He looks at me and asks, “okay, but couldn’t they just have named Quvenzhané Wallis literally anything else?” and my heart beats hard and my hands make fists because

my first name doesn’t come on friendship bracelets, doesn’t come on mugs, doesn’t come on cutesy souvenirs. R-A-Q-U-E-L. My first name is first-day-of-school-flinch, my first name is supposed to be like rainwater and instead sounds muffled in the mouths of people who are scared of it. My first name has been turned into rachel, ra-qwell, rochelle, rocky, kelly, michelle. My first name is walking you through six whole letters like i’m your preschool teacher.

And my last name? My last name is uh-let-me-spell-that-for-you, it is “i’m gonna marry a smith or a winter or somebody with a nice short last name,” it’s “would hate to see that on the back of a jersey it wouldn’t even fit across your shoulders,” it’s a telemarketer’s worst nightmare, it’s a hulking burden for a little girl who bites her lip every time she has to give it over in public, it’s a computer disaster waiting to happen because it’s not formatted in the way the software is, it’s caught in throat, mumble-me, it’s terrifying. “It’s Spanish,” I say quietly, “It’s actually just phonetic if you read it properly.”

my whole name is “sorry.” My whole name is five parts. My whole name is heritage, heartbreak, is too heavy. My name is “Sorry, let me just write it down for you,” it’s “sorry” and endless quiet corrections to the point that I don’t even bother with most of them, it’s “sorry,” a smile flashed. An “I understand your struggle and I’m sorry for the inconvenience of my identity” grin. I was named after a woman who wrote poems from the inside of a political prison, and I still apologize for it.

But fuck you if you think I’m gonna let you make another girl sorry for who she is. Fuck you for pretending like the fault you have is that she wasn’t named susan. Fuck you for expecting us all to crop our names down and just be “normal” like everyone else. Your name isn’t normal to me but I still figured out how to wrap my tongue around every “Eric” and “Skylar” and “Lisa” and “Sally Lou” because I am expected to respect the fuck out of you.

So no. She shouldn’t have been named anything else. It’s not even that fucking hard to pronounce. Watch a video if you’re not sure about it. Every letter is a part of her identity. Your problem isn’t that it’s confusing, it’s that she’s so unapologetically her own being and she doesn’t need your approval for anything.

I will not stand here while another little girl grows up feeling bad about who she is. I will not let you turn her into a demon because “it’s just too hard!” when you’re really just too lazy. I don’t want her to shrink like I do. I want her to stand with her spine straight and a smile on her face. I want them to know her. I want it to be a household name like Tchaikovsky, Voltaire, Dostoevsky.

No more morning talk show hosts making smart-ass comments. No more butchering her name at a professional award show. No more interview questions about basic background knowledge. I want journalists roasted over the coals for not doing their homework. I want her name not to be a flinch but to be a badge of honor. No more “can I just call you a nickname” bullshit, no more “make it easier on me.” No more apologizing. My patience with this shit is at exactly zero.

Because this girl is gonna change the world. You better at least learn the identity of your friendly neighborhood superhero.

—  LEARN IT. // r.i.d

Okay but imagine:
Persephone making a flower crown for Hades and it’s his favorite thing ever and he wears it all the time and nobody would ever say anything bad about it because a.) are u really gonna insult the God of the underworld and b.) everyone in the underworld loves Perse she’s like the den mother of hell

Okay but surrealism aside all of these Southern Gothic posts are literally how the South is and I’m cackling. 

We’ve got creepy ass 24/7 diners that say open but you can’t find the staff for half an hour. 

There’s a haunted house and a murder/ghost story in every town. 

There’s always a fishing hole no one goes to because of a tragedy living in the waters. 

The woods are dark and hunting season is the only time you enter them. So many ghost stories. Haunted everything. 

The mountains are alive with the sound of screaming. 

Devil’s tramping grounds, hollers, woods, stones, you name it, we got it. 

The old people may be racist and bigoted, but they have skin-crawling tales of caution and they’re all true. 

Everyone knows someone who’s drowned. 

We’ve all got a weird cousin who left the family and never came back. No one knows the circumstances of their disappearance but they were always an “odd duck.” 

Community is a foreign concept to many until autumn. People come in droves from the mountain valleys and hollers bearing crafts and baked goods for sale. Apple butter can be smelled from half a mile away and the sound of fiddles fill the air. You will not see these people again until next autumn. 

There are cemeteries everywhere, but the ones unloved are left for a reason. 

Do not step on the graves, but behind them. If you step on them, apologize to avoid haunting. 

Old oak trees = do not fuck with the tree. 

100% Facts, I’m not even joking. 


saying no to ms. morgan never was your strong suit, was it.

  • sasuke: *tries to kill naruto*
  • naruto: it's alright, i will never give up on you... because you're my friend!!!
  • fandom: SEEMS LEGIT! AWWWWW <3
  • sasuke: *tries to kill sakura*
  • sakura: it's alright, i will never give up on you... because i want to save you from your darkness and i love you

behold… the seven second challenge… i’m so sorry (fair warning: i curse. i am a person who curses. i’m so sorry. forgive me. young children, do not follow in my miserable footsteps.)


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  • Okay but Adam with shaking hands as he opens all his letters from all the colleges he’s applied to 
  • Adam having to read over them all twice just to double check that he actually got accepted to them all 
  • Adam pushing his hair back and rubbing his hand over his face before settling it over his mouth completely speechless and not having a single clue what to say because he can’t believe he got accepted to every. single. one. 
  • Blue, Gansey, Ronan and Noah all staring at him holding their breaths waiting to hear the result 
  • Adam staring in shock at his friends as he tells them his voice sounding shaky and mystified when he says the words “i got in, i got in to all of them“ 
  • All his friends rushing to smother him in one giant group hug and him breathlessly laughing and trying to bush his tears of joy off on the closest persons shoulder, and holding each of his friends so tight 
  • Adam staring down at the pile of acceptance letters that have now ended up at his feet laughing because he’s never been so happy, so relieved, and so excited in his whole life 
  • Adam wiping away tears of joy - that just won’t stop falling - from his cheeks, his whole face is glowing with joy, watching as his friends fumble over each other to tell him how proud they are and making plans to celebrate already 
  • Adam going to bed that night with the biggest smile on his face and finding that he’s so happy he can’t sleep but for once he doesn’t mind losing any more precious hours of sleep 
  • Adam feeling so proud of himself for everything he’s achieved so far. All the struggle he faced, every thought of self-doubt he pushed through, every hour of sleep missed and spent under the someone’s car, finding his own way out just the way he wanted to and thinking to himself - i am enough, i am worthy, i’m going far

“THREE…TWO…ONE…HAPPY NEW YEAR!” everyone shouts, clapping as the clock strikes twelve and a new year rolls in. but for dan and phil, they’re less focused on the passing of the year and more on each other. phil has his arms wrapped around dan’s neck, and dan has his snaked around phil’s waist as they lean in to each other, their lips locking together like they were made for each other, bodies moving together as if nothing else matters except for the two of them. everyone quiets down, and appreciates the couple’s embrace. “damn, they love each other,” zoe whispers to tyler, who laughs and whispers back, “no shit, have you seen them?”

“i love you so much, dan,” phil gasps, leaning out and looking at his boyfriend. “happy new year, love,” dan smiles and kisses phil one more time. “it’s not fair!” tyler murmers to zoe, who giggles quietly. “i think they were made for each other.”