omg WHAT is Betty’s problem? Threatening to publish the video of Jason getting shot in the head and make it “go viral” if Cheryl doesn’t pardon FP or w/e is SO gross and twisted as fuck. Why should Cheryl have any mercy for FP? FP was an accessory to the first degree murder of her brother?! Plus it’s not like she and Jughead are friends so why would Cheryl care more about FP than justice for her own murdered brother?? what the hell??


HEAVEN SENT || a deckerstar mix [listen]

Look, if you think that I wouldn’t forgive you for your mistakes or your flaws, if you think that I don’t know who you really are by now, you’re wrong.


#straight people? at the nine-nine? #it’s less likely than you think


I know everyone loves the idea of taako’s last name being taaco but hear me out: when they apply to join the IPRE, taako and lup need last names, but they don’t know what name they want to take for themselves. They both finally decide to take the name of the most important person in their life.

And so we have lup taako and taako lup.

But when someone asks taako what his last name is post-stolen century, he blanks. All he knows is it was the name of the most important person in his life. He says taaco.

(Also, the moment lucretia hears taako refer to himself as taako taaco is the moment she realizes just how much she has stolen from him)


[Another Story - Day 1] Based on afternoon call from ‘Ray’

Hello Mr. Ray I don’t recall you were this smooth previously I just can’t help but draw the conversation //////////////////////// Seems early but I’ve fallen for this guy already :)))) I’m sorry V and Jumin but I’m gonna share my love equally :)))

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170921 BTS (방탄소년단) - MIC Drop @ BTS Comeback Show [1080p]