sneak peak of i’m not ashamed

SCENE ONE: long haired Rachel holds an fruit longingly while Token Goth Girl in a Christian Movie twaddles her fingers. They all have apples and nothing else. Just apples at this table. And everyone looks miserable.

OwO what’s this? She looks to the side and sees Rat Boy, Dildo Ebola, eating an orange. That’s the orange table, Rachel. We’re the apple table. We don’t associate with them. Why are they eating so much fruit? Why is he looking at her like that? Why is he looking at her at all? Why does he care?


fLUSTERED dylan suddenly turns to his orange

Yes… orange, very peely and orange. he is looking for anything to distract him from his boring red-shirted friend, who is staring lustfully at an apple, a probable symbolism of the girls at the Apple Table . 

“get rid of all the fat ugly retarted gross stupid weird nerd star wars fans old people nickelback fans bronies twihards people that arent i eric har” wAIT, this red shirted, hairy-armed chap must be Eric Hairless! Wonderful. He has a glass of apple juice, and an apple. What a rebellious choice from someone outside the Apple Table. Must symbolize what will happen to the people at the Apple Table. Eric you cruel monster….. you devil…. I cant even look at him and his ham sandwich. 

Dildo and random guy who i’m assuming is some sort of Brooks Brown character look at ranting child Eric with distaste. Is he done? Will he ever be done? Seems, upon closer inspection, Dylan is the only one eating an orange. Is every table the Apple Table? Does this symbolize how Dildo Memaw had no sense of belonging in the world? What the everloving fuck is Brooks Brown Guy wearing? 1950′s Grandpa pajamas? That’s not grunge at all. We have our first glance at the pristine white hats in the background. Our eric finishes his rant and looks at Dildo for validation. W-Was it cool, Dylan-senpai? OwO?

“y-yeah.” He stutters. Oh god. I can just smell Dave Cullen. What the fuck is he wearing??? Is that some kind of bondage harness? Or it could be just a keycard or something but to what? Weird design to it also.

Eric, finding validation in the y-yeah, continues on with his rant, looking up from his beloved apple to his gay lover. “Nobody is deserving of this planet,” he says “just me and who i chose.” FUNNY because I think i remember the quote being “Give the world back to the animals, they deserve it more than we do,” but of course they had to satan it up so people hated him more.

“send them all up to space”

“dude we can’t send them to space”

TWO trenchcoated figures appear in the background! We weren’t looking at Dylan and Eric the entire time! These inaccuracies weren’t actually inaccuracies. Thank you Dave. But they are. 

“look at these F AR T K N O CK ERS!!!”

alright, i’ll admit i lost my s h i t when he said that. Whhhhat? is that a slang for gay… because like, anal? Probably not. Probably a Christian censored version of ‘fag’ or something. So… it could be? I don’t know. It’s easier not to think about it….. they never said it…………………………………… they never said it….

“what’s up? F O U R E YE S” he pushes the trenchcoated chap into a table. 

He kinda just nudges him into the table, but he flies across the table, knocking everything over, breaking his spine and rendering him immobile for the rest of his life. Not really. But i’m sure Dave asked. By the way, yes, I’m sure Dave Cullen is involved with this movie. He can call me a dirtbag, but I know.

he gets up?

and falls to the ground, his trenchcoat goth friends dragging him away as Jock Stud over there kicks him. He has been rendered immobile for some reason. Everyone watches, amused. This always happens at 12:00. Same time every morning. It’s a spectacle.

come on bro, we gotta be gay somewhere else…. these heterosexuals don’t accept us.”


thanks, jock? is that even an insult? thanks for the motivation,

The jocks laugh in triumph, they have belittled another Goth. They’re so fucking cool, and they know it. There are many ways to wear a white hat, but they’re all wearing it at a 90 degree angle, pristine white like they soak them in bleach before they go to school, and backwards. 

they have this really long pan on this black kid. Eric’s face is wrinkled in distaste. I think this is the moment trying to signify that Eric is racist because he’s looking at the black bully distastefully. Alright, Christian Movie. Thanks for that.

Rachel giving the Lanza Stare™ to the Jocks. 

Who is this and why are him and Rachel making intimate eye contact? He looks like Dennis the Menace. Like who the fuck is this supposed to be. Also what shampoo does that other jock guy use? Damn


What I’m assuming is he’s one of Rachel’s friends that is trying to relapse and recover from his Jock Asshole ways but he can’t seem to quit. Rachel reminds him and he feels shame.

Back to the Sin Table, Dylan looks expectantly at Eric as he continues peeling his fucking orange. He expects him to be like I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY IF YOU EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN ILL FRICKIN KILL YOU ILL PULL OUT A GODDAMN SHOTGUN AND BLOW YOUR DAMN HEAD OFF DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU LITTLE WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAAAAHP but no, sadly, because that is not Eric’s true colors. That is his mobster alter-ego, Reb.

He looks like a thirty year old christian youth leader that’s newly married with a baby on the way. But he looks angry also… i guess?? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

he violently bangs his apple on the table. Damn, does he want to bang someone from the Apple Table on the table?/?/????? Where does his violence end

ooh dam, it got a broose. Also he’s fucking shredded. Why.

-the scene fades to black-

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impt question does a chanyeol w different hairstyles compilation masterpost thing exist?? (hehe tq!)

i looked around and i wasn’t able to find one, buT SINCE I’M COMPLETE CHANYEOL TRASH I’LL GO AHEAD AND MAKE ONE FOR YOU RIGHT HERE! someone help me



bc i do and i cry abt it often


and then look at those gentle curls i might just die right here



never forget the time chanyeol forgot to wear an undershirt 

okaY MOVING ON TO WOLF ERA (before this becomes a straight up chanyeol appreciation post)


another picture bc i’m quite a fan of the spiky black haired look

and then spockyeol to finish off

thank god for spockyeol (loOK AT HIS EARS FUC K)

((before we get to growl era i jsut have to include this))

((i’m bye))

okaY NOW LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT GROWL ERA NEXT (aka the era i fell in love with a giant noodle)

okay but like



i’m runnign out of things to say

he’s very good looking some one help me

ALRIGHTALRIGHTALRIGHT MOVING ON TO OVERDOSE ERA aka ‘bless the soul of whoever made chanyeol red’ era (pls prepare yourself)

ok but like

literally how is this fair at all

i never asked for this




i swear to god i liked this hairstyle

i promise i liked it

i had no issues with it whatsoever



okAY BEFORE I COMPELTLEY LOSE IT (maybe i already have IDK) LET’S CHECK OUT EXODUS ERA aka ‘what fucking color is chanyeol’s hair’ era

tbh i’m just gonna include everything from exodus all the way to love me right bc idek what’s going on anymore

so like he started off with this rusty red color for pathcode

this lasted thru the filming of exo next door and gave him such a soft look i loved it (also check out baekyeol ;u;) 

lol grumpyeol

but then this is where it gets confusing. like what is this color, is it gray? is it light brown? tan? 



ft. albert chanstein



tbh i’m actually dying righ tnow

i adORED his silver hair ;-;

bonus: sassyeol


//back to black plays in the bg

Esperanto Vocabulary: Periodic Table

Periodic Table - Perioda Tabelo

1 - H - Hydrogen - Hidrogeno
2 - He - Helium - Heliumo
3 - Li - Lithium - Litio
4 - Be - Beryllium - Berilio
5 - B - Boron - Boro
6 - C - Carbon - Karbono
7 - N - Nitrogen - Azoto
8 - O - Oxygen - Oksigeno
9 - F - Fluorine - Fluoro
10 - Ne - Neon - Neono
11 - Na - Sodium - Natrio
12 - Mg - Magnesium - Magnezio
13 - Al - Aluminum/Aluminium - Aluminio
14 - Si - Silicon - Silicio
15 - P - Phosphorus - Fosforo
16 - S - Sulfur - Sulfuro
17 - Cl - Chlorine - Kloro
18 - Ar - Argon - Argono
19 - K - Potassium - Kalio
20 - Ca - Calcium - Kalcio
21 - Sc - Scandium - Skandio
22 - Ti - Titanium - Titano
23 - V - Vanadium - Vanado
24 - Cr - Chromium - Kromo
25 - Mn - Manganese - Mangano
26 - Fe - Iron - Fero
27 - Co - Cobalt - Kobalto
28 - Ni - Nickel - Nikelo
29 - Cu - Copper - Kupro
30 - Zn - Zinc - Zinko
31 - Ga - Gallium - Galio
32 - Ge - Germanium - Germaniumo
33 - As - Arsenic - Arseno
34 - Se - Selenium - Seleno
35 - Br - Bromine - Bromo
36 - Kr - Krypton - Kriptono
37 - Rb - Rubidium - Rubidio
38 - Sr - Strontium - Stroncio
39 - Y - Yttrium - Itrio
40 - Zr - Zirconium - Zirkonio
41 - Nb - Niobium - Niobio
42 - Mo - Molybdenum - Molibdeno
43 - Tc - Technetium - Teknecio
44 - Ru - Ruthenium - Rutenio
45 - Rh - Rhodium - Rodio
46 - Pd - Palladium - Paladio
47 - Ag - Silver - Arĝento
48 - Cd - Cadmium - Kadmio
49 - In - Indium - Indio
50 - Sn - Tin - Stano
51 - Sb - Antimony - Antimono
52 - Te - Tellurium - Teluro
53 - I - Iodine - Jodo
54 - Xe - Xenon - Ksenono
55 - Cs - Cesium - Cezio
56 - Ba - Barium - Bario
57 - La - Lanthanum - Lantano
58 - Ce - Cerium - Cerio
59 - Pr - Praseodymium - Prazeodimo
60 - Nd - Neodymium - Neodimo
61 - Pm - Promethium - Prometio
62 - Sm - Samarium - Samario
63 - Eu - Europium - Eŭropio
64 - Gd - Gadolinium - Gadolinio
65 - Tb - Terbium - Terbio
66 - Dy - Dysprosium - Disprozio
67 - Ho - Holmium - Holmio
68 - Er - Erbium - Erbio
69 - Tm - Thulium - Tulio
70 - Yb - Ytterbium - Iterbio
71 - Lu - Lutetium - Lutecio
72 - Hf - Hafnium - Hafnio
73 - Ta - Tantalum - Tantalo
74 - W - Tungsten - Volframo
75 - Re - Rhenium - Renio
76 - Os - Osmium - Osmio
77 - Ir - Iridium - Iridio
78 - Pt - Platinum - Plateno
79 - Au - Gold - Oro
80 - Hg - Mercury - Hidrargo
81 - Tl - Thallium - Talio
82 - Pb - Lead - Plumbo
83 - Bi - Bismuth - Bismuto
84 - Po - Polonium - Polonio
85 - At - Astatine - Astato
86 - Rn - Radon - Radono
87 - Fr - Francium - Francio
88 - Ra - Radium - Radiumo
89 - Ac - Actinium - Aktinio
90 - Th - Thorium - Torio
91 - Pa - Protactinium - Protaktinio
92 - U - Uranium - Uranio
93 - Np - Neptunium - Neptunio
94 - Pu - Plutonium - Plutonio
95 - Am - Americium - Americio
96 - Cm - Curium - Kuriumo
97 - Bk - Berkelium - Berkelio
98 - Cf - Californium - Kaliforniumo
99 - Es - Einsteinium - Ejnŝtejnio
100 - Fm - Fermium - Fermio
101 - Md - Mendelevium - Mendelevio
102 - No - Nobelium - Nobelio
103 - Lr - Lawrencium - Laŭrencio
104 - Rf - Rutherfordium - Ruterforfio
105 - Db - Dubnium - Dubnio
106 - Sg - Seaborgium - Seborgio
107 - Bh - Bohrium - Borio
108 - Hs - Hassium - Hasio
109 - Mt - Meitnerium - Mejtnerio
110 - Ds - Darmstadtium - Darmŝtatio
111 - Rg - Roentgenium - Rentgenio
112 - Cn - Copernicium - Kopernicio
113 - Uut - Ununtrium - Ununtrio
114 - Fl - Flerovium - Florovumo
115 - Uup - Ununpentium - Ununpentio
116 - Lv - Livermorium - Livermorumo
117 - Uus - Ununseptium - Ununseptio
118 - Uuo - Ununoctium - Ununoktio

Not Too Confident

Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Warning: Swearing, alcohol use, drink driving?

Word Count: 2,375

A/N it’s exactly 3am and this happened. Sorry my fluff really isn’t great but I’m working on it lol. Hope you enjoyyyyy

“Okay. This is it,” Baekhyun breathed. Baekhyun was your very best friend and he had been for a long time. The two of you were sitting in the car park outside the college you both attended. Baekhyun’s car was apparently in service and he’d begged you to drive him here. You were sitting in the driver’s seat, hands resting on the steering wheel. According to Baekhyun, some girl, Suzy, was going to come out of her lecture soon and he wanted to talk to her. This was all good and well, you’d do anything Baekhyun asks, however this time you had been more hesitant. You were hopelessly in love with him but had never known what to do about it. There was a time you’d begun to think maybe he felt something too, and you had planned to confess to him. But then this happened. His new crush. Now there was no way you’d risk destroying your friendship with him. You rolled your eyes.

“Baekhyun, stop being so dramatic. You’re just asking if she’d go to some dumb party with you,” you sighed bitterly. Baekhyun turned in his seat to you.

“Y/N, this is a big deal,” he said.

“Whatever. Now go out there and get her,” you said. Baekhyun nodded and turned to the door. He paused, his hand resting on the handle.

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I tried...

D: do we look like crazy people?
K: no, we look like we’re having the best time!
D: because we are!
k: we are
d: I’m loving that you…hair dyed/back(?) *hand on shoulder*
k: I know i feel like … we’re getting married
D: see that’s the whole(?)..
k: well, I mean *dom hand on neck* it’s…
D: ha
k: i…use/you(?) now, but

this is the best I could do. I know it’s not as exciting as what people might hope, but I’m pretty sure they were just talking about Kat’s hair at the end…


For reference: the proper way to write some Daredevil characters’ names in Braille. Here is Matthew Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. These three names have contractions in them and so would not be translated letter by letter. This is always overlooked when sighted people use Braille for fanedits/art, so I thought I’d post this correction.

Not shown here but Matt is spelled M-A-T-T whereas Matthew (shown here) is M-A-T-(THE)-W.

The other contractions are F-O-(GG)-Y and K-(AR)-(EN).

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Yes Mark! Yes Mark! Yes Mark! Oh yes Mark Zuckerberg yes Mark Zuckerberg! Why do you no Mark this is Mark Zuckerberg. He will come and to save America and comes with a plan. Mark Zuckerberg is a hero of America and he carries us on his back and in his arms. Yes Mark! Yes Mark! His policies will bring the peace and to America and we need so much. His policies are those policies and he is with it and Wil Wheaton is with it. We are together! Will you together? Will you see? Will you love Mark Zuckerberg? He will be president. Yes Mark! Will you together? Together united, forever strong!

Don’t Go [REQUEST]

If you want to read Just Go first, click here!

It is a prequel and as much as I’ve tried to make this one understandable on its own, there may be some bits that are confusing. I’m not sure :D I hope you like it though!

Jade xo

You were still dreaming. It was the only logical explanation. Why else would Jongin be in your kitchen two days before he was supposed to get back from China? Wiping your eyes, you pushed your messy bed hair out of your face and stepped further into the kitchen. “Jongin?” you asked timidly, really hoping you weren’t dreaming.

He was stirring something on the stove with his back to you when you called out his name. In a flash, he spun around and threw the spoon down on the counter, hurrying to your side so he could scoop you up in his arms and spin you around.

“It’s really you,” you exclaimed, burying your face in his neck as he lifted you off your feet.

“It’s really me,” he replied, carrying you to the counter by the stove and sitting you up on it. “Hey beautiful,” he added awkwardly.

Tears were already falling down your face – bloody hormones. You ran your hands down his face, cupping his cheeks as you stared at him in disbelief. “You weren’t supposed to be home for two more days,” you mumbled, pulling his face closer to kiss his lips softly. “I was going to cook for you and everything!”

He wiped the tears off your face and smiled his beautiful toothy grin you had missed so much. “I want to cook for you,” he said, moving his hands to your pregnant stomach that was hidden under a baggy hoodie. “My little tadpole too.”

You moved your hands down to cover his over your stomach. “But why are you home so early?” you asked, nibbling on your bottom lip. “Not that I didn’t miss you,” you quickly added, thinking about all the nights you had stayed up because you couldn’t sleep without him. The CD he made you had been a lifesaver.

“The managers set aside the two days for free time so we could explore Beijing but I just wanted to come home and be with you so I got the first flight after the concert last night and got here early this morning,” he replied, moving his hands so he could hug you closer into his body.

Sighing softly, you rested your forehead against his and kissed his nose. “You didn’t have to do that,” you told him, although you were secretly glad. “It isn’t like our tadpole is making an appearance anytime soon. All you’ve really missed is me throwing up a lot before work.”

“I don’t want to miss anything,” he murmured, running a hand down your cheek softly. Like a reflex, you closed your eyes and leaned your face into his palm. “I want to be right here by your side for everything. It’s my job to look after you; to rub your feet when they swell up; to pick up the things you drop when you can’t bend down to get them yourself; to run and get the ice cream you’re craving at 2am. I don’t want to miss a thing.”

Blinking back your tears, you opened your eyes and found Jongin’s warm brown eyes staring at you. “And that is why I love you baby,” you whispered, already pressing your lips against his. “But now that you’ve mentioned food, I’m really hungry.”

He laughed and lifted you off the counter, putting you back on your feet. “Go sit down then and I’ll pour you some seaweed soup,” he replied sweetly, pushing you gently in the direction of the table.

“Since when do you know how to make seaweed soup?” you asked, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and then sitting at the table like you were told.

“Since it’s apparently really good for pregnant women,” he explained, pouting some into a bowl and then placing it in front of you. “Now eat up because I have a big day planned.”

After your amazing breakfast, you got changed into a comfy pair of dungarees and met Jongin by the door. “Wow, my little tadpole isn’t so little anymore,” he exclaimed as you came round the corner. Your bump had definitely grown in the past two months. When Jongin left, you were barely showing and even though you sent him pictures of the bump all the time, but seeing how your stomach had ballooned in person had rendered Jongin practically speechless.

“He sort of gets in the way now,” you said with a little giggle, stretching your arms to fit around Jongin’s waist. It was more difficult with your bump now.

“He?” Jongin asked, barely whispering.

You shrugged your shoulders. “It’s just a guess. I think he’s a dancer like his daddy, the way he kicks about in here,” you replied, looking down at your stomach. Little tadpole must have been sleeping because he wasn’t moving at the moment.

“Let’s go find out,” Jongin exclaimed excitedly, pulling you towards the door. “We have an appointment at the hospital in an hour.”

“The hospital?” you asked, letting go to your boyfriend to grab your bag and slip your feet into your sandals.

“I want to see my baby,” he replied simply, grabbing his keys off the hook and opening the door for you.

You had already had an ultrasound. As soon as you found out you were pregnant, you had one. Jongin was in China at the time so you came with one of your friends but there wasn’t much to see anyway, just a blobby image on the screen. But even so, you were nervous as you laid down on the hospital bed with your stomach exposed.

Jongin was right beside you, his hand fixed in yours while the other gently stroked your forehead, pushing back the strands of hair. “How are you feeling?” he asked, kissing your temple softly.

Smiling at him, you ran your hand across your stomach. “I’m ok, but I think the little tadpole has woken up,” you said, wincing as the baby shuffled around inside you. It was always a weird sensation and only had started recently.

Jongin’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Really?” he exclaimed, his eyes flashing to your stomach. “Can I…?”

“Of course babe,” you laughed, moving his hand down and placing it where the most of the kicking was coming from. “Give him a moment. He’s just waking up.”

Everything stopped while the pair of you waited for your little tadpole. You rolled your eyes – trust your baby to get shy in the spotlight. “Pass me my phone,” you asked Jongin, who grabbed it out of your bag. You scrolled through it and found the song, hitting ‘play’ and then putting the speaker on your stomach. “This usually gets him moving,” you explained to Jongin as Love Me Right started to play.

Almost instantaneously, the baby started kicking, right in the spot Jongin’s hand was. His mouth fell open as he looked from your face to your stomach and back again. “That’s amazing,” he murmured breathlessly, standing up to kiss you softly. “There’s a little person inside you.”

“He’s a bit hard to forget when he’s dancing like this,” you joked, putting your hand on his and feeling the little kicks. “But he loves this song.”

Jongin smiled, running his spare hand through your hair and trickling his touch down your cheek. “He’s got good taste. The boys will be happy.” You both laughed as he kissed your temple. He let go of your stomach and cradled your face, tilting it closer to him. “You are amazing. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through so much of this pregnancy by yourself. It can’t have been easy but it only makes me love you more.”

“It doesn’t matter,” you assured him, smiling at him like a lovesick puppy. “You’re here now and that’s all that matters to me. I picked a good man to be my baby’s father.”

“And you’re going to be an amazing mother,” he said softly, pulling your face so your lips could meet. Only when the song finished did you pull apart. “I’m just going to see what’s taking the doctor so long,” Jongin said, already on his feet and heading for the door.

You sat up abruptly and reached out a hand for him. “Don’t go,” you asked quietly. You’d always been quite independent but it was harder to watch him wall away from you after just getting him back. “I don’t care how long we have to wait. I just want to be with you.”

Jongin quickly moved back to his seat and folded his hand in yours. “I’m not going anywhere baby,” he said, kissing the back of your hand. “I’ll be right by your side from now on.”

A loud knock came from the door, followed by the appearance of a very kind-looking nurse. “Are you ready to start the ultrasound?” she asked, coming into the room and bowing to the both of you.

“We can’t wait,” Jongin replied, practically bouncing in his seat.

His excitement caught the nurse’s attention instantly. “Is this your first time?” she asked politely, sitting herself down at the computer desk and typing some things on it.

“I’ve had ultrasounds before but this is his first time,” you explained, patting his hand to try and calm his excitement. “We just wanted to see if you could tell us the gender of the baby this time.”

The nurse moved to the actual ultrasound machine and picked up the gel they put of the skin first. “Let’s have a look, shall we?” she said, squirting the gel onto your stomach.  You jumped slightly at the coldness. “No matter how many scans you have, the gel makes everyone jump,” the kind nurse added, picking up the scanner and running it through the gel and around your stomach.

“Can you see the baby?” Jongin asked, holding your hand very tight as he stared at the screen.

You laughed and flexed your fingers, trying to get some feeling back into them. “The baby is in there, Jongin. That wasn’t your soup you felt kicking back.”

“I’ve been gone for two months,” he said, pulling his eyes off the screen for a second to kiss the top of your head and move so you could see the screen better. “Let me have my moment.” Then his eyes went straight back to the screen, trying to make sense of the fuzzy black and white image he was looking at.

“I can assure you the baby is in there,” the nurse explained, moving the stick around your stomach for a better angle. “There’s the head, a little hand, the body. Everything seems very normal by the looks of things.”

Jongin had suddenly gone very quiet. You squeezed his hand and craned your neck to look at him, just in time to see a little tear slide down his cheek. “Honey, are you ok?” you asked, reaching up to run your hand through his hair comfortingly. When he didn’t answer, you tried to sit up and look back. “Jongin?”

He coughed and sniffed, coming back to his senses. “I’m ok,” he murmured quietly, pushing you gently so you were lying back down on the bed. “I just can’t believe our little tadpole is actually real. Inside you. Oh god, we’re going to be parents.”

“And we’ll be amazing ones,” you replied, stopping him before he fell into longwinded panic. Craning your neck, you tried to see his face, but thankfully he moved slightly so you could see it better. “It’s our first time. We’re bound to be scared. I feel like I’m on the brink of a panic attack all the time. But we’ll learn and we’ll love and we’ll raise a beautiful baby.” You squeezed his hand reassuringly and saw him smile back at you.

Then you turned to the nurse and felt your cheeks burn having such a private moment in front of her. However she just smiled at you and looked up at the screen. “Would you like to know the gender of the baby?” she asked, flicking her gaze between you and Jongin.

“Yes please,” you replied, feeling Jongin’s excitement behind you.

The nurse moved the scanner up the side of your stomach, her eyes fixed on the screen as she tried to see what there was or what was lacking. “By the looks of it, you are expecting a little baby boy,” she told you with a warm and kind smile.

“Really?” Jongin exclaimed, getting a confirming nod from the nurse. Then his face was right in front of you, kissing every part of your face. Immediately you were taken back. He never liked public displays of affection. “You were right,” he cried, kissing your mouth over and over.

“I always am,” you teased, kissing him back. In this moment, you were so happy – to have Jongin back by your side, to have a healthy little boy growing inside you. It felt like you were on cloud nine. Everything was perfect.

Jongin laughed, putting his forehead on yours. “Baekhyun-hyung and Jongdae-hyung are going to make a lot of money. Everyone else bet it was a girl!”


concept: Kravitz doesn’t know Taako is on a mission + calls him on his Stone of Farspeech during this arc and calls him ‘babe’ at one point and Magnus and Merle LOSE IT and start asking Taako who his mystery boyfriend is (because they don’t recognize Kravitz’s voice without his fake accent) and Taako has to make up a name on the spot “Uhhh that’s my boyfriend, K-K…ar…ton… Strip…leaf….. Karton Stripleaf. He’s like, really real and definitely not a bounty hunter and DEFINITELY did not try to kill Merle” “That’s a weird thing to clarify but I’m happy for you!” “*sigh of relief*”