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Thank you so much for sticking around! I have a really hard time with change too, I really appreciate and admire that you're going to continue to make content (and I'm certain everyone else feels the same way)

Of course!! Are you kidding?? Making videos is so much fun and I’m so happy to keep making you guys smile!!!


Turning my Mom into Widowmaker!! She came to visit and wanted to do an episode with me. I also taught her to play Overwatch. I love you Mom!

Happy Halloween guys!!

Thank You

I really love the Amedot fandom. You guys are all so supportive . I haven’t lost a single follower since this ordeal started and I’m so glad that soo many of you guys are standing by me against unwarranted hate. I feel like we’re officially a family now, so thank you so much.

I’m grateful, first of all, to all those supportive anons. I love you all, so much.

The entire fandom has been so freaking supportive, and I’m gonna tag some of you guys.


 @challlaris ily you know this

@obsessedwithamedot  - you freaking drew me art I love you you are such a fantastic person and good things are gonna come to you




@trisha-is-trash - Tumblr gal pal tm

@ame-thysttt - You’re amazing


@evieisyourqueen - Thank you for your continuous support





And literally everyone who has sent me positivity(there have been so many and I can’t possibly tag them all). You guys are my everything and I love you *clenches fist* even more than I love Garnet, and that’s saying something.

If any of you are worried, I’m completely fine and I’m not taking anything personally. I know and you guys know that I did nothing wrong intentionally and even apologized for something I didn’t even do on purpose, just to keep the peace.

It will all blow over soon and I’m so grateful for everything. You guys are amazing.

I just freakin reached 20,000 not too long ago, what da hell you guys?! Is someone making you follow me? Are you being paid? Are you all robots?!

I am just a giffer. This means so much. Thank you all so much for being so kind.

I hope I am making you guys proud. I am sorry if I ever disappointed you guys in any sort of way. You don’t know how happy I am right now. Thank you.

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that was such a sweet story and I am so incredibly happy for both of you guys omg i'm gonna cry

Thank you so much, we are so so lucky to have her with us, it’s amazing. And she lives a VERY happy life, especially since her surgery. We are in Disney Vacation Club so she goes to Disney World EVERY year. She has a folder of pictures she works on year round where she draws for “the friends” (all the characters) at Disney World, and when we go, she makes sure to meet them all and give them her picture.

The last time we went to Disney a few weeks ago, I remembered I have a friend at Disney who plays Tinkerbell (I met her from being in Grease at a community theater in Tennessee my junior year of high school lmao!!), so she let us come through the back and get some extra time with Tinkerbell which was awesome. (Also they have a lot of rules about people who know the actors, which I didn’t know about at all–they can’t break character at all so you obviously aren’t allowed to say their real name or anything, and if you take any pictures you can’t tag them in them on Facebook etc)

On Disney Cruises (which are great because they have all the characters but way less people), they pick one or two kids each trip to go have a special surprise meet and greet with ALL the characters on the boat at once. She got picked for that both times we went on the cruise!

They always remember Madison because shes so enthusiastic, draws them pictures, and she is there basically EVERY meet and greet (on cruises they don’t have that many actors either, so you get to know them). They leave a special invitation on your bed and everything, it’s amazing. Our whole family (except Madison, who was over the moon) cried both times this happened. I’ll post a picture actually one sec (also i have no idea why I told this story but here I am)


My first set of eyes 😍 I’m so happy and I hope you guys like them as much as I do *sprinkles glitter around* as stated, there’s the non-default version and the face-paint catalog version! ♡

My download links

Thank you and feel free to tag @qvoix when you use them, I’ll love to see what you’ve done! You can find my other CCs here  TOU 


Just hit the 25 thousand follower milestone!!!!


Thank you guys so so much you have no idea how much I love running this blog and all the asks you guys send and I’m just so happy to be able to share art that I love and omg guh :///3

I’ve met someone I now love through this blog. I’ve met countless furry friends. Hell, a group of teens from the U.K offered me a position on their online gaming magazine (I now hold the position of Executive of Cannabis, no joke). Needless to say, this blog has changed my life for the better. Here’s to another 25K!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3



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hi! I've been a follower for a really long time now, and I just wanted to say that I love your art, it's so amazing and pretty to look at and your style is so unique I love it

oh my gawd! bless! this really made my day–no, my WEEK! i know my posting rate is like few and far in between but bless you for sticking with me this long. for real you made this extremely humble artist very happy. 

my blog turned 1 year three days ago but I was so caught up in studying and real life things that I completely forgot about it ;_;

happy birthday though 🎂

tfw u randomly get emo bc u remember ppl who deleted their blogs.

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My guy MY DUDE! IM SO HAPPY YOU FINALLY FINISHED SEASON ONE!!!! I hope to see you react to many more !!! I have lived for watching you fall in love with the series day by day! Have a happy day 💖

Ahh thank you so much <3 It was quite the journey and it pretty much sucked the soul out of me, but it was worth it.