pawnee || a parks & rec fanmix

for pawnee.

a playlist with tracks for friends and waffles and sunshine. for treat yo self, human disasters, lil sebastian, and poetic land mermaids. for litrally, breakfast food, and the parks department.

some tracks are character specific, some just remind me of the show. and of course, the one track i couldn’t not include.

(…wait, there’s not track for jerry? dammit jerry!)

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“DMMd Re:connect OVA”: The April Fools you’d wish it was true.

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EDIT: This is fanmade, guys.

Now you can go to NAZ Studio and tell them to make this a reality! >:3 

The Signs As My All-Time Favorite Anime
  • Aries:Attack On Titan
  • Taurus:Magi
  • Gemini:D. Gray-Man
  • Cancer:Pandora Hearts
  • Leo:Your Lie In April
  • Virgo:Psycho-Pass
  • Libra:Say 'I Love You'
  • Scorpio:K-Project
  • Sagittarius:Owari No Seraph
  • Capricorn:Darker Than Black
  • Aquarius:Tokyo Ghoul
  • Pisces:Zankyou No Terror

Our sincerest apologies.



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