang ni…. abang nak bagi boboi abang pada Zul, Zul nak tak rasa boboi abang?”

“huh…uh…” Terasa ketat dan nikmat bila Fad menarik btg Zul ke bawah, membuatkan kepala boboinya mengembng


"Sekejap, abang baring di sofa dulu…”

“Okay, sekarang adik pusing badan adik supaya kaki adik berada di kepala abang…”

“Macam ni?” Ujar Zul.

“Yup, posisi ni dinamakan 69…”

“Sixxty nen??”

“Hahah! Okay lepas tu, adik ambil la boboi abang tu…” Sebelum Zul mengulum batang ni, Zul melakukan perkara yang tidak disangkakan oleh Fad, menghidu telur dan menjilat kantung berisi jus boboi!

“Burger telor!!! Hehehe” Ujar Zul, kemudian sambil mengkuburkan wajahnya di tempat sulit yang berbau lagi berbulu.

“Yeah… macam tu baru adik abang!!!” Jerit Fad, kemudian dia merasakan sesuatu yang dah lama dia tidak rasa, boboinya dikulum, Fad menahan dirinya daripada menjolok mulut Zul kerana takut Zul akan tercekik dan mengigit boboinya. Dihadapan Fad ialah boboi Zul yang hampir hilang stimnya,

!! Abang!!! Kenapa abang jilat lubang Zul???“

"Adik sayang abang tak?”


“Adik percayakan abang tak?”


“Jadi apa yang abang buat ni semua untuk adik sebab abang sayang Zul…” Jelas Fad.

“Um… ahh!!!!” Rintih Zul bila lubang buritnya diserang oleh bibir Fad. Jus-jus burit Zul terkeluar ekoran rangsangan tadi dan juga ekoran lidah Fad yang menikam pintu belakang Zul bertubi-tubi. Zul kembali mengulum kote Fad, dalam masa yang sama, dia belajar erti kenikmatan rimming. Sesudah Fad rasa yang lubang ini cukup sedia untuknya, dia berhenti.

“Adik… berdiri dulu dik…” Arah Fad, kemudian Zul akur dengan arahan Fad, dia berdiri dihadapan Fad yang sedang duduk berkangkang.

“Cium abang…” Pinta Fad dengan nada yang menggoda, tanpa berfikir apa-apa, Zul terus mengucup Fad. memang sesuatu yang romantik dan unik. Taktala tangan Fad meraba-raba belakang Zul, Zul merasakan sesuatu yang hangat dan besar cuba memasuki lubangnya.

“Abang!!! Sakit!!!” Rintih Zul. Ini baru saja beberapa cm kepala takuk Fad masuk, Zul terasa sakit sangat.

“Shhh… Adik, abang sayang sangat dengan adik… jadi abang nak bagi ni dalam adik…”

“Tapi abang Fad, Zul sakit sangat!!!”

“Cuba kiss abang dan tenangkan diri Zul…” Zul buat apa yang disuruh dan akhirnya dia dapat menenangkan diri, sekali lagi Fad cuba memasukan kepala takuknya kedalam lubang burit Zul, dan ianya berlangsung secara pantas.

“ABbbbanngg..!!!!!!!!!” Jerit Zul dalam mulut Fad, Fad cuba sedaya upayanya untuk menutup mulut Zul daripada jerit dan ternyata dia berjaya. Dengan satu hunusan, segala pedang Fad terbenam dalam lubang Zul. Zul menitiskan air matanya bila ini berlaku.

Abang!! Sakit!!! Berhentila" Rayu Zul.

“Shhh!!! Abang janji nanti takkan sakit lagi, cuma adik Zul jangan kemutkan bontot adik….” Ujar Fad sambil mengesatkan air mata Zul dan Zul mengangguk kepalanya.

Dengan bantuan air ludah Fad dan jus semula jadi burit Zul, proses henjut menghenjut kian rancak.

“Abang!!! Zul rasa pelik!!!!”

“Tak sakit lagi??”

“Tak!!! Cuma rasa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bila Fad mengetahui yang Zul tidak merasa pedih dan otot buritnya dah pecah teruna, ibarat roket terjunam ke dalam laut, Fad menghanyun ke atas pinggulnya dengan kuat, menenggelamkan btgnya Zul terkaku, matanya terbeliak seperti terkejut.

“Ak.. akk…” Dia seperti tidak mampu bersuara dek kerana kenikmatan yang baru dan dia merasai kenikmatan G-spot ini.

“Kenapa dek?” Tanya Fad, dia tahu dia dah pun memecahkan teruna Zul dan mengena kepala boboi Fad pun telah menjumpai G-spot zul.

“. . arrrgghhhh. .” Tanpa sebarang jawapan Zul berikan pada Fad, cuma di menjawab dengan menghayunkan buritnya dengan pantas dan seperti mesin.

“Adik rasa sedap abang!!! Adik nak lagi!!!”

“Adik suka?”

“AHH!! Adik suka!! Zul suka boboi abang dalam adik!!! Nak lagi!!!”

“Okay adik, nah!!!”

“Abang!!!!!!” kelenjar prostat Zul dikerjakan oleh kepala boboi Fad.

“Adik, abang sayang sangat dengan adik….”

“adik juga!!! Ah bang, kuat lagi!!!” Pinta Zul.

“Abang Fad…” Keluh Zul yang sedang giat menerima tikaman pedang Fad dalam buritnya yang dah longgar.

“Ye Zul??”

“Adik mcm nak kencing….” Ujar Zul.

“Adik, itu bukan kencing, itu namanya adik hampir pancut air mani..” Jelas Fad tanpa berhenti menikam koneknya


“Abang pun nak pancut dah ni… ?”

“Abang!!! Adik tak tahan lagi!!!”

Abang pun sama!!! Adik, abang pancut dalam okay?“

"ABANNNNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Memang beruntung bagi seorang lelaki yang dapat mencapai klimak sewaktu lubang buritnya dijolok. Dengan sekuat hati Zul menjerit buat kali pertamanya dia memancutkan air mani di atas dada Fad, Sebelum Zul menjerit, Fad sempat mengucup Zul untuk mengurangkan bunyi jeritan Zul, Fad memeluk seeratnya kemudian dengan satu tikaman terakhir, dia menanamkan biji benihnya ke dalam lubang teruna Zul. Kapasiti Zul untuk menerima kuantiti cecair cinta Fad ternyata tidak mencukupi lalu meleleh keluar dari celahan batang Fad. Badan Zul yang pada awalnya bersih dan suci, kini lebih 'bersih’ dan 'suci’ disebabkan oleh Fad. Seluruh anggota badan Zul sekarang ni lemah gemalai, berpeluh, dan berbau seks, Zul tidak mampu menahan kepalanya dari mencium Fad lalu rebah di bahu Fad.

“Adik? Abang sayang kat adik Zul…”


“Ye adik?”

“pown syyyyg kat abang Fad….” Ujar Zul dengan lemah, kesucian jejaka ni dah hilang.