All hail, our CONCERTMASTER!!!

/well, for me its useless to argue with other fandoms who pioneered such and such. Because every side has their stand. What’s important for me is that I believe Jun is legendary not just for the concert ideas he thinks, he creates and he give life into. He is legendary for we know how he works hard for every piece of it and why he works hard for it. 😉
And the most important thing is that we appreciate it and he appreciates us back, big time. 💜💜💜💜💜


Matsumoto Jun vs. Oda Nobunari
Circus Contest || Arashi ni Shiyagare

Shinbi no Kuni - All Crank Up - Backstage scenes from the movie

Crew and actors celebrate filming is over. It looks like they spent a lot of time shooting the fighting scenes. Looks like Ohno has protective under gear on for the wire scenes & fight scenes which explains why his body looks so bulky.

 Anyone else think that it’s kind of adorable how Ohno looks absolutely petite next to Suzuki Ryohei?