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How do you eat out a girl? Tho this question isnt necessarily for guys but since I can assskk

The secret to giving good head is to read the signs. You could be the best sexual mechanic in the world, but if you can’t read the emotional road signs, you’re going to end up wandering around in a desolate labial wasteland until, eventually, you drop from exhaustion, hot tears of confusion streaming down your face.
Think of eating as your way of saying, “Although I am about to rock your insides with 3,000 pounds of explosives, here’s a little treat session to show you how I really feel

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Voltage Push Notifications during General Elections
  • <p><b>KBTBB:</b> Don't let the bidders fall behind! Vote Now!<p/><b>SCM:</b> OVERTHROW EISUKE AND WE'LL SELL YOU A REALLY SHORT STORY THAT WE RELEASED FOR FREE IN JAPAN! VOTE NOW!<p/><b>SITS:</b> If we make it to the top whatever, we'll release a new story! it'll come out in Japan first tho. you probably won't get it in english. VOTE NOW!<p/><b>EITM:</b> We'll give you an existing cg with some sparkly shit and some words on it for free if these guys make it to the top 10. VOTE NOW!<p/><b>HLITF:</b> we're giving you false hope for jin. VOTE NOW!<p/><b>Other non participating/older participating apps:</b> *exists*<p/></p>

no matter how nuanced they may come across I’m still really uncomfortable with articles that are like “im a [privileged person] who is dating/related to a [marginalized person]” in principle, because there’s an inescapable tone to them that’s like “hey, i know you may have some opinions about those trans weirdos, but I, a normal person, dated one once, and let me tell you… they’re a little more complex than u think ;)” even tho it’s not always immediately aparent

On the subject of tumblr frands

I’ve been getting some anons on this subject lately, and have seen friends getting similar messages - so instead of my usual inane answers, I figured it would make sense to be ~serious for once (JUST THIS ONCE THO).

Being new to a fandom is scary. Hell, /I/ am still a relative newbie in the fandoms I consider myself to be a part off. So here are some tips to make the process a tiny bit less intimidating.

Give people something to respond to. Starting up friendships with lurkers, or people who exclusively reblog things, is kinda hard, because it’s difficult for people to find out who you really are. So make some content; you don’t have to be an Artist or Writer to do this - I’m living proof of that. If you’re shy, at least try to maybe talk a bit in your tags. In short, just give people something to engage with, or some clue as to who you are.

Don’t be shy about using replies - but don’t expect too much either. Replies are fab. They’re an excellent way to make friends and to get talking to people without the need for Deep One-on-one Conversation. I often look up the blogs of people who reply to posts of mine, and I often start following people who leave me nice replies. However, I sometimes just don’t have time to acknowledge all of the replies I get, just because they get buried in my notes. That’s not a reflection on the person leaving the reply, that’s just bc I’m mad popular, yo (JUST KIDDING I AM A CERTIFIED LOSER - but still actually surprisingly busy).

Speaking of which - maybe don’t try to be /just/ friends with the Super Popular People. With a lot of followers comes a lot of replies, and notes, and asks - and the most popular people are often kinda overwhelmed. That’s why it’s good to follow a lot of blogs, and to talk to more than just that One Person You Adore. I’m not saying it’s impossible to be friends with popular blogs - but it /is/ significantly harder to get their attention.

The anon function really does work. There really is no way for me to know who’s talking to me. I often get the feeling my anons are trying to be pals with me, but the things is: that’s not how you’re going to make friends. It’s a one-sided form of communication that just doesn’t work. I have over 1k of unanswered anon messages in my inbox right now - but I have 0 unanswered ‘normal’ messages. So maybe don’t tick that box, and talk to me in your True Form.

And finally: don’t be shy. I found some of my best pals on here because I am Truly Shameless and just talked to them, or because they reached out to me. Let things grow organically, but realise you’re not going to show up on anyone’s radar if you’re just sitting there quietly. Not everyone you reach out to will end up being your best friend - but that’s fine too! Acquaintance is a very good place to start.

In short: making friends on tumblr isn’t easy - but it’s not impossible either. Try your best, don’t get discouraged too easily, and keep in mind that people not responding the way you wished they had isn’t a rejection; it probably just means that person is too busy. 

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I'm filling out an application right now and I'm terrified, help me ~ very stressed Ji-unnie

Omg noo don’t be stressed!! I swear you’re all doing super good (I’m honestly jealous of your applications like wow you’re all so much better at writing than me help) But you’d be surprised who I’m keeping an eye on in the applications~~

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Claire and Sasha


“ Remember when Leon introduced us? You looked totally embarrassed. ”

The man made Claire even more embarrassed than she was six years ago, when a strong relationship was made, Claire looked furious, Sasha commented in his head, if she didn’t have a connection with him, she would’ve already punched him.

“Oh, shut up.” The redhead answered, with a big wonderful smile on her face, he didn’t see her happy like she was now, it was impressing. Sasha was the one who helped with her depression and anxiety after the incident in that strange island, she once said it was like a flashback of the Rockfort island, in reality. A big silence started after Claire’s comment, some seconds later, she decided to break it.

“ Remember when i drowned in that beach in Los Angeles? I forgot the name of it, but i’m pretty sure you remember. ” Sasha questioned her, after that happened, they never really talked about it, it made Sasha think about it many nights, sure it was weird.

“ Shit.. yeah, I do. I also need to confess something.. ” The Redfield said, when Alexander heard that, he could feel a stranger feel in his stomach, he always did when people had to confess something, it could be something positive, or negative.

“ I faked about it, i never drowned.. And yes, when I said I was going to the bathroom, I was actually going to have a conversation with the lifesaver.” She added, making Alexander even more confused than he was.

“ Wait, what- ”
“ I did all that so you could rescue me. And I knew you would come and save me, the people there would just stare at me, ‘dying’. ”

She interrupted him, Sasha stared at her with wide eyes, he was surprised, actually. She just planned that all, just to feel his lips. What a smart woman.

“ I’m sorry. I couldn’t-”
He interrupted her with a kiss.

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Sticky Idk if you've seen them but there are new pics of Hoech on set. He is looking fabulous and honestly that promo pic doesn't translate to the beauty that he is in real life. There are also small vids and all I can say is 'I'm mesmerized'

Stealing this entirely from @dansdreams but

“I am the man of steel”

“And if you wanna know what I want”

“What I really, really want?”

“I wanna, really really really wanna zig a zig ahh”


That boy’s crotch tho. 

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How do you know if you truly love someone? I'm dating someone..but idk if I actually like him.. and I don't want to hurt his feelings since be actually likes me.. but u really.. really.. am confused on love... Congrats on finding your someone tho!

Thank you !!!

Love is confusing and complex, the one who say it’s easy and simple would be wrong. But to me, if you truly love someone there’s absolutely NO DOUBT that you love them. You just know it, want their happiness and well being and do everything you can to make the other one happy. It’s someone that you see yourself spent the rest of your life with.

You can face insecurities, even fight and argue a little, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t love them anymore. It’s only life testing the strength of your relationship. 

If you don’t want to hurt his feelings, but don’t like him, I would say to leave him. The more you will wait, the harder it will be for the both of you.

I hope you’ll find out more about your feelings and I wish you good luck ~<3

  • Mom:try this dress, you'll like it
  • me:I don't like how dresses feel
  • Mom:if you wear them more you will get used to them
  • Mom:put on some make up, you'll look nicer
  • me:i don't like the feel of that stuff on my face, and it makes be break out, and I like how i look without it
  • Mom:you get used to it
  • Mom:Here , have some wine
  • me:ugh i hate this taste
  • Mom:its an acquired taste, here have some more.
  • Me:*discusses my first time with my boyfriend*
  • Mom:oh you just didn't do it right, he isn't doing it right, you just need to practice and get used to it.
  • Me:I don't really care to tho...
  • I honestly don't think the things I "should enjoy" in life are things I should have to "get used to" first...:
  • me:*enjoys something*
  • Mom:Will you just grow up already?

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Did the blarkes honestly think Bob was getting paid millions per ep like??? No way. They cant be that stupid. Like seriously tho, did they really think that??

Oh…oh yes. They did. We laughed about it for like a week. I was talking about how he’s a terrible actor and one of them came into my inbox like “well if he’s so bad why is he getting paid millions per episode and eliza only a couple thousand??? hmMMMMM HMMMMM?! SHOWED YOU! DRAGGED YOU! REKT! HEY GUYS COME LOOK! I DRAGGED A CLEXUGH!”

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Y'know, I've always loved how it's just silently accepted among the OPM community that Villian!Sai has a popped up collar on his cape. Not that I mean anything bad about it, just really like this fact. XD And holy shit dude I shall forever love the way you do traditional art omfg. <333 Can't wait to see it finished!

ahahaha, that’s EXACTLY what I told myself upon drawing it !

“ who came up with the idea of popped collar? everyone just kind of accepted it. “

I can’t say I disagree tho, the popped collar suits him down to a T ~ 

: D thank you!! 

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I know this is kind of a stretch, but maybe someone could record themselves saying the clue and play it backwards? I know Alex Hirsch put that in the show a lot...

suggested to the discord with credit to you! i actually got a late start this morning because i really wanted to try this! myself and LizardMusic on the discord recorded a reading of all three of the riddles and reversed it, but it seems to be gibberish from what we heard. neat idea, tho! i’d love to hear more ideas from you! ∆

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I'm only asking this cause of what you said about the group's dynamic with each other (I didn't mean that to sound rude) and cause I'm curious what you think. Do you that the members don't get along as well as we think or that only the maknae line plus jhope are close while the hyung line is close? Like do you think that some of the members don't really talk to each other? I kinda felt that way during bon voyage might just be editing tho but idk I'm curious about your opinion. Thank you so much!

I’m sure they’re very close with one another. They literally have to be and do seem quite genuine. However, I don’t doubt that they have other friends and/or specific members with whom they probably feel more at ease with. 

You have to take personalities into account as well. For example, Yoongi and Jin are roommates but don’t talk much together since they’re both quiet types. From language, it seems that everyone is comfortable with Jimin. The maknae line seems tight though, and these days, Namjoon seems close with them too. 

It all just depends on timing in a way; some days, people want to be around one person and maybe not so much the next. Even so, I’m not really implying anything because there’s no way for me to know. It’s possible that they speak differently amongst one another because some of the older members might allow casual speech while others don’t. Oh and yes, editing may have an effect.

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1. Favorite Anime?

Mushishi/ Mononoke/ Haikyuu/ Tekkonkinkreet/ anything from Kon Satoshi

2. Your Worst Anime?

Shaman King. Because the manga is one of my faves and the anime completely chopped the story (even tho I understand why)

3. Do you read the Manga that goes with the Anime you Watch?

Most of the time. If the original story is not that different I sometimes start reading where I stopped the anime (for unfinished series)

4. Favorite Genres?

Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Historical, Slice of Life and some shonen and some mecha.

5. Least Favorite Genres?

those with the “I’m too cool for you” heroes (not really a genre xD)

6. Favorite Character?

Oikawa Tooru, Miyoshi, Ginko, Kusuriuri

7. Least Favorite Character?

aaaa I don’t remember any in particular (I tend to ignore stuff I don’t like xP)

8. Qualities you like in a Character?

Having a  ‘bigger view’ of the situation and trying to put themselves in other ppl’s shoes. Having flaws and dealing with problems and insecurity while growing (so that it’s easy to relate to them). I also like sassy characters 

9. Short or Long Anime?

it doesn’t really matter (as long as the long one is not dragging the story or the short is rushing things up ^^)

10. Anime or Manga?

I tend to like manga more

11. How do you choose the Anime you watch?

I usually take a look at the new animes from the season or check some stuff I see on tumblr/twitter

12. Skip or Listen to Intros/Outros?

Listen to them most of the time. If I really like it I also sing along obnoxiously xDDDD

13. How do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching Anime?

cope? hmmmm I don’t really think that’s a problem at all ^^

14. Do you stop an Anime midway if you don’t like it?

yes. (I have given up on animes after seconds of watching it xDDD)

15. Who are you tagging to do this?

everyone who feels like doing it!! ~(*´ `*)~

Let’s forget it, okay? (Pt. 2) (Jay Park Scenario)

Yeaaa I’ll continue with this, I think there are going to be one or two chapters after this. It’s actually fun to write. I tried to keep it short too. Sorry for that thing with part 1. hehe.

As y’all know me there is no way I’m gonna read this a second time. So pleaswe don’t mind any mistakes. I’ll probably correct mistakes within a couple of days. (Not really tho sorry :( ) 

PART ONE  <<<<


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What?”  "Yesterday, I’m sorry for the things I’ve said. Even if they were meant to be nice,… It’s just.. I shouldn’t have done that as you boss, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I still hope you enjoy working here, with us.“ You smiled at him, he was sincere, and as long as he keeps his thoughts for himself, you should be fine. "It’s okay, I’ll be comfortable. Just try and.. don’t do something like that again please. But actually, there is something that bothers me a little.-” Jay looked at you with wide eyes, “What is it?”.  "Oh well. I’ll tell you later I guess. The first Emails are already coming in, and like I said yesterday, I’m not joking around when it comes to work.“ A smiled formed your lips, and he-.. well, he was freaking out in the inside, and that was funny for you.

The work you had to do was easier than you thought it would be, re-writng his answers, and writing normal business emails, didn’t really challenge you, so you were never stressed, even if the emails came in like crazy. The day was long, and after awhile your back was aching, sitting like that for hours wasn’t something your back would thank you for. But the noise of the door caught you off guard and you jumped a little, ”Jay, almost everyone left now, I have to go to, don’t forget to lock the studio okay?“  "Yea, I’ll do that.” They left? It’s not even late?“ 

Most of our employees go home early, but they start like at 6 AM, some of them even come back at Midnight, and practice or write stuff, the major rooms are always locked, but the resting area is mostly open. Just secretarys and assitants have shifts.“ Jay said, knowing what you were thinking, answering your unspoken question. ”And you should take a break too now, it’s been a couple of hours and I don’t want you to overwork yourself. Your break is actually one and a half hours, but it’s up to you how you want to use it during the day.“ 

"Okay, I guess I won’t be gone for that long.”  "Why, there are really nice played around here.“  "I’m still new here, I have to walk around a bit after work, or else I’ll get lost.” “Oh,.. I understand.” You left the office, and directly headed to the rooftop, you’ve been here earlier with Simon. The smell of coffee was still really strong here, but you were hungry. “Hmmm… Ramyun is good enough for now I guess.” You made yourself ramyun and got a cold drink. As always, you put your earphones in and started to listen to music while eating. It was something you did out of a habit now, but it was relaxing. 

This is all so weird, I left everything and everyone back home, without knowing what I’d be doing here. It was stupid. And dangerous, like jay said. How was I stupid enough to do something like that, I came here without even knowing who my boss was, what type of a company it is. Nothing. But I did it. Do I regret it? I’m not sure. It was definatelly nice here, even if it was in the middle of a city. The people were nice, everyone tried to help, if it was outside, or at home. Do I like my job? Well yea, it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time, it’s fun for me. My collegues are also really nice, funny, and open minded. So everything was fine,… but why am I feeling so bad all of a sudden? 

Was it really jay? You thought about it already, everytime you could. Why were his actions making you feel bad? It’s not the fact that he kept saying that he had feelings for you. Not at all. But something in Simons words made you think about him.  'He’s not that good when it comes to showing affection’ but why did he say all of that yesterday? After all that’s also showing affection to someone. Why would he love you? After all he just met you right? But if it wasn’t serious, why would simon react like that? One question after the other…

The time passed by and you slowly ate your food, your back felt better and the clean air kinda woke you up again. But by the time you finished your ramyun, the air got colder, and it looked like it would rain soon. You threw away the leftovers, and got another drink for work. As you walked down you realized that almost all of the doors were closed, no one was here at this point… well not no one, but it wasn’t as crowded like normally. “You’re back? Not even a second to late. Impressive.”  "I told you, didn’t I?“ ”But what’s the thing in your hand? Water? I’m sorry, you can’t drink that here.“  "But it’s hot and I’m going to stay here for a while.”  "Fine… step back and then drink, please.“ 

Your shift was over after a couple of hours, it wasn’t that hard and you left the building as a happy person. Since the weather was nice, you chose to walk back home, it wasn’t dark and the weather cooled down more, and luckily there was no rain. The streets were nice, clean, and even if it was the main street it wasn’t loud. Your way was pretty long like that, but you enjoyed the walk, it took away the stress from the past two days. The sound of your phone broke the silence though, you got a message, from an unknown number. 

"Hey, it’s me jay. I just want to say sorry again. It was stupid, and I swear I won’t ever do it again. It’s just I really have feelings for you… But anyways, let’s forget it okay? Just act like nothing happened. It’ll be the best for both of us. And please don’t answer this message." 

What is that now? No let’s forget, that’s a good Idea. Perfect, I can work like always now, without a weird atmosphere. The rest of the way was even more relaxing now that you knew he was over. Ah thank god. 

When you arrived at your home it was late, not too late, but you were tired now, and all you could think of was sleeping. Since you didn’t really sleep yesterday. At home you talked to your family, and friends, ate and then just watched some TV. You felt free, now that he was willing to stop. At 10 PM you decided to sleep, your eyelids felt heavy, and your body was exhausted too. But everytime you closed your eyes you saw him. His face, the message, everything.

Why do I have to think about him? Why am I seeing his face over and over again? His message, his words, why? His abs? His smile… oh his smile. When he greeted me infront of the bar,.. his smile was so bright… WAIT WHAT NO. DO NOT FALL FOR HIM. FOR FUCKS SAKE NO Y/N-


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hello! I love your art so much and I was wondering, why don't you line in black? not that it's a problem, but HOW do you not line in black? I find it really hard to use other colours besides black or dark grey to line my art, and the way you draw just makes it look so easy and the outcome is beautiful. thank you in advance!

Hello anon!!! Waaah thank you sooo much! :’ Tbh I’m really bad at lineart like it goes really wiggly so I chose not to use them… :’ I used dark colored sketch before coloring tho! Here’s the process! Perhaps you can set your lineart layer to multiply mode and use other brighter colors, I think it will add different effect to the drawing! Hope this helps! <3